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Are you looking to spy on WhatsApp? Want to know how to read your child’s messages to ensure their safety online? We compare the best WhatsApp spy apps and show you how to view someone else’s conversations, shared media files, call logs, and more with the best WhatsApp tracking tools.

The easiest way to spy on WhatsApp is with a spy app for mobile, and our top pick for the best WhatsApp spy app is mSpy. It has top-tier monitoring capabilities, and it’s affordable — even for those on a tight budget. Try the free demo now and be sure to take advantage of its 14-day money-back guarantee, so you can see how it compares to the competition discussed below.

In This Guide

Our Top 5 Spy Apps for WhatsApp | Ranked

With our in-depth evaluation of leading spy apps, we’re confident that these are the best of the bunch for your WhatsApp monitoring needs:

  1. mSpy — Overall, the best WhatsApp spy app
  2. EyeZy — One of the best WhatsApp spy tools for parental monitoring
  3. uMobix — A powerful WhatsApp tracker for Android and iOS
  4. Cocospy — Popular WhatsApp spy app for smartphones and tablets
  5. Spyera — The best WhatsApp spy tool to listen in on calls

To shortlist our top 5, we took into consideration the following criteria:

  • WhatsApp monitoring features
  • Feature-to-price ratio
  • Genuine customer reviews
  • Device compatibility
  • Ease of installation and use

Are you keen to learn more about how these apps can help you with your WhatsApp and phone tracking needs? Let’s get into our detailed reviews.

The Best WhatsApp Spy Tools | Reviewed

Here, we explore each tool’s WhatsApp tracking capabilities, other spyware features, pricing, and more to give you a complete overview. At the end of our reviews, you’ll know enough about each spy app to decide which is best for you.

1. mSpy — Overall, the Best WhatsApp Spy App

mSpy has powerful spyware capabilities that make monitoring WhatsApp and getting a comprehensive overview of the device’s activity a breeze.

You can remotely (and discreetly) track every single conversation happening on the user’s WhatsApp, the media files sent and received, and who they called, when, and the duration of the chat — all from your sleek dashboard:

Tracking WhatsApp activity with mSpy

The keylogger records every key entered on WhatsApp, all social media and messenger platforms, texts, Google searches, and more!

This will give you complete peace of mind by knowing what the user is doing at any moment on WhatsApp (and beyond). Such as who they’re engaging with, what they’re searching for, where they’re going, etc.

mSpy's keylogger

With 36 features, the magic doesn’t end there, either. The screen recorder lets you view what the user is doing live on any app, whether on WhatsApp, Facebook, or otherwise.

Whatever your tracking needs are, mSpy certainly has it covered.

Other Features

  • Get alerts if the user types certain words
  • Track activity and control access to websites and apps
  • View SMS, MMS, and iMessage chats (including deleted ones)
  • Monitor call log activity (plus those on leading VoIP apps like Skype)
  • Track GPS location movement and set “safe zones” for notifications


mSpy gives you the following subscription options:

  • 1-month — $69.99/month
  • 3-month — $39.99/month
  • 12-month — $16.66/month

$16.66/month makes it easy to see why millions adore mSpy — it’s a powerhouse for practically every monitoring need.

Try it now! You’d be hard-pressed to find a better spy app for WhatsApp. Plus, there’s a live demo you can check out and a 10-day refund policy on offer.


  • Incredibly simple to install and use
  • You can control WhatsApp screen time
  • Feature-to-price value is phenomenal
  • It lets you easily track all WhatsApp activity
  • No jailbreak is required to monitor WhatsApp on iOS


  • There’s no free trial
  • Monthly billing is costly

Monthly Price

Annual Price Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
$69.99/month $16.66/month 1 Android, iOS, tablets Demo

10-day refund policy


2. EyeZy — One of the Best WhatsApp Spy Tools for Parental Monitoring

As with mSpy, you can view all WhatsApp chats, multimedia file exchanges, and detailed call logs with EyeZy:

EyeZy's WhatsApp tracking

With the keylogger and screen recorder, you’ll see what the user is saying and get a complete overview of every engagement — not just on WhatsApp but across the board.

As an app designed for parental monitoring, EyeZy also has powerful features that are great for busy parents and individuals, such as keyword and GPS location tracking.

With this, you can set up custom words and ‘safe zones’ to get alerts if your child or loved one uses them (on WhatsApp or elsewhere) or travels to some off-limits locations.

Overall, with EyeZy, you’ll have the insight and capabilities to ensure nothing concerning goes unnoticed — making keeping tabs on the activity and safety of those you love easy, both online and offline.

Other Features

  • Review screenshots of their app activity
  • Monitor all communications on leading social media channels
  • View browser history and block access to sites
  • Track text messages and call log information


These are your pricing options with EyeZy:

  • 1-month — $47.99/month
  • 3-month — $27.99/month
  • 12-month — $9.99/month

As a highly trusted spy app for WhatsApp, $9.99/month is an absolute bargain, and it’s among the cheapest you’ll come across with spyware.

You can test the live demo on the website or try EyeZy now for free with the 3-day trial.


  • There’s a free trial
  • Convenient installation process
  • Incredibly affordable annual plan
  • View live WhatsApp activity with the screen recorder
  • Has a solid reputation in the spyware industry


  • iOS capabilities are lacking
  • Full functionality requires rooting/jailbreaking the device
  • There’s a delay with iCloud syncing

Monthly Price

Annual Price Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
$47.99/month $9.99/month 1 Android, iOS, tablets 3-day trial + demo

14-day refund policy


3. uMobix — A Powerful WhatsApp Tracker for Both Android and iOS

uMobix is a powerful tool for WhatsApp activity tracking, and it’s also one of the best spy apps for Facebook, as it gives you a complete overview of your loved one’s online experience.

You get all the standard capabilities, like viewing who they’re chatting to and the media they’re sharing and receiving on WhatsApp. Plus, you’ll even be able to track group chats and deleted messages, regardless of the device:

uMobix's WhatsApp activity tracker

This, and uMobix’s other features, lets you pick up any instances of cyberbullying or inappropriate behaviour like sexting — not just on WhatsApp but on all leading social media and messenger channels like TikTok and dating apps.

You even get advanced functionality like controlling app usage by blocking or limiting access, plus top-tier spyware like activating the camera and microphone to get live visual and audio feedback on the device’s surroundings!

Although some features are exclusive to Android or iOS, you’ll find that uMobix’s monitoring capabilities are powerful all-round for seeing (or hearing) every detail of the user’s device activity.

Other Features

  • Disable text messages
  • Track call activity and deleted logs
  • Restrict calls from particular contacts
  • Monitor all social media and messenger activity
  • Remotely block the device, Wi-Fi, websites, and apps


Here are your subscription options with uMobix:

  • 1-month — $49.99/month
  • 3-month — $27.99/month
  • 12-month — $11.66/month

For superb WhatsApp tracking and some advanced nice-to-haves, $11.66/month is an absolute bargain, making uMobix a top choice for monitoring Android and iOS devices.

There’s a live demo that you can try, plus a 14-day refund policy if you opt-in and find that it isn’t your cup of tea.


  • Seamless to navigate
  • Reliable, quality features
  • Budget-friendly annual plan
  • Fantastic remote control capabilities
  • Track WhatsApp group chats and deleted messages


  • The lengthy 2-factor authentication process
  • Heavier battery consumption compared to rivals

Monthly Price

Annual Price Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
$49.99/month $11.66/month 1 Android, iOS, tablets Demo

14-day refund policy


Cocospy has customers in over 190 countries, and although it lacks some features on offer with other spy apps, you get a complete package of all the spy tools you’d need without jailbreaking or rooting the device!

You’re able to see every detail of what’s happening on WhatsApp, from every communication (including group chats) to viewing and downloading the shared media files:

Cocospy's WhatsApp spyware

As one of the best Android keyloggers, you can also view every key typed on WhatsApp, Google, Facebook, notepad, etc.

Plus, you get some advanced features like listening in on the device’s audio surroundings for peace of mind about the safety of the individual you’re monitoring, wherever they may be.

Parents and employers can also view, manage, and block access to apps, including WhatsApp, or you can mark contacts as “suspicious” to get alerts on any communications that involve the individual.

Other Features

  • View contacts, location, and call log histories
  • Observe all SMSes, iMessages, and social media activity
  • Set up geofencing alerts for if/when a forbidden area is crossed
  • Track the device’s browser history, notes, and calendar events
  • Monitor WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Discord, and Tinder


Cocospy offers the following subscription models:

  • 1-month plan: $49.99/month
  • 3-month plan: $29.99/month
  • 12-month plan: $12.50/month

For just $12.50/month, you can monitor a smartphone or tablet undetected to protect your child from internet-based threats or safeguard your business’ data and property.

You can also trial Cocospy for a day for just $1, and you check out the free live demo.

WARNING: For your security, please ensure that you use the .org Cocospy link; the .com version is a fake designed to scam people.


  • Responsive customer support
  • Superb for WhatsApp monitoring
  • You can control app access and usage
  • Full functionality doesn’t require jailbreaking/rooting


  • The trial isn’t free
  • Not as feature-rich as other WhatsApp spy apps

Monthly Price

Annual Price Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
$49.99/month $12.50/month 1 Android, iOS, tablets Demo

14-day refund policy


5. Spyera — The Best WhatsApp Spy Tool to Listen in on Calls

Spyera's dashboard

What stands out most with Spyera isn’t just the top-tier spyware but their broad compatibility — you can monitor smartphones, tablets, and even Windows and Mac computers!

In terms of WhatsApp monitoring, Spyera’s capabilities are nothing short of phenomenal. You can track all communications, group chats, and shared media files, including video clips and voice notes, profile pictures, and more, all discreetly from your dashboard.

In fact, as one of the best phone spy apps, you can even record VoIP calls remotely to hear all calls made and received on apps like Skype, Facebook, and, of course, WhatsApp!

Plus, you can set keyword alerts to spot inappropriate conversations, searches, or business conduct without constantly monitoring for any red flags — a must-have feature for anyone looking to pick up specific activity.

Other Features

  • View app activity with live screenshots
  • Listen and record the device’s surroundings
  • Monitor every keystroke entered with the keylogger
  • Get alerts when the user makes or receives a call
  • Monitor activity on all leading social media and messenger apps

And more! You can even remotely take photos and videos and capture the screen on any device — no activity is without reach with Spyera!


Advanced spyware does, of course, come at a price. Here are the annual subscription options depending on the device you’re looking to monitor:

  • Smartphone — $389/year — $32/month
  • Tablet — $279/year — $23/month
  • Computer — $199/year — $16.50/month
  • All-in-one — $479/year — $40/month

You certainly get a lot, but whether it justifies the price tag is up to you to decide.


  • Transparent pricing
  • Lets you listen in on WhatsApp calls
  • Superb device compatibility
  • Offers a full suite of advanced spyware


  • It’s expensive
  • Customer support is lacking
  • Some features may require jailbreak/rooting

Monthly Price

Annual Price Devices Tracked Hack Facebook Messenger Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
$49-$89/month $32/month 1 Yes Android, iOS, tablets, PC No

10-day money-back guarantee


The Best WhatsApp Tracker Apps | Compared

With our reviews done, we’ve compiled the table below to give you a quick overview of key details like pricing and compatibility to help you compare each WhatsApp spy app:

Best WhatsApp Spy Apps

Monthly Price Annual Price Devices Tracked Compatibility Free Version Guarantee
mSpy $69.99/month $16.66/month 1 Android, iOS, tablets Demo

10-day refund policy


$47.99/month $9.99/month 1 Android, iOS, tablets 3-day trial + demo 14-day refund policy
uMobix $49.99/month $11.66/month 1 Android, iOS, tablets Demo

14-day refund policy


$49.99/month $12.50/month 1 Android, iOS, tablets Demo 14-day refund policy
Spyera $49-$89/month $32/month 1 Android, iOS, tablets, PC No

10-day money-back guarantee

Why Use a WhatsApp Spy Tool?

There are several reasons someone would want to invest in a WhatsApp spy tool. These are the main ones:

1. Parental Monitoring

Social messenger apps like WhatsApp are becoming increasingly popular. Understandably, parents of minors want to know if their child is using the app, who they’re talking to, what they’re saying, and the content they’re engaging in.

Grooming, cyberbullying, and engaging in content that isn’t age-appropriate are leading concerns for parents in today’s world, where kids spend more and more time glued to devices. WhatsApp spy apps are a means to get peace of mind about your loved one’s safety — both online and offline.

You’ll be able to know what’s being done across apps and browsers, plus the physical locations they’re frequenting, amongst other things.

2. Business Interests

As a business owner, you may want to block access to apps like WhatsApp to ensure employees use work devices and their time responsibly, or you may wish to safeguard confidential information and your work devices.

Because WhatsApp spy apps come loaded with other spyware functionality, businesses have the means to:

  • Track locations to calculate work travel expenses
  • Set keyword alerts to ensure nothing they shouldn’t say is shared
  • Use the GPS and SIM location tracking capabilities to find lost or stolen devices

And more.

3. Other Reasons

There are countless reasons for using one of the best WhatsApp spy apps. But, although many are ethical and within the law, some, like spying on a spouse, aren’t and can land you in serious trouble.

How Does a WhatsApp Phone Tracking App Work?

Once installed on the target device, WhatsApp spy apps collect and display the data gathered from the device’s activity on WhatsApp, other social media and messenger apps, and more on your dashboard:

mSpy's dashboard

These apps run entirely undetected on the device. This means the app is hidden, and no notifications will show on the device to ensure monitoring is discreet.

Plus, with the best WhatsApp tracker tools, the device’s performance isn’t affected (such as, excessive battery consumption, slowing the device, etc.).

Can I Install a WhatsApp Spy App Without Device Access?

No. Whether you’re looking to install one of the best Android spy apps or one for iOS to monitor WhatsApp, you’ll need temporary access to the device. However, this, in most instances, is just a few minutes.

With iOS, you can do the setup remotely without the device, as all you need is the iCloud credentials, but you’ll still need the device on hand to complete the 2-factor authentication process.

Free Spy Apps for WhatsApp Vs. Paid

Free spyware isn’t only a gamble, but it poses several risks. For one, many don’t work!

The biggest red flag with free WhatsApp spy apps is that they lack the built-in security capabilities to safeguard the user’s private information and activity, whether that’s passwords, banking details, or other vital data.

If on the rare occasion, the app does work; you’ll find the functionality on offer disappointing. Ultimately, you get what you pay for with most things, and spy apps are no different.

We’d highly recommend opting for a reliable WhatsApp spy app like those listed in this guide to ensure you get your money’s worth. Thankfully, most of them have live demos that you can check out, plus some, like EyeZy, have free trials, and almost all have money-back guarantees.

How to Use a WhatsApp Spy App: Step-by-Step Guide

You’ll find the setup process with one of the best WhatsApp spy tools straightforward. For example, with mSpy, it’s as easy as this:

Step 1 — Create an Account

To begin the process, hop onto mSpy’s website and click the “Try Now” button to create your account:

Creating an account with mSpy

Once you’ve set up your account, you’ll have the option to choose the device you’re looking to monitor (Android or iOS) and select your subscription plan.

Once you finish the checkout process, you’ll receive an email from mSpy with all the details you need for the installation.

Step 2 — Disable PlayProtect (on Android Devices)

The email from mSpy will include a link to your control panel, your username, password, and more, including in-depth instructions on what you need to do to install the software.

Your first action will be to disable PlayProtect on the target device through the Google Play Store:

Disabling PlayProtect

Step 3 — Download the mSpy Installer

To start the installation, open the browser on the target device and insert the URL provided in the email.

This will take you to a download page where you’ll get prompts to accept the app permissions, accept them and click “Complete Installation”:

Completing the mSpy installationStep 4 — Get Monitoring!

Getting setup is as simple as 1, 2, 3 — literally.

Now, all you need to do is open your browser (on any device), and log into your mSpy account to monitor the activity the app captures on the target device through your dashboard:

mSpy's dashboard

The data will update to give you a live overview of the WhatsApp activity, GPS location, call and text logs, and more.


WhatsApp Spy FAQs

What’s the best spy app for WhatsApp?

Is it legal to spy on someone’s WhatsApp activity?

Can you detect WhatsApp spy apps?

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Are WhatsApp spy apps free of charge trustworthy?

Conclusion — What’s the Best WhatsApp Spy App?

All of our top 5 tools are excellent WhatsApp spy apps:

  1. mSpy — Overall, the best WhatsApp spy app
  2. EyeZy — One of the best WhatsApp spy tools for parental monitoring
  3. uMobix — A powerful WhatsApp tracker for Android and iOS
  4. Cocospy — Popular WhatsApp spy app for smartphones and tablets
  5. Spyera — The best WhatsApp spy tool to listen in on calls

However, while the competition is undoubtedly there, we think mSpy is clearly the best spy app for WhatsApp.

It’s effortless to set up, and the built-in functionality is phenomenal at covering practically every monitoring need, from WhatsApp and beyond — you’ll know every little detail about the activity taking place on the target device — all for just $16.66/month!

In fact, if you sign up now, you can get $20 off your monthly subscription or cut your annual plan pricing to a mere $11.66/month!

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