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Stick To Your Goals With These Six Apps

Setting and sticking with goals is something familiar to all. Goals hold us accountable, help us move forward, and remind us what we want.

Most people set goals of some kind. Goals are helpful whether we want to work more, lose weight, or spend more time at home. Setting goals helps you stay motivated. Written goals help keep you on top of your life. However, many of us fail to stick with deadlines and keep track of progress towards achieving them.

It’s never been easier to integrate your goals into your digital lifestyle. Now there are apps that help you stick to your goals. They also allow you to make your goals public. In turn, this not only helps you to stay with your goals but allows you to gain support from others. These six apps can help you reach your goals.

GoalsOnTrack App (Stick with a leader.)

This app asks you to set your core values first. Next, GoalsOnTrack has you follow the S.M.A.R.T method to set goals. Finally, you’ll be asked to set tasks or steps to help you stick to your goal. You can track your progress and keep a journal that tracks all of the activities you have done to achieve them.

This app relies on the best research on the mind and human progress. In addition, it helps you record your goal, state its purpose, choose a start and end date and create an action plan to help you stick with your goal.

After that, it tracks your progress until your finish. Use one of GoalsOnTrack’s templates to make your own action plan. Then, track your progress by adding a check next to finished tasks. Finally, use the built-in goal journal and habit tracker to chart your success.

$5/month. Available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone 7.

Lifetick App (Stick with progress.)

LifeTick, unlike GoalsOnTrack, allows you to invite other people to see your progress. Your cheering squad can see what you are doing and make comments to help you stick with your goals. This is helpful in an office or team goal. Similarly, LifeTick lets you track your team’s progress, assign tasks, and set goals.

This app is available free of charge or in a premium version at $39 per month.

Irunurun (Stick with performance.)

This performance app helps you stick with and be accountable for your goals. The makers of this app believe that actions speak louder than goals.

You start by putting in the action or habit you wish to track. After that, assign the action a score out of 100. Your score will begin at zero at the start of each week and increase as you finish more actions. You get a perfect score of 100 if you complete all actions at the set time each day. In addition, the app lets you share what you are doing using the app. Invite family, friends, and co-workers to join you in any action. Finally, the app lets you start a team that supports your progress.

Free in the IOS App Shop. Available on iPhone and iPad.

Habit List App (Stick with habits.)

The Habit List app allows you to track your “streaks.” In other words, it tracks the number of times you have finished a certain habit in a row. Moveable time charts are created for habits that must be done on certain days or at certain times. For example, you write a blog post every other week or go to the gym every Tuesday or Thursday. Habit List will send reminders to help you stick to your time chart.

Free/Available on iPhone and other IOS devices. (Stick with accountability.)

The app was started on the idea that goals are completed in the best way when others hold us accountable. uses group cheering to allow you to set your goals and after that, choose the type of coaching you need. Some people prefer rewards, advice, or prompting from a group. In addition, the app lets you hire a coach and get support from other users.

Habit tracker and habit coaching for $20 per month, available for iPhone, Android.

Stickk app (Just do it.)

StickK is a way to help you stick to your goals if vision boards and pie charts don’t work for you. The app was developed by Yale University economists and forces you to lose money if your goal is not reached. You are bound to a goal by a contract. After that, you set your goal and put it in a time frame. Finally, you state the amount of money you are willing to pay and where the money will go if you fail to meet your goal.

Additionally,  you assign a referee who will keep tabs on your progress. This referee acts as a separate third-party helper and logs in to the app to track your progress. However, you also have the option of going it alone by choosing the honor system. Do you need a little more incentive? The app lets you choose a panel of StickK supporters to cheer you on. They post helpful messages to your journal, where you keep track of your progress each day.

Free, available for iPhone and Android.