5 Best Goal-Setting Apps for 2021

It’s likely that you’ve been told that setting goals is an effective way to be successful. Let’s explore some of the best apps for that.

1. Way of Living

If you’re seeking to establish healthier habits with goals that will lead to an overall healthier lifestyle, then this app is worth trying.

In the beginning, the app lets you make your own list of habits you’d like to develop or eradicate. Each day it asks whether you’ve been implementing the habit (if you’re trying to create a routine) as well as if you were able to avoid the habit (if there’s an issue with the pattern).

Its interface features a simple color-coding scheme. Achieving your goal for the day will be highlighted by a green color while failing to meet it is marked with a bright red. In this way, you will are able to see a visualization of the day-to-day improvement, which will help you effectively monitor your progress towards your goals.

You can categorize your activities by using the app’s customizable tag feature. You can also record important notes and thoughts using the note-taking function.

The app also comes with a reminder system. If you’ve not checked-in by the scheduled hour to let the app know if you’ve achieved your daily goals the app will issue an email reminder to complete the checklist.

To assess your progress, the application shows graphs that display your progress, trends, and patterns over a certain amount of time. The app is free with the option of subscribing to access features like cloud storage.

2. Strides

Get your goals accomplished easily using this application. Its primary draw is its versatility as a goal-setting tool and tracker. There are four primary goals tracking options that users can select from. They are:

  1. Target. Goals that are time-sensitive. Are you unsure of how close you are to reaching your goal? The app features a pacing system that will show how close (or how far) you are to achieving the goal.
  2. Project. You can create your own milestones with this option. It has the ability to set pacing, sliders, and deadlines for each goal you choose to set.
  3. Habit. This feature can help break bad habits and develop fresh (and most likely, beneficial) ones. You’re required to record your routines to keep track of your streaks. It includes flexible reminders about what you’d like to complete.
  4. Average. This option displays the average stats of the specific goal, revealing how well you’re tracking. It will show the current streak, its success rate as well as the general average of the entire day.

The app also allows habit stacking. It lets you tag your behaviors and categorize them according to an objective you’re trying to achieve.

Strides is available on iOS. It’s a free application and offers the option for upgrading to premium.

3. LifeRPG

According to some researchers, games-based design elements like the ones found in mobile applications can increase the level of motivation of users. If you like this concept, then this game’s approach to gaming could be the best way to accomplish your goals.

In LifeRPG, the goals you set are referred to as “missions.” The significance of the missions are determined by three variables that are:

  •     Difficulty. Your personal perception of how difficult it is to complete a particular goal or mission
  •     Urgency. The period of time to achieve the objective
  •     Fear. What is the level of anxiety or stress you feel whenever you think about completing the assignment?

The user must input those values and then rate the mission’s difficulty, urgency, and level of fear on a scale of 0-100.

Once you’ve set your objectives the app will send reminders.

The app is only accessible for Android and is free.

4. Goals on the Track

This app shows you how to be more efficient.

The goal dashboard lets you see all your goals in one glance. Completed goals are highlighted. You’ll be organizing your time better in just a few minutes.

This smart objective feature will ensure that you’re setting intelligent, measurable, and achievable time-bound goals that will increase your productivity. Additionally, the app comes with an option for creating sub-goals. The aims represent the work you must accomplish in order to achieve the primary design you’re after.

Knowing the progress you’ve made in achieving all your objectives is easy with this app.  Reports include data on the following aspects:

  • Goals achieved
  • Tasks completed
  • Habits changed
  • Hours worked towards an end target

What distinguishes this app from other apps is the Vision Board feature. This tool uses the Law of Attraction and serves as an image of what you would like to accomplish.

Goals on Track is a free service. Upgrading to premium is essential; this lets you gain access to additional features.

5. Dreamfora for Dream Goals

If you’re thinking that goal setting is too difficult, this app will change your mind. The primary objective of Dreamfora’s creators is to offer an app that takes only a little effort to help you establish and manage your goals.

The developers of this app worked with experts in goal setting to provide users with the best tracking and goal-setting experience at a minimum effort.

It comes with a single-tap Planning Wizard which allows you to create goals with the click of a button. The app offers an action plan for achieving your aim. It consists of specific steps you need to take to meet your objectives.

There are many features to help you reach your goal. They include:

  • Milestones. Events that, if completed, will help you get closer to your final goal.
  • Habits. Helps in the development of positive habits and the breaking of bad habits.
  • Tasks. To-do’s in an outline form.
  • Notes. Record your thoughts, ideas, and references.

Are you interested in how well you’re achieving your goals? Your progress is statistically reported using charts and graphs. The app contains selected quotes and tips to give you an additional push to reach your objectives.

The app is currently accessible for free for Android devices.

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