5 Best Phone Spy Apps Reviewed and Compared for 2022

The use of the best phone spy apps is rising for parents looking to protect their children on the web and even for businesses who want to safeguard confidential information and their property or to monitor productivity in the workplace.

Our pick for the best phone spy app is mSpy, but EyeZy and uMobix are leaders in their own right. Read on for our in-depth reviews of the top 5 options on the market to discover the best phone spy software for your needs and budget.

Top 5 Phone Spy Apps List

With countless spy apps that simply don’t work, finding reliable spyware isn’t easy. Based on several factors, our research found these 5 to be the best of the best:

  1. mSpy — Our pick for the #1 phone spy app. Put it to the test with a 14-day money-back guarantee.
  2. EyeZy — Runner-up for the best phone spy app solution. Lots of features and a 14-day money-back guarantee.
  3. uMobix — Popular spyware for Android monitoring needs. Comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee.
  4. Cocospy — Best spy app for covering multiple devices on 1 subscription. Check out its free demo.
  5. Spyera — Top phone spy tool for advanced Android and iOS features. Plus a 10-day money-back guarantee.

Some of the key aspects we considered when compiling our top spy app solutions include:

  • Genuine user experiences
  • Ease of use and installation
  • Affordability and overall functionality
  • Device compatibility

We’re confident that with spyware for iPhone and Android, these are the top solutions for meeting practically every monitoring need and a variety of budgets.

Eager to take a closer look at what the best phone spy apps offer? Read on for our in-depth reviews and comparisons.

The Best Spy Phone App Tools Reviewed

To help you find the most appropriate phone spy tool for your needs, we explore each app’s key features, pricing, and pros and cons (plus more) to give you everything you need to make an informed decision.

Let’s dive right in!

1. mSpy — Our Pick for the #1 Phone Spy App

mSpy’s capabilities are unparalleled in the mobile spyware industry thanks to its decade of experience — hence its popularity around the world.

With various innovative monitoring tools, countless parents and employers turn to mSpy to handle their surveillance needs.

For example, you can view all sent and received messages and media files on all leading social media and messenger apps, email conversations, SMSes, and, as with EyeZy, even deleted messages.

On your dashboard, you’ll be able to view exactly what was typed, when, and on what app:

mSpy's keylogger

With this spy app, you’ll know who the target user is conversing with, what they’re searching for online across apps and browsers, and so much more — all undetected.

As you’d expect with the best of the best, mSpy also has some advanced capabilities, like recording the user’s screen remotely for live insight into the activity.

Other Features

  • View browser and app history
  • Set custom keylogger keywords for alerts
  • Block access to apps and websites
  • Get detailed call log information
  • View calendar entries


Although not as affordable as EyeZy, there’s no doubt that mSpy is a prime spy app solution — and it still has one of the most budget-friendly annual plans you’ll come across.

Here are the subscription options:

  1. Monthly — $69.99/month
  2. Quarterly — $39.99/month
  3. Annual — $16.66/month

With the current special, your first annual subscription totals just $11.66/month, and you get over $20 off with the monthly plan in your first term!

You certainly can’t go wrong with a powerhouse like mSpy.


  • Holds a solid reputation
  • Offers a whopping 36 spyware tools
  • No rooting/jailbreak is needed
  • The setup process is seamless
  • Quality, timely, customer support


  • Covering multiple devices can be expensive
  • Can’t control screen time like with EyeZy
Monthly Price Annual Price Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
$69.99/month $16.66/month 1 Android, iOS, tablets Demo 10-day refund policy

2. EyeZy — Runner-Up for the Best Phone Spy App Solution

EyeZy’s suite of top-notch spyware capabilities offers users complete peace of mind — in fact, it’s by far one of the best parental monitoring apps for parents looking to keep their children safe on the web and out in the real world.

With EyeZy, you can see not only all private conversations, including texts, emails, and those sent and received on leading social media and messenger apps, but even deleted conversations:

EyeZy's screen recorder

Is your child engaging with content and people they shouldn’t be? Find out with EyeZy.

With the keylogger, EyeZy also helps you ensure nothing of concern goes unnoticed — simply set up custom alerts for when your child uses specific keywords (whether on the web, social media, text, or in a Google search).

You can do the same with the GPS tracking capabilities so you’ll always know where your loved ones are, and you can also set up boundary alerts to know if they enter these areas.

All-round, EyeZy’s 360-degree spy app is phenomenal for complete peace of mind — regardless of your monitoring needs.

Other Features

  • Monitor activity on WhatsApp, Kik, Snapchat, etc.
  • View website history log and bookmarked pages
  • Control web and app access and usage
  • View in-depth call log information
  • Monitor sent and received multimedia files
  • Record the user’s screen for live app activity


EyeZy has these 3 subscription options:

  1. Monthly — $47.99/month
  2. Quarterly — $27.99/month
  3. Yearly — $9.99/month

$9.99/month makes EyeZy one of the cheapest phone spy apps out there, and considering the value on offer, we’re confident that you’d have a hard time finding a more impressive app for your monitoring needs.

Try it free today! There’s a free trial, demo, plus a 14-day refund policy.


  • Impressive spyware capabilities
  • Cheapest annual subscription pricing
  • Maintains a solid reputation
  • Has live screen recording functionality
  • One of the best keylogger apps on the market


  • Monthly billing is pricey for 1 device
  • Jailbreaking/rooting is required for all the features
Monthly Price Annual Price Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
$47.99/month $9.99/month 1 Android, iOS, tablets 3-day trial + demo 14-day refund policy

3. uMobix — Popular Spyware for Android Monitoring Needs

In terms of Android spy apps, uMobix goes the extra mile to give users advanced monitoring features at an incredibly competitive price point.

It’s one of the best Android keyloggers on the market, because unlike many, it not only lets you see what’s typed on practically any app, or browser, but you can even monitor incognito searches, plus it records text that’s been copied and pasted.

It lets you monitor the activity on all leading social media apps like TikTok, dating sites, and even YouTube and Reddit for a complete overview of your child’s online experience:

uMobix's messenger app spying

Another nice-to-have extra that uMobix offers is the ability to see deleted content, like calls, contacts, SMSes, or even contacts that have been renamed.

The remote capabilities are also phenomenal. For example, you can disable calls and messages from coming in, and use the device’s camera and microphone to get an insight into your child’s surroundings.

Unfortunately, the spyware for iPhone devices lacks functionality when compared to the boatload on offer with the Android version, but uMobix is top tier in the world of spy apps.

Other Features

  • Accurate GPS location logs
  • Save all sent and received files
  • Restrict calls and disable messages
  • Limit or block access to apps and websites
  • Monitor website searches and bookmarks
  • Get alerts when a new social media app is used


It will please many that despite the advanced features, uMobix is pretty affordable. Here are your options:

  1. Monthly — $49.99/month
  2. Quarterly — $27.99/month
  3. Annual — $11.66/month

Having everything you need for just $11.66/month is an absolute giveaway and certainly one of the best on the market in terms of value for money.


  • Valuable features at an affordable price
  • Disable calls and messages remotely
  • Also holds a fantastic reputation in the industry
  • Rooting the device isn’t necessary


  • 2-factor authentication is a timely process
  • Consumes more battery than rivals
Monthly Price Annual Price Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
$49.99/month $11.66/month 1 Android, iOS, tablets Demo 14-day refund policy

4. Cocospy — Best Spy App for Covering Multiple Devices on 1 Subscription

Cocospy is a popular option for keeping tabs on your children and employees because, unlike most spy apps, their plans allow you to cover up to 25 devices with one subscription!

From having a class Android keylogger and a boatload of other features that don’t require rooting for full functionality, Cocospy is undoubtedly one of the best phone spy apps.

You also get some unique, standout features. For example, you can mark contacts as “suspicious” to get alerts to keep a close eye on any communications to and from this person.

Plus, you get call tracking, the ability to view SMSes (including deleted ones), plus every message sent and received on leading social channels like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Zoom, Wechat, etc.:

Cocospy's social media monitoring

Although Cocospy lacks some nice-to-have capabilities, you’ll find that what is on offer is more than sufficient for most needs, whether you’re looking to protect your child online, confidential business information, or anything else.

Other Features

  • Superb Android keylogger
  • Monitor website history
  • GPS and SIM location tracking
  • Save all multimedia files
  • Control your child’s app usage
  • View stored notes and calendar events


With Cocospy, you have 3 unique plans for both iOS and Android.

The Android plans start at $8.33/month for 1 device, and the Family plan covers up to 3 devices for just $16.66/month — this is where Cocospy shines!

The iOS plans start at $10.83/month, and you’re looking at $83.33/month on the business plan for up to 25 devices.

Plus, Cocospy thought they’d throw in a little more magic by offering a lengthy 60-day money-back guarantee with their plans!


  • Sleek dashboard
  • Lets you cover several devices on 1 plan
  • No rooting is required for full functionality
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Isn’t as feature-rich as rivals
  • The iOS version offers less functionality
Monthly Price Annual Price Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
Android — $39.99

iOS — $49.99

Android — $8.33

iOS — $10.83

1 Android, iOS, tablets Demo 60-day money-back guarantee

5. Spyera — Top Phone Spy Tool for Advanced Android and iOS Features

Spyera one of the best phone spy apps' dashboard

Our list of the best wouldn’t be complete without featuring Spyera. Although pricier than the other 4 options, you get some remarkable spyware for Android, iOS and even PCs!

For example, when it comes to monitoring call activity, Spyera gives you everything you’d expect and some advanced spyware features that somewhat warrant the price tag.

For instance, as one of the best VoIP spy apps, you’re able to track call activity, including those made or received on apps like WhatsApp and Skype. This includes the ability to record them and listen in on the conversations while they’re happening!

Besides this, while most phone spy apps lack the keylogging functionality for iOS devices, Spyera doesn’t. In fact, it’s by far one of the best iPhone keyloggers out there.

So whether you want to know what’s being searched for or said on any smartphone, Spyera is a leading choice.

Other Features

  • Download all media files
  • Live GPS tracking and logging
  • View browser and app records
  • Activate the camera remotely to take photos and videos
  • View all communications, including emails and MMS chats
  • Access the microphone to listen to the device’s surroundings


Spyera has various plans for different devices, with monthly and annual subscription options. Here’s the yearly pricing:

  1. Smartphone — $389/year — $32/month
  2. Tablet — $279/year — $23/month
  3. Computer — $199/year — $16.50/month
  4. All-in-one — $479/year — $40/month

The first 3 plans outlined above offer monthly billing options that range from $49 to $89/month.


  • Advanced spyware for Android and iOS
  • Top-notch call and keylogging functions
  • They’re transparent about pricing
  • One of the best social media phone spy apps


  • Expensive plans
  • Advanced functions require jailbreaking/rooting
  • Customer support is lacklustre
Monthly Price Annual Price Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
$49-$89/month $32/month 1 Android, iOS, tablets, PC No 10-day money-back guarantee

The Best Spy Tools Compared

Below are details to help you compare each of the best phone spy apps:

Phone Spy Apps

Monthly Price Annual Price Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
mSpy $69.99/month $16.66/month 1 Android, iOS, tablets Demo 10-day refund policy
EyeZy $47.99/month $9.99/month 1 Android, iOS, tablets 3-day trial + demo 14-day refund policy
uMobix $49.99/month $11.66/month 1 Android, iOS, tablets Demo 14-day refund policy
Cocospy Android — $39.99

iOS — $49.99

Android — $8.33

iOS — $10.83

1 Android, iOS, tablets Demo 60-day money-back guarantee
Spyera $49-$89/month $32/month 1 Android, iOS, tablets, PC No 10-day money-back guarantee

From the above table, we can see that Cocospy has the cheapest annual Android billing option, with EyeZy being just $1.66 more.

EyeZy is the only one with a demo and a free trial, and unfortunately, Spyera lacks either, but you can, unlike the others, cover more than smartphones.

What is a Phone Spy App?

A spy app is software that, once installed on the target user’s Android or iOS device, monitors the activity and relays that information to your dashboard — this includes call logs, web and app activity, GPS location logs, and more:

EyeZy's GPS location tracking

The app records all this information and syncs it every few minutes. All you need to do is to sign into your account on your device to see the data captured.

How Does Spy Phone App Software Work?

Once installed on the target device, these apps secretly record and store all the activity happening on the device — from SMSes to saved media files, and beyond.

This information is accessible remotely through the web or app where you’ll be able to monitor the live activity from your dashboard:

EyeZy dashboard

These apps run completely hidden, meaning that no app icon, notifications, or other signs of the software will be present on the device, and with the best phone spy app, it won’t cause performance issues like a slowed device, a fast-draining battery, etc.

Why Use Spyware?

There are several reasons someone would want to use a phone spy app.

Here are the 3 main ones:

1. Ease of Mind for Parents

This is by far the primary reason people opt for a phone spy app. The world wide web is a scary place riddled with danger, particularly for underage children.

Whether it’s individuals with malicious intent, cyberbullying, or your child engaging in content that isn’t age appropriate, a spy app is an ethical means to keep your child safe, both online and offline.

It’s up to you how much or how little you wish to monitor. For example, some parents opt for one of the best phone spy apps for GPS location tracking and geo-fencing capabilities because it gives them peace of mind when their kid is out and about.

2. Monitoring Business Property and Productivity

Another common use is employers looking to ensure confidential information isn’t shared and that employees use work devices as intended.

Additional reasons can include GPS location logs for business expense tracking, and ensuring productivity in the workplace.

3. Locating the Device

With accurate, real-time GPS location and SIM tracking, plus some advanced tools like alerts when the SIM is changed, parents and employees can locate lost or stolen devices with a spy app.

Of course, there are more reasons phone spy apps are used, although these are both unethical and, not to mention, illegal.

This includes any instance where the individual is unaware of the spyware on their device — although common, spying on your partner without their consent or knowledge is illegal and can land you in serious trouble.

Can you Remotely Install Spyware?

No. Ethical spy app solutions require that you have the device you want to monitor with you to complete the installation process.

Once this is done, though, you’ll be able to log into your account on your device and monitor the target users’ activity remotely.

Are Free Spy Apps Safe?

The best things in life are free, apart from free spy apps.

Here are the key risks associated with these solutions:

  • Most don’t work!
  • If they do work, the functionality on offer is severely lacking
  • They lack adequate security capabilities to protect the user’s private information and the device

We’re confident these 3 reasons are enough to make anyone reconsider opting for a free spy app — but, if you choose to accept the risk, be sure to check out customer reviews before you signup.

Overall, you get what you pay for with phone spy apps, and more often than not, you’ll find the investment worth the peace of mind.

If you want insight into how the app works and whether it’s a good fit for your needs, it’d be better to try any free trials or demos on offer.

Another option is to opt for a monthly subscription with a reputable spy app (although more costly), before choosing whether you’d want to be on a longer payment structure.

Using a Spy Phone App: Step-by-Step Guide

The functionality of spy apps is complex, but getting set up and using the software is a breeze with one of the best phone spy app solutions.

For example, with EyeZy, simply:

Step 1 — Head to EyeZy’s website.

On the homepage, click the “Try Now” button to create an account and choose your subscription method:

Creating an account with EyeZy

Step 2 — Next, enter your credentials and log in.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll have different installation methods depending on the device you’re wanting to monitor — select iOS or Android.

With EyeZy, you get a handy Wizard that’ll help you throughout the installation process:

EyeZy's installation Wizard

Complete the steps outlined by the Wizard, and click “Next” to continue.

Step 3 — Turn PlayProtect off.

In order for a phone spy app to work, security capabilities from PlayProtect need to be disabled. Again, this is fairly straightforward with the guidance EyeZy offers.

Once disabled, proceed with the download process:

Disabling PlayProtect with EyeZy

When you’ve completed the steps outlined by EyeZy and completed the install, scroll through the apps on the device to find the “Update Service” icon:

EyeZy's app icon

Click the icon to complete the setup process — this entails accepting app permissions and following on-screen prompts to remove all traces of the installation.

Step 4 — Get monitoring!

EyeZy makes the entire process a complete breeze! Once you’re done, simply log into your account on your device and you’ll have all the activity synced to your neat dashboard.

If you’re looking to install spyware for iPhone, the easiest means is with the user’s iCloud credentials, however, there are other methods with EyeZy too.


If you still have some unanswered questions, these might fill in the gaps:

How to spy on someone’s phone without them knowing?

How can I spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone?

Are free spy apps trustworthy?

Is spyware legal?

Is the Minspy app good?

Conclusion: What is the Best Phone Spy App?

There’s no doubt that spy apps for Android and iOS offer complete peace of mind, whether you’re a parent, employer, or otherwise.

With phenomenal spyware, an intuitive dashboard, and every feature you could need , you’d have a tough time finding a spy app that offers better than mSpy.

But needs, budgets, and preferences vary. EyeZy is a reputable name in the industry, and it also has a lot to offer its users, as does uMobix.

The competition is tough, but we’re confident that mSpy meets practically every monitoring need at one of the most affordable price points — try it now with the free trial.


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