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Finding the best phone spy app to suit your needs is no easy task. That’s why we tested numerous options, evaluating their features, interface, and pricing, and hand-picked the best mobile spy apps on the market.

A mobile spy app remotely monitors activities on the target phone, including calls, messages, social media interactions, and location. Often, the target device’s owner is unaware they’re being spied on.

The use of phone spy apps is surrounded by ethical and legal ambiguity.

While spying on adults without their consent is generally illegal, there are also legitimate reasons to use such apps, like keeping your child safe from cyberbullying, which is currently on the rise.

Our pick for the best phone spy app is mSpy due to its comprehensive monitoring tools and the remote installation option. However, other apps are leaders in their own right. Read on to find out how they differ and which better suits your needs.

In This Guide

Top 10 Phone Spy Apps in 2024 – Quick Answer

With countless spy apps that simply don’t work, finding a reliable spy app isn’t easy. Based on several factors, our research found these ten to be the best of the best:

  1. mSpy – Best all-round phone spy app
  2. uMobix – Best spy app for Android monitoring
  3. Spynger – Best for monitoring your partner without jailbreaking their phone
  4. SpyBubble – Easy-to-use spy app to monitor your partner
  5. Phonsee – Affordable spy app with advanced keylogger and screen recorder
  6. EyeZy – Best phone spy app to keep track of your child’s offline activities
  7. ClevGuard – Reliable app to monitor your child’s phone
  8. GEOfinder.mobi – Affordable, accurate, and easy-to-use location tracker
  9. xMobi – Best app for remote device control
  10. Cocospy – Best phone spy app for covering multiple devices on one subscription

The Best Spy Phone App Tools in 2024 – In-Depth Reviews

It’s illegal to spy on adults without their knowledge in most countries. While many jurisdictions allow monitoring an underage child if you’re their guardian, we still advise you to be transparent to avoid harming your relationship.

To help you find the most appropriate phone spy app for your needs, we explore each app’s key features, pricing, and pros and cons to give you everything you need to make an informed decision. Let’s dive right in.

1. mSpy – Best All-Around Phone Spy App

With more than a decade of experience, mSpy’s capabilities are unparalleled in the mobile spy app industry, hence its popularity around the world.

With various innovative phone trackers, countless parents and employers turn to mSpy to handle their surveillance needs. For example, you can view all sent and received messages and media files on all leading social media and messenger apps, email conversations, texts, and even deleted messages.

On your dashboard, you can see exactly what was typed, when, and on what app.

mSpy lets you set custom keyword and geofencing alerts so you instantly know if your child types something inappropriate or enters an unsafe area.

mSpy parental control app
mSpy has impressive features and a user-friendly interface

Furthermore, with remote camera and microphone access, you can see and hear what is happening around them. Few other spy apps offer this feature, and it’s very useful for concerned parents.

Also helpful is that the Stealth mode means you can monitor your child without them knowing. mSpy is undetectable on the target device — there are no app icons or notifications.

Another thing that sets mSpy apart is the possibility of remote installation via iCloud.

It’s worth noting that some features, such as WhatsApp monitoring, are only available if you manually install the app on the target device.

Last but not least, mSpy is compatible with most smartphones, including Android OS 4.0 and above and iOS 11 and above.

A major advantage is that you don’t have to jailbreak or root the phone to use most features because this is technically complicated and will void the warranty.


  • Offers 36 spy app tools
  • No rooting/jailbreaking is needed for some features
  • Seamless setup process
  • Helpful, timely customer support
  • Remote installation is possible


  • Covering multiple devices can be expensive
  • Some features are unavailable with remote installation


There’s no doubt that mSpy is a prime spy app solution, yet it has one of the most budget-friendly annual plans you’ll find.

mSpy parental control app pricing plans
mSpy offers several pricing plans
Monthly Price Annual Price Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
$69.99 $16.66 One Android, iOS Demo 10-day refund policy

2. uMobix – Best Spy App for Android Monitoring

While uMobix is compatible with iOS devices, it gives Android users far more advanced monitoring features at a competitive price.

It also has one of the best keyloggers on the market because, unlike many, it lets you see what’s typed on practically any app or browser, even in incognito mode.

Beyond keylogging, uMobix lets you monitor your child’s online activity on leading social media apps like TikTok, Snapchat, and even dating sites.

uMobix parental control app
uMobix is an excellent choice for concerned parents


Like all the best phone spy apps, it gives you real-time access to your child’s geolocation.

Another nice-to-have is the ability to see deleted content. This includes calls, contacts, texts, and multimedia. That’s handy if your child suspects you’re keeping an eye on them and deletes evidence.

If you notice anything suspicious, you can disable incoming calls and messages or delete specific apps. Additionally, you can use the device’s camera and microphone to get an insight into your child’s surroundings.


  • Valuable features at an affordable price
  • Disable calls and messages and delete apps remotely
  • Rooting the device isn’t necessary


  • Drains battery quickly
  • Not all features supported on iOS


It will please many that despite the advanced features, uMobix is affordable.

uMobix parental control app pricing plans
uMobix has affordable pricing plans

The monthly price of $12.49 is certainly one of the best options on the market in terms of value for money.

Monthly Price Annual Price Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
$49.99 $12.49 One Android, iOS Demo 14-day refund policy

3. Spynger – Best for Monitoring Your Partner without Jailbreaking Their Phone

Unlike mSpy and uMobix, which focus on parental monitoring, Spynger helps you track your partner’s activities.

While spying on an adult without them knowing is illegal in most cases, Spynger can provide you with the necessary evidence.

Like most spy apps, Spynger monitors social media interactions, calls, texts, and the target’s location. However, few spy apps give you access to deleted content, including photos and message drafts.

Spynger spy app interface
Spynger has an intuitive dashboard

If you notice anything suspicious, you can take a remote screenshot as evidence. If you decide to confront your partner on a sensitive topic like infidelity, it’s best to be equipped.

Spynger’s keylogger lets you see everything your partner types and get alerts triggered by specific keywords.

Another reason to like Spynger is that it doesn’t require jailbreaking the target device. While you need to physically access the phone to install Spynger, the process only takes a few minutes.


  • No jailbreaking is required
  • Remote screenshot feature
  • Gives access to deleted messages
  • Undetectable on the target device


  • Lack of user reviews on trusted platforms like Trustpilot
  • No free trial
  • Drains your phone’s battery


Spynger isn’t the cheapest spy app, but its extensive feature list makes it a worthy choice for the money. The annual plan offers the best value.

Spynger pricing plans
Spynger has three pricing plans

Luckily, you have two weeks to claim your money back if the app doesn’t suit your needs.

Monthly Price Annual Price Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
$45.49 $10.83 One Android, iOS Demo 14-day refund policy

4. SpyBubble – Easy-to-Use Spy App to Monitor Your Partner

SpyBubble is specifically for catching cheating partners in the act. That’s why it focuses only on the three most important features that could easily reveal the truth: WhatsApp, SMS, and location tracking.

If you have a hard time believing your partner about their whereabouts, you’ll appreciate the location tracking feature. SpyBubble will help you track their location in real time.

SpyBubble app
SpyBubble has a great mobile app

Along with that, you also get to check their conversations on WhatsApp and SMS. You can check all outgoing and incoming messages, shared media files, and hidden or deleted chats.

Another benefit of using SpyBubble is that it gives you a live update of your spouse’s actions through screenshots. Each action taken on the device triggers the screen recording feature. The screenshot is then transferred to your dashboard so you can store the evidence.


  • Can record deleted text messages
  • Advanced keylogger
  • Easy-to-use app


  • Complicated iOS installation
  • Poorly suited for parental control


SpyBubble’s monthly and quarterly subscriptions can be expensive. As with most spy apps, it’s the annual one that offers the best value.

SpyBubble app pricing plans
SpyBubble has an affordable monthly pricing plan

The annual plan is on par with some of the top tools in the industry, including mSpy and uMobix. And like many competitors, SpyBubble has a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Monthly Price Annual Price Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
$42.49 $10.62 One Android, iOS Demo 14-day refund policy

5. Phonsee – Affordable Spy App with Advanced Keylogger and Screen Recorder

Phonsee is a good all-around app with a comprehensive suite of spy tools, including social media monitoring, call logging, and location tracking.

It doesn’t offer some of the advanced capabilities of our top three apps, like the ability to see deleted messages and remote camera access. However, thanks to its affordable monthly plan, Phonsee offers good value for money.

Phonsee spy app interface
Phonsee is a user-friendly parental control app

You can pick restricted areas and be notified if your child crosses them. That’s useful if you don’t want to look at the tracker 24/7 and choose to respect their privacy under certain conditions.

Furthermore, Phonsee is stealthy, so your child won’t know you’re monitoring them unless you tell them.

With real-time geofencing alerts, Phonsee ensures you’re always aware of your child’s location.

Keylogger is Phonsee’s standout feature, as it works even with encrypted applications. For example, if your child uses a secret chat in Telegram to discuss something inappropriate, you’ll still be able to see it.

Phonsee works on Android and iOS devices and can be installed remotely via iCloud. Unfortunately, many features only work on jailbroken or rooted devices.


  • Advanced keylogger
  • Undetectable on the target device
  • Remote installation is possible via iCloud
  • Good value for the money


  • No free trial or money-back guarantee
  • Rooting or jailbreaking is required for many features


Phonsee is more affordable than its competitors, particularly with the monthly plan. However, one subscription only covers one device.

Phonsee spy app pricing plans
Phonsee has some of the most affordable pricing plans

It’s worth noting that Phonsee has a strict refund policy. You can only get your money back if there’s a technical error on Phonsee’s end that customer support can’t fix.

Monthly Price Annual Price Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
$42.51 $8.85 One Android, iOS Demo No

6. EyeZy – Best Phone Spy App to Keep Track of Your Child’s Offline Activities

EyeZy gives you a complete overview of your child’s online activities, including social media conversations and web search history.

While EyeZy is a great app that is compatible with Android and iOS, you must root or jailbreak the target device to use any of the features. Doing so can void the device’s warranty and make it susceptible to malware.

EyeZy spy app
EyeZy offers good value for the money

One of EyeZy’s standout features is that it gives you access to your child’s calendar and notes. This way, you can stay informed about their offline plans and know when they aren’t honest about their intentions.

EyeZy also gives you access to all files on the target device.

Unfortunately, you can’t view deleted photos and videos, but this isn’t a problem if your child is unaware you’re monitoring them and doesn’t get rid of evidence immediately.

Apart from helping you track your child’s online activities, EyeZy lets you control them. For example, you can block access to specific websites and apps or disable Wi-Fi access altogether.


  • Gives access to deleted conversations
  • Monitors most social media apps
  • Lets you block website and app access


  • No remote camera or microphone access
  • Rooting or jailbreaking is required for all features


EyeZy is reasonably priced and has three subscription options.

EyeZy spy app pricing plans
The EyeZy app offers good value for money

EyeZy doesn’t have a free plan, but neither do most of its competitors. The good news is that EyeZy subscriptions are backed by a 14-day refund guarantee.

Monthly Price Annual Price Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
$47.99 $9.99 One Android, iOS Demo 14-day refund policy

7. ClevGuard – Reliable App to Monitor Your Child’s Phone

ClevGuard is one of our top-rated PC keylogger software, but it also has two mobile parental control products.

KidsGuard is a basic version focused on location tracking and blocking inappropriate content. We prefer KidsGuard Pro as it has more advanced monitoring features, like keylogger and remote camera access.

That said, if your child has an iPhone, you need to jailbreak the device first.

KidsGuard Pro spy app interface
KidsGuard Pro is easy to navigate despite the array of features

Apart from real-time tracking, KidsGuard Pro lets you check your child’s location history, so you don’t have to be on the app 24/7. Alternatively, you can set custom geofencing alerts to act promptly if your child goes to an unsafe area.

Thanks to remote microphone and camera access, you can also record the phone’s surroundings. This is both a safety feature and a way to gather evidence if your child denies doing something you prohibited.

While KidsGuard Pro can’t access deleted files like mSpy, you can view your child’s photos and videos as long as they’re in the gallery.

Additionally, KidsGuardPro allows you to read theory notes and calendar entries.


  • Multimedia and note access
  • Remote camera and microphone access
  • Keylogger works on all devices
  • Can ban specific apps
  • Subscription plans for multiple devices


  • Can’t access deleted files
  • Jailbreaking required for iPhones


Like most of our top phone spy apps, KidsGuard Pro has three pricing plans, all of which include the same features.

KidsGuard Pro pricing plans
KidsGuard Pro has three subscription options

However, instead of the usual 14 days, KidsGuard Pro gives you an entire month to claim a refund if the app isn’t the right fit.

KidsGuardPro also has subscriptions for two or three devices. You have to pay extra, but it’s still cheaper than purchasing multiple single-device subscriptions. For example, the annual three-device subscription costs $16.66 monthly.

KidsGuard is significantly cheaper, starting at $4.17 monthly, but it lacks the standout features of the Pro version and doesn’t have plans for multiple devices.

Monthly Price Annual Price Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
$39.99 $9.16 Up to three Android, iOS Demo 30-day refund policy

8. GEOfinder.mobi – Affordable, Accurate, and Easy-to-Use Location Tracker

GEOfinder.mobi is a unique platform that lets you find someone’s location just by using their phone number. You don’t have to go through the hassle of setting up an app on the target or even your device.

GEOfinder.mobi focuses on location tracking via GPS or SMS, IP logging, Wi-Fi tracking, and cell phone carrier lookup. While it won’t give you access to your child’s conversations or search history, its location-tracking capabilities are impressive.

All you have to do is enter the target person’s phone number and select the country code to look up their current location.

Since GEOfinder.mobi works with all types of devices and hosting providers, you don’t have to worry about it not being able to track the target device. However, the target phone has to be switched on.

GEOfinder.mobi spy app
GEOfinder.mobi is a perfect choice for location tracking

When you try to find someone’s location, they receive a notification asking if they’re comfortable sharing their whereabouts. This helps you keep things transparent and prevents you from landing in legal trouble.

Unlike many spy apps, GEOfinder.mobi isn’t stealthy.

You can either send the notification with your name or anonymously. However, the chances of the target sharing their location details with an anonymous person are relatively low.

If you want to keep your identity hidden yet give them a reason to share their location, use the custom messaging feature. With this, you can craft a message for the target user that’ll be sent along with a location request.

Locations found by GEOfinder.mobi are narrowed down to the exact point. Also, since the target user’s location will be shared on a map with specific coordinates, you can look for nearby landmarks in case you want to pay a visit.


  • Accurate location tracking
  • No app installation is necessary
  • Works even on old flip phones
  • 48-hour trial period


  • Lacks features like social media and call monitoring
  • No annual plan


GEOfinder.mobi offers a $1 trial period for 48 hours. This should be enough to gauge the platform’s suitability for your needs, as it’s quite a simple tool.

GEOfinder.mobi spy app pricing
GEOfinder.mobi only has one subscription plan

There’s no annual package, so you’re left with only one option: a monthly plan costing $39.99/month.

Monthly Price Annual Price Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
$39.99 N/A One Any browser, Android, iOS $1 trial period of 48 hours 14-day refund policy

9. xMobi – Best App for Remote Device Control

xMobi is a simple phone tracker with call and SMS logging, location tracking, and social media monitoring capabilities. Note that you can only monitor the target device when it’s connected to the internet.

However, it made it on our list due to a few standout features.

For example, apart from their browsing history, xMobi lets you see your child’s bookmarks so you can spot new troubling interests.

xMobi spy app
xMobi is simple and thus easy to use

Although xMobi can only monitor select social media apps like Snapchat, Facebook, and Discord, it shows you all the apps installed on the target phone. This way, you can find out if your child installed a game or dating app you prohibited.

Like a good parental control app should, xMobi allows you to control your child’s phone usage. For example, you can delete and restrict apps or block the entire device, which is helpful if it gets lost.


  • Can see bookmarks
  • Gives a complete overview of installed apps
  • Remote device control


  • Rooting or jailbreaking is required for some features
  • Internet connection on the target device is necessary for monitoring


xMobi is the most expensive mobile spy app on our list. However, xMobi doesn’t publicly disclose its pricing, and our research has shown that the rates vary by region. So, if you live outside of the US or Europe, it could be cheaper than alternatives like uMobix.

xMobi spy app pricing plans
xMobi pricing is only disclosed upon registration

While xMobi doesn’t offer a free trial, you can claim a refund within 14 days of purchase if you decide it’s not ideal for your needs.

Monthly Price Annual Price Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
$53.50 $13.40 One Android, iOS Demo 14-day refund policy

10. Cocospy – Best Phone Spy App for Covering Multiple Devices on One Subscription

Cocospy is a popular option for keeping tabs on your children and employees because, unlike most spy apps, it allows you to cover up to 25 devices on iOS with one subscription.

However, note that spying on employees without their consent is illegal in most countries.

Of course, Cocopy has everything a solid parental control app needs, including social media monitoring, call logging, and location tracking.

Cococspy isn’t as feature-rich as mSpy or uMobix, but we have several reasons to like it.

Firstly, it has an advanced Android keylogger that helps you read messages on any app and examine notes or calendar entries.

Cocospy app
Cocospy is one of the few apps to offer a family subscription

Secondly, Cocospy has plans for multiple devices, which makes it a cost-effective choice. Most spy apps only cover one device with one subscription.

Thirdly, Cocospy is the only app with such a long refund period. You have two months to test the app and decide whether it suits your needs.

In contrast, most providers only give you two weeks to claim your money back. However, note that Cococpy issues refunds at its discretion.

Last but not least, Cocospy doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking the target phone. However, you must have physical access to the device because remote installation is not possible.


  • Lets you cover several devices on one plan
  • No rooting or jailbreaking is required
  • 60-day refund period
  • Gives you access to calendar and notes


  • Keylogger only works on Android
  • Can’t access deleted messages and media
  • Requires physical access to the target device for installation


Cocospy has three plans with different prices for iOS and Android. The Android plans start at $8.33/month for one device, while the iOS plans start at $10.83.

Cocospy app pricing plans
Cocospy is one of the few apps to offer a family subscription

However, note that the Basic plan offers far fewer features than the Premium one.

The Family plan covers three devices if you use Android or five devices on iOS, which is noticeably cheaper than purchasing multiple separate subscriptions. Cocospy’s Business plan covers 25 devices but is only available on iOS.

Monthly Price Annual Price Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
Android: $39.99
iOS: $49.99
Android: $8.33
iOS: $10.83
One Android, iOS Demo 60-day refund policy

The Best Phone Spy Apps Compared

Sometimes, a simple head-to-head comparison like the one below can help make comparing your options that much easier.

Spy App Monthly Price (/month) Annual Price (/month) Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
mSpy $69.99 $16.66 One Android, iOS, tablets Demo 10-day refund policy
uMobix $49.99 $12.49 One Android, iOS Demo 14-day refund policy
Spynger $45.49 $10.83 One Android, iOS N/A 14-day refund policy
SpyBubble $42.49 $10.62 One Android, iOS Demo 14-day refund policy
Phonsee $42.51 $8.85 One Android, iOS Demo No
EyeZy $47.99 $9.99 One Android, iOS 3-day trial + demo 14-day refund policy
ClevGuard $39.99 $9.16 Up to three Android, iOS Demo 30-day refund policy
GEOfinder.mobi $39.99 N/A One Any browser, Android, iOS $1 Trial Period of 48 hours 14-day refund policy
xMobi $53.50 $13.40 One Android, iOS Demo 14-day refund policy
Cocospy Android: $39.99
iOS: $49.99
Android: $8.33
iOS: $10.83
Up to 25 Android, iOS Demo 60-day refund policy

How We Ranked the Best Spy Apps

On the surface, most spy apps appear similar, so you have to dig deep into the features to understand how they differ. We tested numerous phone spy apps, evaluating their ease of use and monitoring capabilities to help you pick the right one. These are some of the characteristics apps had to excel at to get on our top 10 list:

  • Monitoring: Monitor all calls, messages, and social media conversations
  • Location tracking: Pinpoint the target’s exact location and can send geo-restricted alerts
  • Remote control: Monitor and control functions remotely
  • Unique features: Something different, like remote installation, family plans, or keyloggers
  • Customer support: Prompt and helpful installation and use support
  • Pricing: Good value for money, refund policies, and different pricing plans

Additionally, we read reviews of verified users on trusted platforms like G2 and Trustpilot to see whether our experiences align with others.

Why Use Spyware?

People often use phone trackers to spy on their partner, but this is generally illegal and can harm your relationship if your partner finds out.

However, there are some legitimate reasons to use mobile spy apps.

1. Parental Control

This is by far the most common reason people choose to use a phone spy app. The internet is riddled with dangers like adult content and cyberbullying, particularly for underage children.

A mobile spy app is a legal and ethical way to keep your child safe, both online and offline. However, you can only monitor an underage child without their permission.

It’s up to you how much or how little you wish to monitor. For example, some parents only use spy apps to track their child’s location, whereas others want to know about every conversation.

2. Monitoring Business Property and Productivity

Employers, too, often use monitoring software to ensure confidential information isn’t shared and that employees use work devices as intended. However, you must obtain your employees’ explicit consent.

3. Locating the Device

A spy app with a GPS tracker can help you find your child’s device if it’s lost or stolen. You can even install an app like mSpy on your phone if you don’t have a built-in Find My Phone feature.

Best Phone Spy Apps Right Now

Eager to take a closer look at what the best phone spy apps offer? Read on for our in-depth reviews:

Using a Spy Phone App – Step-by-Step Guide

The technology behind spy apps is complex. However, setting up and using the software is a breeze with one of the best phone tracker solutions. Bear in mind that most of the phone spy apps reviewed here have similar installation processes. Here’s an example of how you’d do it with mSpy on an Android device.

Step 1: Subscribe to mSpy

On the homepage, click the ‘Try Now’ button to create an account and choose a subscription plan. Purchase the subscription and wait for a confirmation email.

mSpy official website

Step 2: Install the App on the Target Device

Once you’ve done this, install mSpy on the target device. Depending on its operating system and the features you want, you may need to root or jailbreak it.

Fortunately, mSpy provides clear step-by-step instructions for every case.

mSpy installation process

Step 3: Log In and Start Monitoring

Once the installation is complete, log in to your mSpy dashboard from any device. Select a feature from the left sidebar and start monitoring!

mSpy phone tracker interface

Can You Remotely Install Spyware?

Yes. The best phone spy apps, like mSpy and uMobix, allow remote installation via iCloud. However, you need to know the target device’s iCloud credentials, and some features may not work.

To get the most out of your phone tracker, we recommend gaining physical access to the device.

Conclusion: What’s the Best Phone Spy App?

There’s no doubt that a phone tracker app offers complete peace of mind, whether you’re a parent, employer, or partner.

All apps that made it to our top ten are worth your attention. However, mSpy is the best all-around spy app with a good reputation, advanced features, and reasonable pricing.

The competition is tough, but we’re confident that mSpy meets practically every monitoring need.


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What is the best phone spy app?

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