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In this GEOfinder review, we’ll cover the ins and outs of this location tracker. Knowing your loved ones’ location can be crucial for their safety and security, especially in emergencies.

However, ease of use is a common barrier to such services. Many tracking solutions have a steep learning curve and lack remote installation capabilities.

Fortunately, GEOfinder is one of the most user-friendly apps available. You don’t need to install anything on the device you want to track. Simply enter the phone number and access their location on the fly.

Keep reading this GEOfinder review to learn more about how this location tracker works and what else it can do. We’ve thoroughly tested the app and prepared a comprehensive review to help you make an informed decision about whether it suits your needs.

GEOfinder.mobi Pros and Cons

Before deciding whether GEOfinder is right for you, let’s take a quick look at its pros and cons.


  • No need to install anything on the target phone
  • Unlimited number of geolocation requests and devices tracked
  • VPN and Wi-Fi detection
  • Supports any phone model and network operator
  • 24-hour trial version for $1


  • Target must click your link to enable tracking
  • No annual plan
  • No geofencing features

Is GEOfinder Legit?

In our GEOfinder review, we found they offer a trustworthy and reliable service. As advertised, the app works well for tracking phone locations and it’s easy to use.

Furthermore, GEOfinder.mobi is likely related to uMobix, one of the best phone spy apps on the market. Both websites seem to be owned by Ersten Group Ltd.

GEOfinder and uMobix website screenshots

Unfortunately, GEOfinder doesn’t have an ‘About us’ page or social media links, so it’s hard to verify its history. It would be nice if there was more transparency in this regard.

Still, the Play Store reviews show GEOfinder has been around since at least November 2022 and has an average rating of 4 stars.

Most users laud GEOfinder’s ease of use and quick response. However, some are unhappy with GEOfinder’s auto-renewal fees and refund policy.

What Does GEOfinder.mobi Do?

GEOfinder.mobi is a tracking service that lets you track someone’s exact location without needing to install anything on the phone. You can find their GPS location, IP address, and Wi-Fi connection with just their phone number.

GEOfinder isn’t like most other spy apps, as it’s not meant to monitor phone activity. It can’t access someone’s social media, text messages, or call log. Its main purpose is to help you track a person’s whereabouts.

GEOfinder is easy to use, even if you’ve never used a tracking app before, because it can track a cell phone’s location without installing software on it. This bypasses the need to jailbreak the target phone, which can be technically difficult and also invalidates the phone’s warranty.

Legality is a concern when using tracking apps. Tracking someone without their permission raises ethical issues, and is generally illegal in most countries. Also, by getting consent you avoid breaking their trust and damaging your relationship.

However, there are legitimate reasons why you might want to track a phone:

  • To find a lost or stolen phone
  • Monitor your child’s whereabouts if they’re under 18
  • Ensure the safety of your loved ones
  • Employee monitoring

Key GEOfinder Features – What Can It Do?

GEOfinder is purely a location tracker. It doesn’t have an arsenal of spying features like uMobix and other spy apps, which can monitor someone’s social media, SMS, and more. GEOfinder excels at what it’s supposed to do – track a phone’s location.

GEOfinder’s monitoring goes beyond just GPS location. We were surprised by the app’s versatile tracking methods, such as the VPN checker and phone carrier lookup.

Here’s how GEOfinder’s features work in practice.

SMS Location

The SMS location feature allows GEOfinder to retrieve data without accessing the recipient’s phone. Instead, you anonymously request the location via an SMS link.

All of GEOfinder’s tracking features rely on SMS location requests. Whether you want to discover someone’s GPS location, Wi-Fi connection, IP address, or VPN use, you’ll need to send an SMS link.

GEOfinder automatically generates a retrieval link in your message. Once the recipient clicks your link, you’ll have their location.

The obvious downside is that the person must open your link for the tracking to work. However, it’s unlikely someone will click a link from an anonymous sender and an unknown number.

However, you can write anything you want in the accompanying SMS message to make it more compelling. You can also change the sender name to make your SMS look more convincing.

GEOfinder SMS Location feature

Alternatively, GEOfinder also lets you choose from multiple SMS templates. You can use these as they are, or edit them to add your personal touch.

Another potential issue worth mentioning is the wait time between geolocation requests. While the app lets you generate unlimited requests, you can only send one request every five minutes, which isn’t ideal for real-time monitoring.

If you prefer real-time location tracking, apps like EyeZy or Spyic might be more suitable. In our experience, GEOfinder is best suited for quick location detection, rather than monitoring someone’s movements throughout the day.

GPS Tracker

GEOfinder’s GPS tracker lets you privately track and find someone’s location on Google Maps. With this feature, you can check the location in the app’s map view for quick and easy monitoring, but you can also access the location in Google Maps.

Like other GPS trackers, this feature uses GPS triangulation. It combines data from multiple satellites and cell towers to accurately calculate a phone’s location.


GEOfinder GPS tracker interface

The GPS tracker finds the target’s current location and provides the address, coordinates, and Google Maps pin. The well-organized table format makes getting a quick overview of a person’s whereabouts easy.

The tracker also keeps a log of all the location requests and pins, so you can always go back and analyze the list of locations retrieved throughout the day.

Wi-Fi Tracker

GEOfinder’s Wi-Fi tracker is another way to find a device’s location and additional information, such as the Wi-Fi network and internet service provider.

GEOfinder WiFi tracker feature

The Wi-Fi tracker is a reliable alternative when GPS tracking doesn’t work, for example, due to weak satellite signal. Hence, Wi-Fi tracking lets you pinpoint a phone’s location even in indoor spaces like schools, hotels, or restaurants.

However, remember that the Wi-Fi tracker only works on phones with an active Wi-Fi connection.

VPN Checker

The VPN checker tells you whether a person is using a VPN. When someone uses a VPN, it hides their phone’s real IP address and location. However, with GEOfinder’s VPN checker, you can still find the device’s location.

GEOfinder VPN checker feature

When the target clicks your link, GEOfinder can tell if they did so through a VPN. It will then give you that information and the person’s location.

GEOfinder’s VPN checker is an advanced feature that not all location trackers have. However, we think its use is limited, as most people are unlikely to use a VPN on their phones. Still, it’s nice to have a reliable VPN tracker if you ever need it.

Cell Phone Carrier Lookup

The cell phone carrier lookup feature lets you find identifying information about a phone, such as the phone model, operating system, time zone, and GPS location.


GEOfinder phone carrier lookup feature

The phone carrier lookup is a niche feature best suited for business applications like marketing campaigns and communication planning. However, we think it could also help you identify phishing attempts or cell phone fraud.

Digital safety is a top priority in today’s online world.

You’ve probably received a fishy message from a random number at least once. This handy feature can help you get a better idea about the sender the next time that happens.

IP Logger

GEOfinder’s IP logger can also help you find someone’s location. This feature retrieves a phone’s IP address and gives you an approximate Google Maps placement based on this data.

GEOfinder IP logger feature

Unlike the GPS function, the IP logger won’t give you a precise location on the map. However, it instantly retrieves information, while the GPS feature takes a few minutes to load.

In our experience, the IP logger is best for quick and general tracking, especially when monitoring several people simultaneously.

GEOfinder.mobi Pricing – Is It Expensive?

While GEOfinder doesn’t have a free trial, it does have a very accessible 24-hour trial period, priced at just $1.

If you’re unhappy with the product, you can cancel your plan anytime during the trial.

This sets GEOfinder apart as most other spy apps have no trial version, and only offer a limited demo.

Instead of committing to a full subscription upfront to use the app, you get to test GEOfinder first to see if it’s right for you. However, you will need to enter your billing information to access the trial.

Like other spy apps, such as uMobix and mSpy, GEOfinder automatically renews your subscription. Once the trial expires, you’ll be charged the full price.

To avoid this, disable the auto-renewal option before the trial period ends. You can do this from the billing section in your account settings.

GEOfinder’s billing page
GEOfinder’s monthly subscription costs $50.83/month, which although on the pricier side, is similar to other popular spy apps like mSpy ($48.99/month or $11.67/month for the yearly plan).

Unfortunately, GEOfinder only offers a monthly plan, while many other spy apps have yearly plan options which end up being cheaper long-term. These apps also offer more comprehensive mobile monitoring features that allow users to access call history, messages, and social media activity.

If you’re specifically looking for a user-friendly, clutter-free location tracker, GEOfinder could be well worth the investment.

Another upside is you can pay using cryptocurrency, such as USDC, Ethereum, Cardano, and Dogecoin. Other popular spy apps, like mSpy or uMobix, don’t offer this payment option.

If you’re considering a full subscription, here’s what to expect from a GEOfinder plan.

Cancellation & Refunds

GEOfinder lets you choose between multiple billing cycles – two weeks, one month, three months, or one year.

You can cancel your subscription at anytime. Note, though, that the cancellation only takes effect in the next monthly billing cycle.

You can easily cancel your subscription in the account’s settings, under the billing section. You’ll find the account settings under your login credentials in the top right corner.

You are eligible for a full refund within the first 14 days of your GEOfinder subscription. However, refunds apply only if you encounter software issues that the Customer Support Center can’t fix.

GEOfinder Ease of Use

GEOfinder has both web and app versions, each with a similarly straightforward and user-friendly design. The minimalist interface makes navigating and switching between features a breeze.

It shouldn’t take long to get accustomed to it, even if you’ve never used a tracker.

GEOfinder’s web user interface

GEOfinder organizes all retrieved information in neat tables, with entries ordered by date and time. This lets you see where the tracked phone was and when. To switch between features, simply click the buttons above the table.

The mobile app works similarly on Android and iOS phones. Unfortunately, the GEOfinder app doesn’t support other operating systems, like Windows or BlackBerry.

GEOfinder’s mobile feature tab and tracker view

However, this isn’t a big issue as you don’t have to install the app to use GEOfinder on your phone. If you want to use GEOfinder on the go, you can log into your account from the website.

GEOfinder vs Other Spy Apps

GEOfinder specializes in location tracking, but it’s not the only spy software with such features. It’s best to compare GEOfinder with similar solutions to decide if it’s right for you.

Spy App Top Choice For Starting Price (/month) Free Trial Standout Features
GEOfinder Quick and accurate geolocation $50.83 $1 for a 24-hour trial – Anonymous geolocation requests
– VPN checker
– Uncovering W-iFi connection
mSpy Comprehensive activity monitoring $11.66 Demo – Social media monitoring
– Remote phone control
– Geofencing alerts
uMobix Remote microphone and camera monitoring $13.44 Demo – Remote restriction of phone functions
– Viewing renamed contacts
Spynger Viewing deleted texts $10.83 Demo – Hidden screen recorder
– Remote screen capture

Unlike other spy apps on the market, GEOfinder doesn’t require physical access to the tracked phone. It’s a specialized accessible and beginner-friendly geolocation solution.

However, if you need other parental control features, you may want to consider other solutions. If you’d like to learn more about other spy tools, check out our best spy apps page for more in-depth reviews.

GEOfinder Reviews – What Do People Say?

Our GEOfinder review wouldn’t be complete without an objective look at other opinions. So, is GEOfinder legit according to other users?

Unfortunately, we didn’t have a big sample to work with. GEOfinder.mobi has only 20 reviews on TrustPilot and less than 200 reviews on Google Play. This suggests the app is not very well known.

Moreover, GEOfinder has no G2 section and no mentions on Reddit.

Another thing that caught our attention was the reviews themselves. Many sounded similar and used the same tech buzzwords. This raises some questions about how genuine these reviews are.

However, there were also some genuine-sounding user experiences.

A review about GEOfinder use for parental control

Although GEOfinder isn’t as popular as other spy apps, it’s one of the most accessible solutions for location tracking.

GEOfinder review praising its ease of use

Its versatility makes it a good option for people who want to switch between phone and desktop use.

A review of GEOfinder’s web version

A few users were unhappy about GEOfinder’s automatic renewal fees. Some 2022 reviewers had difficulty canceling their subscriptions and found customer support was lacking.

As older reviews stated, the automatic subscription renewal is still a default setting.

However, we thought GEOfinder makes unsubscribing quick and easy. Once you’re logged into the your account, canceling a subscription takes just a few clicks.

As for customer support, GEOfinder’s team is still only available via email. However their website does have an automated chat for quick, 24/7 assistance. We asked the chatbot how to cancel a subscription and got an instant reply with clear instructions.

GEOfinder.mobi’s web assistant

GEOfinder Alternatives – What Else Is There?

GEOfinder is a comprehensive geolocation tracker for various uses. Still, checking all the available options is crucial to making the best choice. For example, you might need a different solution for geofencing features, which GEOfinder lacks.

Besides this GEOfinder review, you might find our other spy app articles useful when weighing which location tracker works best for you:

Why You Can Trust Our Review of GEOfinder.mobi

The TechReport team has extensive experience testing spy software, having already documented multiple leading spy apps, like mSpy, uMobix, and Spynger. We know what to look for, how to compare them, and how to identify their best use cases.

We’ve tested every feature across multiple devices for the most comprehensive and accurate user experience. We also balance our GEOfinder.mobi review by checking other user accounts from trustworthy sources like G2, TrustPilot, or Reddit.

Furthermore, we always dig deeper to document the less-discussed details worth your attention, like cancellation policies, refund guidelines, and customer support efficiency.

How to Use GEOfinder Pro, Step-by-Step Guide

Follow this three-step guide to get the GEOfinder tracker up and running.

1. Enter a Phone Number to Track

Head to GEOfinder’s website and enter the phone number you want to track on the homepage. Click the blue button.

Entering the phone number you want to track

The process is equally easy when using the GEOfinder mobile app. On the app, you can also select a phone number directly from your contacts.

GEOfinder’s app version

Then, GEOfinder will redirect you to its billing page to create an account.

2. Create an Account

To create an account, enter your email and billing information and submit your order. Remember to check your email for confirmation of registration. You’ll receive your login information after confirming your email.

GEOfinder’s billing form

3. Log in and Start Using GEOfinder

Once you have an active account, you can log in and use GEOfinder straight away.

Select the feature you want to use from the ‘Features’ dropdown menu in the top right corner, type in a phone number, and click next.

GEOfinder’s tracking process

GEOfinder will help you generate a link and SMS to send to the target. Choose the SMS you want to send and wait until the person gets the message and clicks your link. In just a few minutes, you’ll get the Google Maps pin and other information you want to track.

GEOfinder Review Verdict: Is It Worth It?

With GEOfinder, you can create an account and start tracking a phone in just a few minutes. Although its monthly subscription is quite costly, the user experience is definitely worth it.

If you’re after a fuss-free geolocation app, GEOfinder fits the description perfectly. Luckily, the 24-hour GEOfinder $1 trial lets you test the tracking features before buying a full subscription.

While we disliked GEOfinder’s automatic subscription renewal and rigid refund policy, the cancellation process is easily accessible on their website.


Is GEOfinder.mobi detectable?

Is GEOfinder legit?

How does GEOfinder.mobi work?

Do you need to install GEOfinder?

Is GEOfinder the best spy app?


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