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We’ve had more than two years of a global pandemic. Markets have suffered severe supply chain disruption. We also face record levels of inflation and the threat of a global war. Unsurprisingly, the market is certainly looking much more bearish than it was last year. In fact, Citigroup has recently raised the odds of a global recession in the next 18 months to 50%. (Some experts call that figure somewhat conservative.) Finally, it seems as though the wheels are about to fall off the bus in a big way. Accordingly, it’s time to start thinking again about what sales stack can survive a downturn in the market.

Legitimate Concerns about the Future

With this in mind, business owners across the U.S. and abroad are beginning to worry. They’re concerned about what the future may hold. They wonder whether their companies are secured against the seemingly inevitable financial collapse.

After all, history tends to repeat itself. True, a recession may not come in the following months and years. However, it’s almost certain that one will arrive in the not-so-distant future.

Surviving the Downturn

It may not be entirely possible to make your organization “recession-proof,” even with your best efforts. However, business leaders who make preparations now will have a greater chance of surviving the downturn and emerging unscathed.

Of course, one of the first things you’ll notice is a significant decrease in customer demand. This could easily result in reduced sales turnover.

In light of this, we’ve compiled a list of five Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. Businesses can use them to optimize sales processes. This may help you not only maintain your existing sales volume but potentially help you improve it despite the economic situation.


When the recession hits, you are definitely going to want to have Walnut in your sales stack.

The platform is built from the ground up and hosted entirely on the cloud. It can help your sales personnel find better outcomes and increase conversions when presenting sales demos to prospects.

The overarching idea behind the Walnut software is to give organizations all the tools they need to demonstrate their value to potential customers most efficiently and effectively.

As you may be aware, product demos are often laden with technical difficulties. They are prone to generating conflict amongst internal departments.

Walnut combats this by delivering a completely no-code platform. This eliminates the need for salespeople to rely on back-end departments like graphic design and IT to engage in the sales process. This allows them to truly customize each and every product demo to the exact wants, needs, and pain points of the customer they are dealing with.

Walnut also gives sellers and team executives access to a comprehensive dashboard of analytical insights, helping them to enhance sales operations in real-time. As a consequence, Walnut should provide you with the capacity to increase sales figures regardless of the economic conditions.


Clari’s revenue operations and forecasting platform currently handles over $300 billion in pipeline each year and is utilized by over 100,000 marketing, sales, and customer success teams.

In a nutshell, Clari’s core value proposition is its ability to bring all go-to-market teams together. That way, they can collaborate on a shared goal: driving home more revenue. They accomplish this by autonomously collecting data from across your entire company. This includes everything from emails and conferences to outbound marketing correspondence and digital engagements. Clari then uses AI to transform the raw data into actionable sales insights.

Of course, this hyper-streamlined and flawless sales execution would be a wonderful addition to any organization. However, it becomes especially vital during a recession when consumers tighten their budgets.


Outreach is an AI-powered engagement and intelligence platform built from the ground up to assist salespeople in improving interactions with customers across their life cycles.

The software’s overall purpose is to help businesses reduce their sales execution gap. This can mean the difference between an organization’s potential revenue and the actual revenue they generate.

During times of economic difficulty, the platform delivers a plethora of features and benefits to businesses. It enables the optimization of all sales efforts, driving efficiency throughout the company at a time when sales stack improvement is most needed. This is accomplished by providing salespeople with complete insight into their deals, buyers, and teams.

Managers can also remove the guesswork from forecasting by implementing AI-recommended actions to optimize workflows.


ZoomInfo is a revenue and market intelligence platform for B2B sales and marketing teams.

Even in the best of times, figuring out who your target prospects are is one of the most challenging issues that organizations face when executing B2B sales. Furthermore, when a potential client is discovered, sales reps are often unsure of how or when to contact them. That typically results in lost time, sales, and revenue.

Of course, this is even more difficult throughout a recession when many consumers dial back on spending and rethink their list of priorities.

ZoomInfo solves this problem by offering a unified system of data, analytics, software, and integrations. It enables comprehensive visibility into how to identify, engage, and convert clients across your total addressable market. As such, businesses can utilize this data to accurately identify and meaningfully interact with their target clients.

ZoomInfo also offers solutions to assist you in enhancing your sales stack and profitability, such as the ability to evaluate customer conversations, meetings, and emails, retarget visitors who abandon forms and discover and capture anonymous visitors who forgo filling out your online forms.


Sales representatives nowadays interact with customers through a variety of digital channels. While this opens up many new doors and allows for quicker engagement with possible buyers, tracking these interactions can be challenging, resulting in inefficiencies and a diminished buyer experience.

This is where Chorus, recently acquired by ZoomInfo, comes in.

Chorus records and analyses all customer interactions, including phone conversations, meetings, emails, and instant messaging. As a result, teams can replicate the effectiveness of top-performing salespeople by studying their sales methods and implementing them throughout the organization.

These insights create the basis of a successful coaching plan for sales and customer success teams. Additionally, they give insight into the voice of the customer throughout the whole business, assisting in driving process and behavior improvements and delivering bottom-line impact.

Wrap Up

With an economic downturn on the horizon, it’s critical that business owners put safeguards in place. They must protect their operations against any eventuality.

Typically, sales revenue is one of the first areas to be impacted. That reality is why it’s imperative that you start looking for methods to streamline your sales processes right away.

Adding these tools to your sales stack will help you minimize expenses and optimize your sales efforts. Additionally, they will also help you boost conversion rates and reduce churn.

You can drive efficiency across internal departments. This ensures that you are in the best shape to thrive while everyone else is focused on surviving.

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