4 Tools to Boost Your B2B Sales Stack in 2022

When it comes to your B2B sales stack, most businesses make the mistake of purchasing software that is widely used in their industry network rather than what they truly require.

However, as technology advances, a rising number of highly specialized sales tools are available. They can assist you in increasing your bottom line and providing better results for your clients. Whether you run a SaaS or product-based business model, you must discover the right tools to empower your sales teams. You must offer them the best chances of successfully converting leads and connecting with customers.

In many cases, this involves offering them tools that automate repetitive processes. Additionally, they need to design efficient workflows, gather client insights, and accelerate sales cycles. After all, a salesperson without the proper sales tools is akin to a carpenter without a hammer and nails.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of four incredibly helpful tools. Consider adding them to your current B2B sales stack. They will help you enhance sales, increase conversions, and acquire a better understanding of your customer base. Let’s dive in!


Walnut is a revolutionary sales experience platform that can help you take your product and sales demonstrations to the next level.

Using their software, you can host sales demos in an encapsulated, cloud environment that offers zero downtime and issues. In other words, you can practically guarantee a flawless sales pitch that is free from glitches and technical mishaps.

In addition to this, Walnut allows sales teams to regain full control over their demos.

The platform does not require any prior coding knowledge. This removes the burden on back-end teams to participate in the demonstration.

There’s a huge upside to this. Sales teams can fully customize and tailor each demo for the client they are facing. They can place an extra focus on their specific needs, wants, and desired use cases.

Walnut also goes the extra mile by collecting valuable data on demo usage. Sales teams use this data to derive insights that can boost sales and increase demo conversion.


WalkMe is a digital adoption platform that is designed to assist businesses in accelerating their digital transformation efforts by accurately measuring, driving, and refining their processes in order to extract the maximum value from their current software stack.

Of course, this is becoming a more pressing issue for companies all over the world. This is especially the case nowadays. Clients expect a greater amount of their business interactions to be remote or digital.

Fortunately, WalkMe features a 100% codeless platform. This provides company leaders with the information they require to maximize user adoption of their digital assets, increase retention, and reduce churn. It does all this without changing the underlying software.

WalkMe also offers additional visibility into digital usage across all departments. This results in crucial insights. Sales teams leverage these to make more educated, data-driven decisions.

In terms of sales, WalkMe improves visibility across your whole sales stack by giving data on software usage, personnel productivity, and user journeys across the sales cycle. This allows you to shorten your sales cycle by increasing product or service adoption and optimizing the process from lead generation to revenue generation.


Yesware is a sales productivity platform that offers Gmail and Outlook users email monitoring, customized templates, an email scheduler, a meeting booker, and CRM integration.

At its core, the system meets the needs of salespeople by minimizing data entry. It also automates conversation status and deal monitoring as well as simplifies and standardizes reporting. Additionally, it is capable of proactively researching prospects, and driving improved performance through goal-setting processes.

Yesware also captures and analyzes activity and results to provide insights into sales performance. This enables business leaders to enhance the success of their email marketing initiatives by refining their processes.

All of this makes it easier for sales teams to reach out to potential buyers and follow up with effective communications, which tends to become increasingly difficult as businesses scale.

Yesware reports that by using this software, sales teams achieve 48 percent greater connect rates across email and phone, two times more meetings with target customers, a 20% boost in business revenue, and three times more deal volume per sales professional.


RollWorks is an account-based marketing (ABM) and B2B marketing growth platform that assists businesses in aligning their marketing and sales operations, ensuring that sales teams are focusing on the right accounts at the right time.

The platform is powered by advanced AI algorithms that identify and highlight key target accounts and significant buyers. These accounts are then passed on to the relevant teams at the appropriate time by communicating them across various channels.

Once the target accounts have been engaged or contacted, the Rollworks platform then monitors the success in your current CRM systems. These systems can then be leveraged to generate data-driven insights to improve customer experience and lead conversion rates.

Using these insights, sales teams can discover customer target accounts and engage them with customized marketing material.

All these advertising efforts are more focused and suited to their target audience. As a result, they have a significantly higher click-through and conversion rate, which helps businesses get a greater ROI on their ad expenditure and enhance the efficiency of their marketing operations.

Furthermore, the RollWorks platform can help improve sales automation by allowing salespeople to compare high intent accounts to others in the funnel. They do this by using data from previous activity, thus continually refining their operations and driving more value to the business.

Final Word

There’s no doubt that technology now plays a pivotal role in your B2B sales stack. It increases the ability of businesses to effectively generate revenue and serve their customers.

When it comes to sales, you must empower your teams. Give them the tools they need to perform their job to the best of their ability.

Reducing the time spent on menial and administrative tasks is critical. It allows your team to focus more energy and time on prospective clients by catering to their needs.

These four tools all provide a great means to do this. Which B2B sales stack you choose should largely boil down to your business model. Think carefully about the product/service you offer and your primary means of engagement with customers.

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