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There are many legitimate reasons to use a spy app for iPhones, with parental control being the most common. iPhone spyware helps you track your child’s location, calls, and social media conversations to ensure their safety.

However, finding reliable spyware for iPhones is challenging. Often, spy apps don’t work as intended, aren’t compatible with iOS devices, or cost too much. In the worst-case scenario, spy apps increase the risk of a data breach due to poor security measures.

We tested numerous spy apps for iPhones to save you the headache. Apart from evaluating the monitoring capabilities and ease of use, we examined their pricing, refund policies, customer support, and company background.

mSpy came out on top due to its versatile installation options and impressive features. Nevertheless, other apps excel in their own domains. Keep reading to find out which one better fits your needs.

In This Guide

The 10 Best Phone Spy Apps in 2024 | Shortlist

Through extensive research and testing, we’re confident that these 10 are the best iPhone spy apps for 2024:

  1. mSpy – Best spy app for iPhones in 2024
  2. uMobix – Best iOS spy app for control over your child’s social media
  3. Spynger – Best for monitoring your partner without jailbreaking their phone
  4. Scannero – Best app to find your partner’s location
  5. SpyBubble – Simple app to monitor your partner
  6. Phonsee – Affordable iPhone monitoring app with remote installation
  7. EyeZy – Best app to track your child’s offline activities
  8. ClevGuard – Reliable app to access multimedia and notes
  9. GEOfinder – Accurate and easy-to-use location tracker
  10. xMobi – Simple app for iPhone screen time control

The Top iPhone Spy Apps in 2024 | Reviewed

It’s worth noting that spying on an adult without their consent is illegal in most countries. And while some jurisdictions allow you to monitor your underage child without their knowledge, we still advise you to be transparent so as not to harm your relationship.

All the apps on our list are reliable and secure. However, each has standout features, pros, and cons that make it more suitable for certain use cases.

Let’s dive into detailed reviews of the best iPhone spy apps so you can make an informed decision.

1. mSpy – Overall, The Best Spy App for iPhones in 2024

mSpy has been on the market for over a decade and is among the most popular spy apps. Its longevity is well-deserved as it offers some innovative monitoring tools that are rare among other providers, such as access to deleted content on the target device.

You can install mSpy on an iPhone remotely if you know the owner’s iCloud credentials. Alternatively, you can install mSpy directly on the target device or plug it into a PC connected to your Wi-Fi.

The best thing is that you don’t have to jailbreak the iPhone to use mSpy. However, jailbreaking gives you access to a greater variety of features.

mSpy parental control app
mSpy has impressive features and a user-friendly interface

mSpy is one of the few spy apps that provides remote access to the target device’s camera and microphone. This way, you can see and hear what’s happening around your child or partner anytime. mSpy ensures that you don’t miss anything.

Another standout feature is the ability to access deleted messages and multimedia. If the target device’s owner suspects you are monitoring their activity, they might take extra caution and get rid of evidence.

Lastly, mSpy is stealthy. There are no notifications or app icons, so the target device’s owner will be unaware of monitoring unless you tell them.


  • Remote installation
  • No jailbreak is needed for some features
  • Can read deleted chats
  • Seamless setup process
  • Helpful, timely customer support


  • Some features are unavailable with remote installation


mSpy is a prime spy app for iPhones, yet its annual plan is budget-friendly. There are three subscription options with no difference in features.

mSpy parental control app pricing plans
mSpy offers several pricing plans
Monthly Price Annual Price Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
$69.99 $16.66 One Android, iOS Demo 10-day refund policy

2. uMobix – Best iOS Spy App for Control Over Your Child’s Social Media

Although uMobix has only been on the market for four years, it has already established itself as a powerful and reliable app with features similar to mSpy.

Unlike competitors that only offer basic keylogging capabilities, uMobix lets you see what the target individual types in any app or browser, even if it’s encrypted.

uMobix parental control app
uMobix is a great choice for concerned parents

uMobix gives you access to the most popular social media, messaging, and dating apps, including Facebook, Line, WhatsApp, Skype, and Tinder.

Besides monitoring texts, calls, and media your child shares online, you can control their app usage remotely. For example, you can restrict access or delete Instagram if they spend too much time on it.

It’s worth noting that you must know the target device’s iCloud credentials to install uMobix or gain physical access to it for a few minutes.

Another nice-to-have feature is the ability to see deleted content. Like mSpy, uMobix shows you deleted calls, contacts, and messages, so no suspicious stuff goes undetected.


  • Valuable features at an affordable price
  • Schedule social media use
  • Disable calls and messages and delete apps remotely
  • No jailbreaking is required


  • Drains battery quickly
  • Not all features supported on iOS


uMobix offers three subscription plans. There’s no difference in features, so we recommend choosing the annual plan for the biggest savings.

uMobix parental control app pricing plans
uMobix has affordable pricing plans
Monthly Price Annual Price Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
$49.99 $11.66 One Android, iOS Demo 14-day refund policy

3. Spynger – The Best for Monitoring Your Partner without Jailbreaking Their Phone

Most spy apps, like mSpy and uMobix, focus on parental monitoring. Spynger is different, as it helps you track your partner’s activities.

One of the main reasons people monitor their partner is a suspicion of infidelity. However, you may also want to monitor your partner due to safety concerns.

For instance, if they travel a lot for work or their job involves visiting dangerous places, Spynger will show you where they are and who they’ve been talking to so you can take action if necessary.

In either case, we advise obtaining your partner’s permission beforehand. Monitoring their activities without consent may have legal and interpersonal consequences.

Spynger spy app interface
Spynger has an intuitive dashboard

Spynger doesn’t give you remote control over the target device like uMobix or mSpy, which makes sense given its primary use case. After all, if you delete apps or contacts on your partner’s iPhone, they will suspect something is off.

However, Spynger can take remote screenshots of conversations and multimedia. If you suspect your partner engages in illegal activities or is unfaithful, it’s best to be equipped with evidence.

Like most of the best iPhone spy apps, Spynger also has a keylogger that lets you see everything typed on the target iPhone. This includes messages, search queries, and even passwords.

A major advantage of Spynger is that you don’t have to jailbreak the target iPhone to use all the features. However, you need physical access to the device for about five minutes.


  • Access to all features without jailbreaking
  • Remote screenshot feature
  • Gives access to deleted messages
  • Undetectable on the target device


  • Lack of user reviews on trusted platforms like Trustpilot
  • Remote installation is not possible
  • Drains your phone’s battery


Spynger’s monthly plan is expensive, but you can save over 75% with the annual plan. Keep in mind that Spynger will charge a higher price once the initial subscription period ends.

Spynger pricing plans
Spynger has three pricing plans
Monthly Price Annual Price Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
$45.49 $10.83 One Android, iOS Demo 14-day refund policy

4. Scannero

Scannero is a web-based tool that helps you quickly and easily locate an iPhone no matter where you are in the world.

Because it’s completely web-based, there are no compatibility issues. That means you can easily check the location of any phone number without having to install any software on your or your partner’s phone.

To use Scannero, you just need to follow a few simple simple steps:

  • Create an account on the Scannero website using your email address.
  • Enter your partner’s phone number.
  • Send a location request.

Once your partner clicks the link, you’ll receive the location details in your email and on the app’s dashboard within just a few minutes. These details include a map displaying the phone number’s exact location with a timestamp.

Scannero’s dashboard showing the iPhone’s location
Once your partner clicks the location request, you’ll be able to see their location

A useful feature is that you can create and send a tracking link through any messaging platform, such as SMS, email, or Messenger.
Scannero isn’t just for tracking someone with their phone number.

Feature Use case
Reverse phone lookup Lets you search for someone using their phone number or username.
However, searching using only their username can take some time.
Reverse username lookup Runs a background check using their nickname to find any online accounts linked to that name, such as social media accounts and online dating sites.
Send voice message Allows you to send anonymous voice messages.
Data leak checker Checks several databases for any personal information and notifies you if your email or phone number has been leaked.


  • No need to install an app
  • Works on any network and smartphone
  • Customizable messages
  • It’s legal according to recommendations from the Information Commissioner’s Office


  • Needs an active SIM card and internet connection to work
  • The target must give their consent


Scannero doesn’t offer an annual plan, only a monthly one.

Scannero’s one-day trial
Scannero offers a monthly subscription plan; no annual one
Monthly Price Annual Price Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
$49.80 N/A One Any smartphone OS (Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry) with a SIM and internet connection 24-hour trial for $0.89 N/A

5. SpyBubble – A Simple App to Monitor Your Partner

Like Spynger, SpyBubble helps you monitor your partner. However, instead of offering an array of advanced features, it focuses on three key aspects – WhatsApp, SMS, and location monitoring. Hence, its user interface is easy to navigate.

SpyBubble app
SpyBubble has a great mobile app

SpyBubble updates the target iPhone’s location information every five minutes so you can track your partner in real time.
Additionally, you can receive screenshots of SMS and WhatsApp conversations whenever they get a message.

If your partner suspects you are monitoring their phone, they may delete texts or media. Fortunately, SpyBubble allows you to access hidden and deleted chats and rename contacts.

You don’t have to install SpyBubble on the iPhone manually, but you must know your partner’s iCloud credentials and the two-factor authentication (2FA) login details if they’ve enabled it.

SpyBubble operates in Stealth mode, so there’s no app icon in the iPhone’s menu, and you can monitor it undetected.


  • Easy-to-use app
  • Gives access to deleted text messages
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Advanced keylogger


  • Lacks advanced features like geofencing and remote control


SpyBubble’s monthly subscription is expensive. As with most spy apps, it’s the annual plan that offers the best value.

SpyBubble app pricing plans
SpyBubble has an affordable monthly pricing plan
Monthly Price Annual Price Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
$42.49 $10.62 One Android, iOS Demo 14-day refund policy

6. Phonsee – An Affordable iPhone Monitoring App with Remote Installation

Phonsee lacks some of the top three apps’ advanced capabilities, like remote camera access or the ability to see deleted messages. Still, it offers comprehensive spying capabilities, including call logging, location tracking, and social media monitoring, for an affordable price.

Phonsee spy app interface
Phonsee is a user-friendly parental control app

Phonsee is a solid choice for parental control because of real-time geofencing alerts. Whenever your child enters a predefined area, you’ll get a notification. That’s useful if you don’t want to always be looking at the tracker.

Furthermore, Phonsee’s keylogger works even with encrypted instant messaging apps like Telegram and Signal. You can see everything they type, including messages in secret chats, passwords, and search queries.

Like any good parental control app, Phonsee also lets you block inappropriate websites and control your child’s screen time.

You can install Phonsee manually or remotely via iCloud; jailbreaking is optional. However, some features only work on jailbroken iPhones, like remote phone control and keylogger.


  • Advanced keylogger
  • Undetectable on the target device
  • Remote installation is possible via iCloud
  • Good value for money


  • No free trial or money-back guarantee
  • Jailbreaking is required for many features


Phonsee is more affordable than competitors like mSpy and uMobix. However, Phonsee has a strict refund policy. You can’t get your money back unless there’s a technical error on Phonsee’s end that customer support can’t fix.

Phonsee spy app pricing plans
Phonsee has some of the most affordable pricing plans
Monthly Price Annual Price Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
$42.51 $8.85 One Android, iOS Demo No

7. EyeZy – Best App to Keep Track of Your Child’s Offline Activities

EyeZy is an advanced spy app for iPhones that goes beyond social media and call monitoring. It helps you track your child’s offline activities.

Unfortunately, EyeZy only works on jailbroken devices, which makes the installation process more complicated. Furthermore, jailbreaking can void the iPhone’s warranty and make it susceptible to cyberattacks.

EyeZy spy app
EyeZy offers good value for the money

EyeZy calendar and note access ensure you’re always aware of your child’s plans. EyeZy calls this feature Plans Breaker because you can see the exact places, dates, and people involved so you can stop your child from attending events you disapprove of.

Additionally, EyeZy gives you access to all files and conversations on the target iPhone.

The Connection Blocker feature lets you control the screen time of apps and websites to keep your child productive.

With Magic Alerts, you’re automatically notified whenever they call or text a particular person, type in a restricted word in their browser, or enter a specific location. This ensures you don’t miss any dangerous or inappropriate activity, so you can react quickly.


  • Gives access to deleted conversations
  • Monitors most social media apps
  • Lets you block website and app access
  • Great offline activity tracking features


  • No remote camera or microphone access
  • Jailbreaking is required for all features


EyeZy is reasonably priced and has three subscription options.

EyeZy spy app pricing plans
EyeZy offers good value for money
Monthly Price Annual Price Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
$47.99 $9.99 One Android, iOS Demo 30-day refund policy

7. ClevGuard – Reliable App to Access Multimedia and Notes

ClevGuard is one of our top-rated PC keylogger software, but it also has an iPhone spy app called KidsGuard Pro. This app monitors your child’s location, social media activity, and call and text history.

While ClevGuard has many impressive features, you must jailbreak your child’s iPhone to use them.

ClevGuard spy app interface
ClevGuard is easy to navigate despite the array of features

ClevGuard’s primary purpose is to keep children safe. That’s why it maintains a detailed location history with specific coordinates and timestamps, which you can access anytime.

You can also set custom geofencing alerts so you can act promptly if your child enters an unsafe area.

ClevGuard can’t access deleted conversations or files, but it can remotely turn on your child’s camera and microphone when you need it, much like mSpy or uMobix.

Additionally, ClevGuard gives you access to all the media, calendar entries, and notes on their iPhone, so you don’t have to rely on conversations alone to stay in the loop.


  • Multimedia and note access
  • Remote camera and microphone control
  • Allows you to ban specific apps
  • Subscription plans for multiple devices


  • Can’t access deleted files
  • Jailbreaking is required for all features


ClevGuard is reasonably priced and offers great discounts for initial subscriptions. You can choose a subscription for one or multiple devices.

Furthermore, it has one of the longest refund periods, second to Cocospy, which offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

ClevGuard pricing plans
ClevGuard has three subscription options
Monthly Price Annual Price Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
$39.99 $9.16 One Android, iOS Demo 30-day refund policy

9. GEOfinder – Accurate and Easy-to-Use Location Tracker

GEOfinder differs from other apps on this list because you don’t have to install it on the target device. If your only goal is to find the iPhone owner’s location, this may be your best bet.

GEOfinder spy app
GEOfinder is a perfect choice for location tracking

GEOfinder can’t access your child’s browser history, social media conversations, or media files. However, it can give you their exact location with just their phone number.

Unlike apps such as mSpy, GEOfinder isn’t stealthy. When you try to find your child’s location, they receive a message asking if they’re willing to share it. Thus, GEOfinder is a great option if monitoring their location is a mutual decision.

You can send the request under your name or anonymously. However, the odds of your child sharing their location with a stranger are low.


  • Accurate location tracking
  • No app installation is necessary
  • A 48-hour trial period is available


  • Lacks features like social media and call monitoring
  • No annual plan


You can test GEOfinder for 48 hours for $1, which is enough to gauge the platform’s suitability for your needs. There’s no annual package, so you’re left with only one subscription option.

GEOfinder spy app pricing
GEOfinder only has one subscription plan
Monthly Price Annual Price Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
$39.99 N/A One Any browser, Android, iOS $1 trial period of 48 hours 14-day refund policy

10. xMobi – Simple App for iPhone Screen Time Control

xMobi only monitors select social media apps like Snapchat, Facebook, and Discord. It also keeps logs of your child’s phone calls, messages, and location.

There’s no keylogger, remote camera access, or geofencing alerts, so it’s not as sophisticated as our top three contenders.

However, xMobi has a few standout features that make it a great iPhone parental control app.

xMobi spy app
xMobi is simple and thus easy to use

We like that xMobi gives you control over the target phone’s screen time, so you can temporarily block access to specific websites and apps instead of deleting them.

You can also view all the apps on the target phone to check whether your child installed a game or social media app you prohibited.

Apart from calls, texts, and social media conversations, you can view your child’s bookmarks and search history. That’s handy because your child might be troubled about something and looking for advice online.

The biggest disadvantage of xMobi is that it only works when the target device is connected to the internet. That’s not a problem if your child uses mobile data, but you might miss important updates if they rely on Wi-Fi.


  • Can see bookmarks
  • Gives a complete overview of installed apps
  • Remote device control


  • Jailbreaking is required for some features
  • Target device needs to be connected to the internet


xMobi doesn’t publicly disclose its pricing, and our research has shown that the rates vary by country. For example, the company charges more for its services in Europe than in MENA.

xMobi spy app pricing plans
xMobi pricing is only disclosed upon registration
Monthly Price Annual Price Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
$53.50 $13.40 One Android, iOS Demo 14-day refund policy

The 10 Best iPhone Spy Apps Compared

We pulled together a comparison table to help you pick a spy app for iPhones that best suits your needs.

Spy App Monthly Price (/month) Annual Price (/month) Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
mSpy $69.99 $16.66 One Android, iOS, tablets Demo 10-day refund policy
uMobix $49.99 $11.66 One Android, iOS Demo 14-day refund policy
Spynger $45.49 $10.83 One Android, iOS N/A 14-day refund policy
Scannero $49.80/month for unlimited tracking N/A One Any smartphone OS (Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry) with a SIM and internet connection 24-hour trial for $0.89 N/A
SpyBubble $42.49 $10.62 One Android, iOS Demo 14-day refund policy
Phonsee $42.51 $8.85 One Android, iOS Demo No
EyeZy $47.99 $9.99 One Android, iOS 3-day trial + demo 14-day refund policy
Clevguard $49.99 $10.83 One Android, iOS Demo 30-day refund policy
GEOfinder $39.99 N/A One One $1 trial period of 48 hours 14-day refund policy
xMobi $53.50 $13.40 One Android, iOS Demo 14-day refund policy

How We Ranked the Best iPhone Spy Apps

Many spy apps seem similar at first glance, so you need to closely examine the features to distinguish between them.

We tested several iPhone spy apps, focusing on user-friendliness and monitoring capabilities, to help you select the most suitable option. Here’s what we considered.

  • Surveillance: Monitoring calls, messages, social media, and location.
  • Remote control: Block specific apps and websites, restrict screen time, and access the target device’s camera and microphone.
  • Standout features: Something different, like remote installation, family plans, or SIM card swap alerts.
  • Customer support: Prompt and helpful installation and use support.
  • Pricing: Good value for money, refund policies, different subscription plans.

But we didn’t stop there. We also read user reviews from reputable platforms like G2 and Trustpilot to see whether their experiences are similar.

How Do iPhone Spy Apps Work?

There are two types of spy apps for iPhones – those that require you to install the app on the target device and those that can be installed through iCloud.

The former works by recording all the data on the target phone and uploading it to an online server. When you log into the spy app’s dashboard, you can access that server and see the collected data.

You can issue remote commands from the dashboard, such as deleting apps, restricting access to specific websites, and even locking the entire device.

On the other hand, spy apps that provide access to the device’s iCloud storage let you log into the iCloud from another device, whether it’s your phone, laptop, or desktop computer.

All the data from the target phone is automatically uploaded to iCloud, so you can see messages, photos, videos, passwords, and other information once you’ve logged in.

That said, this method is only possible if you have the iCloud credentials of the target device and 2FA is turned off. If the target device has 2FA, you will need to disable it manually, meaning you’ll need access to the device.

Why Use an iPhone Spy App?

There are several legitimate reasons why you’d want to use an iPhone spy app. Here are the four most common ones.

1. Monitoring Your Child

The internet has many dark corners, and it’s generally not a good idea to let your kids use it unsupervised. That said, you can’t look over their shoulders 24/7.

The best spy apps for iPhone let you set up time restrictions and block specific websites to ensure your child doesn’t access inappropriate content.

You can also review their internet history and set up alerts to get notifications when your child types specific words into their browser.

Additionally, you can review your child’s call logs, incoming and outgoing text messages, and social media chats.

2. Monitoring Your Employees

You can monitor your employee productivity and ensure they don’t share confidential information with third parties, given that you obtain their consent.

3. Tracking the Device’s Physical Location

GPS tracking lets you see the device’s exact location. You can even set restricted zones on the map and get alerts when your child crosses them.

4. Finding Lost or Stolen Devices

If your child’s iPhone gets lost or stolen, you can use the location tracking function to find it. The best spy app for iPhones will let you remotely lock the phone and delete all the data to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Spy apps are generally illegal, but there are a few legitimate use cases. Spying on an adult without their consent is considered an illegal activity in most countries, so you may be prosecuted or given a steep fine.

That said, many countries allow you to monitor an underage child living under your roof, even without telling them. However, this only applies if you are the legal owner of the device and the one paying the phone bills.

Regardless, laws vary by region, so it’s best to do your due diligence.

Furthermore, spying may harm your relationship and cause your child or partner to behave stealthily. We strongly recommend obtaining your child’s consent before you begin monitoring their device.

Using an iPhone Spy App: Step-by-Step Guide

The technology behind spy apps may be complex, but setting up and using the software is relatively easy. Bear in mind that most of the phone spy apps we reviewed here have a similar installation process. Here’s an example of how you’d do it with mSpy.

Step 1: Subscribe to mSpy

Click ‘Try Now’ on the homepage to create an account. Then, choose a subscription plan, pay for it, and wait for a confirmation email.

mSpy official website

Step 2: Install the App on the Target iPhone

Depending on the spy app and the features you want, you may need to jailbreak the target iPhone first.

Some spy apps, like mSpy, allow remote installation, but you must know the iPhone’s iCloud credentials. Fortunately, mSpy provides clear step-by-step instructions for every case.

mSpy installation process

Step 3: Log In and Start Monitoring

After you install the app, log in to your mSpy dashboard from your device. Select a feature from the left sidebar and start monitoring!

mSpy phone tracker interface

Conclusion – What’s the Best iPhone Spy App?

mSpy is our top pick. It boasts all the parental control features you’d possibly want at a reasonable price point. However, uMobix is a highly renowned spy app with features like limiting social media use and advanced keylogger.

The one you choose will largely depend on your needs and budget, but you certainly can’t go wrong with any of our top 10.


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