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Metadata Management Tools: Only the Best for 2022

Choosing metadata management tools can be a difficult task. It requires research and consideration of factors besides technical capabilities.

Here’s a list of the best metadata management tools and solutions. It’s in one place to make your search a little easier!

Alation Data Catalog

Alation provides a platform for a variety of data intelligence solutions.

They include data search and discovery. In addition, it has data stewardship and governance. Further, it has digital transformation, analytics, and other features. It’s a behavioral analysis engine. In addition, it has built-in collaborative capabilities and open APIs in the package.

Furthermore, Alation profiles data and tracks usage. This guarantees that users get the most up-to-date information on data quality. Additionally, the software gives users insight into how they create and share information from raw data.

Alex Data Marketplace

Alex Solutions is a comprehensive enterprise data catalog. It’s technology-neutral.

In addition, it comes with a business lexicon that allows users to define and preserve critical business terminology. Further, it connects them to real data assets, outputs, and processes. Additionally, data lineage is combined with data profiling. It also offers machine learning-based intelligent tagging in policy-driven data quality.

Alex also has intelligent tagging. This allows users to give physical data assets corporate context. Additionally, the product’s user interface is appealing to business users. Further, its deployment and integration are fairly easy.

ASG Enterprise Data Intelligence

ASG Technologies provides a data intelligence platform. It has the ability to extract information from over 220 traditional and big data sources. The software includes automated data tagging based on pattern matching, reference data integration, and enriched metrics.

Furthermore, users may better comprehend their data using automated business linage. Additionally, the governance capabilities include data tracking in the data lake and traditional sources. The capabilities portfolio of ASG’s EDI system is remarkable. There are reference customers praising the vendor’s support for a number of business use cases.

Collibra Platform

The data dictionary of this platform is an excellent metadata management tool. It documents technical metadata. In addition, it tracks how it is used. After that, it also explains its structure and relationship to other data. Further, it tracks its origin, format, and use.

Users sometimes need to know how and where data is saved as well as how it can be used. They can, therefore, use the solution as a searchable repository. In addition, users can also use processes to define and map data. Further, they can document roles and responsibilities. Collibra is unique in that it was designed with corporate users in mind.

erwin EDGE Portfolio

The erwin EDGE combines enterprise architecture, data management tools, data modeling, and business process, into a single platform.

Furthermore, it connects physical metadata to specific business words and definitions. Therefore, the solution is a managed service that allows users to locate and harvest data. In addition, it lets them arrange and deploy data sources. EDGE can assess complex lineages spanning systems and use cases. It does this by importing metadata from data integration tools and cloud-based platforms.

IBM InfoSphere Information Server

The IBM InfoSphere Information Server includes a metadata repository. It saves and shares metadata from the suite’s products.

In addition, it shares from external tools and databases as well. Therefore, users can import metadata from a variety of sources into the repository. After that, they can export metadata using a variety of ways.

Further, they can then move metadata between test, design, and production repositories. Additionally, changes made in the repository are replicated throughout the suite. They are then stored in a regular relational database.

Infogix Data360 Govern

Business glossaries, data lineage, and cataloging are part of the features of Infogix.

Metadata management tools are also available. They are among the integrated data governance features that come with Infogix. In addition, it has customizable dashboards and zero-code procedures. These allow you to adapt as each organization’s data capability grows.

Infogix is used by reference customers for data management, compliance, risk, and data value management. Further, the device is also adaptable and simple to use. In addition, it can handle smaller data analysis projects. It is one of the best data management tools available.

MANTA Platform

MANTA is a uniform data lineage platform. It maps all data flows to provide you with a complete picture of your data pipeline.

The product shows you where the data comes from. In addition, it shows how it travels via all data processing systems.

MANTA updates lineage automatically as needed. Furthermore, it displays data flows in a clear, user-friendly, and intelligible manner. Additionally, the solution also fits into any set of metadata management tools.

Octopai: Metadata Management Tools

Octopai is a centralized, cross-platform metadata management automation solution for data and analytics teams.

It allows them to identify and regulate shared metadata. In addition, the product gathers metadata from databases, ETL, and reporting systems to perform metadata scanning.

Metadata is centralized and handled. In addition, a smart engine with hundreds of crawlers searches and provides results quickly. Octopai is great for corporate governance, intelligence, and data cataloging use cases.

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