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In this Glassagram review, we’ll be taking a look at the current social media phenomenon. After exploring its key features, we find out how well it works, and take a closer look how much money it will set you back. Stay tuned to learn more about Glassagram.

As one of the largest social media platforms out there, it comes as no surprise that Instagram stories have become one of the most popular ways for people to document the ins and outs of their lives on a daily basis.

With this comes the need to save these stories or view them, sometimes whilst flying under the radar. But with Meta’s privacy policies and the strictness that comes with them, viewing stories for people whose accounts are private is near-impossible.

Well, not anymore. Enter Glassagram, an intuitive platform that lets you view and download stories of private accounts without them knowing. This tool has been garnering a lot of attention from avid social media users, but what we want to know is – how does it work? And is it any good?

Glassagram Pros and Cons

Like any tech-based product, there are bound to be some key strengths, as well as some obvious downsides, and this can certainly be said for Glassagram. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a list of each below:


  • There’s a free version available to test out the service
  • Let’s you download Instagram stories of people you follow anonymously
  • Useful and user-friendly apps for iOS, Android, and Desktop
  • Parents can monitor which reels and stories their child is viewing


  • Doesn’t let you see any private Instagram accounts, despite its claims
  • Might be considered a breach of privacy if you’re found out
In This Guide

What is Glassagram?

Glassagram is an online tool that claims it allows you to view private Instagram accounts and their stories, which usually disappear within 24 hours. But with Glassagram, you can choose to save these stories to your devices and view them whenever and wherever you want.

As Instagram doesn’t include a built-in feature where you can save stories, Glassagram sets about filling this gap. Here’s how it works: simply head to the Glassagram website, enter the username, paste the URL of the account you want, and the tool will provide you with a download link.

It’s as simple as that, but also important to note that this isn’t a free service, and you’ll need to create an account and pay a fee for this – more on that later. The best part is that the person whose story you’re downloading won’t be any the wiser, and there’s no record of your name or details being linked to this anyway.

Does Glassagram Work?

In short, yes, Glassagram does work exactly as you would expect. You enter the target account details, and from there, you can view any stories, download them, and look at the posts they share with their audience – but only if the account is open or you follow it.

So whether you’re looking to keep an eye on a loved one, spouse, or friend – this is the perfect tool for you.

But don’t expect any standout features like location tracking, access to private accounts, or the ability to read messages like you can with the other leading spy apps. This is very much a tailored solution for viewing and saving Instagram stories on accounts you follow or those that are open anonymously.

Can You Access Private Profiles Using Glassagram?

This is a slightly trickier one to answer, as Glassagram has been reported to be able to access private profiles, but it can take up to 7 days to be able to view this data. Profiles that are set to private on Instagram are protected by privacy settings that only allow followers to view their content, so unless you’re granted access, you won’t be able to see it.

However, during our tests, we found that Glassagram wasn’t able to access the private profiles of the accounts we entered. It’s possible that the users who reported that they were able to access this information are incentivized by Glassagram.

But it’s crucial to note that all of these spy apps have to follow the privacy settings and guidance rules set by Instagram.

Privacy is a huge point of concern with the rise of the social media giants, and vital measures are in place to ensure such practices can’t happen – that goes for all providers who say they can access private profiles.

Does Glassagram Notify Private Instagram Account Owners Their Stories Were Viewed?

No, Glassagram won’t notify Instagram account owners that their stories have been viewed. Like other Instagram story downloaders, these apps work by capturing content from public accounts or profiles of people you actually follow, so there’s no magic at work here.

We ran through some tests of colleagues whose accounts we follow, and there was no evidence that we’d downloaded a story using the Glassagram app. However, you could quite easily do this with the screen recording feature built-in on many mobile devices.

How Much Is Glassagram – Glassagram Pricing

In terms of pricing, Glassagram offers 3 main plans, each offering the same features but for different lengths of time: monthly ($49.99), quarterly ($29.99), and yearly ($12.99.)

For this price, you’ll get access to all Glassagram has to offer, like new post alerts, stories saved for 3 months, new follower notifications, and much more. But for $49.99/month, we think this is seriously overpriced.

Glassagram pricing options

When you consider that the very best spy apps or location trackers like Eyezy cost $8.56/month for a yearly subscription and offer features that let you view messages, track the exact location, and monitor the camera and microphone remotely – you can see why we think this.

Sure, you could use Glassagram as a parent and use the dashboard to monitor your child, but you’d need to be following the account to actually have this work – so good luck getting your child to accept you as one of their followers.

Plus, seeing as it failed in our tests to access private accounts on Instagram, we were a little surprised to see just how much they charge. All things considered, you’re paying that money for saving stories and receiving alerts for new followers and posts for an account you already follow – features Instagram already has active.

There is no longer a free version you can use to try out the service, and no mention of a money-back guarantee in any of the terms of service, so to get started, you’ll need to fork out some of your hard-earned money.

Glassagram Features – What Can Glassagram Do?

Now it’s time to take a look at the core features that make up Glassagram. Here, we’ll explore what each feature does and how well it works and report on our own test findings to determine just how good this provider is.

Instagram Story Downloader

This is the main selling point as far as we’re concerned, and the Instagram story downloader does work, no doubt about it. We were able to download stories from accounts we followed and store them in the built-in dashboard or our devices.

Glassagram dashboard activity

At no point was the targeted account notified that their story had been viewed or saved, so in this area, it works pretty well. However, you could theoretically do the same thing with a screen recorder, but it will show that you’ve viewed the story.

However, as this works for accounts you follow only, we don’t really see the value-to-money here that you’d get, especially when a free screen recorder can do the same thing, just not on an anonymous basis.


As touched on above, Glassagram operates under a blanket of anonymity, so none of the target account users will know you’re tracking their profiles. We’re still not sure about the overall perks this brings, as if you’re following the account, viewing a story shouldn’t ever be an issue.

But if you really don’t want the person to know you’re viewing or saving their stories, then Glassagram does tick all those boxes and won’t alert the target account to your activity.

Monitor Multiple Accounts

With Glassagram, you have the option to monitor multiple accounts at one time through the easy-to-use dashboard. Once you’ve entered the URL or Username of your desired account (as long as it’s not private), you can track likes, posts, and stories from the main hub.

Glassagram dashboard

This is useful if you’re tracking multiple friends or your children, as you can access them without needing to leave the app. You won’t be able to see any messages or sensitive information, but posts, some likes, reels, and stories are all able to be monitored.

No Installation

Unlike other spy apps, there’s no need for you to install the software or app on a target’s device, you just enter the URL of the profile or Username. It’s worth noting that you don’t get location access, message access, or any real personal information that you’d get with one of the leading Instragam spy apps.

Even still, you don’t even need your own Instagram account to use the basic monitoring tools, so the setup is quick and easy, and you begin viewing stories and posts anonymously in no time.


Although this isn’t a feature as such, we were delighted at just how easy Glassagram was to use across all platforms. Glassagram is also a cloud-based solution that makes monitoring on the go a breeze from either a phone, tablet, or laptop.

Regardless of how tech savvy you are, getting to grips with this tool is easy, so it’s a great choice for beginners to this type of software, as there’s no complex setup or remote installing required to get going.

Is Glassagram Easy to Use?

Yes, as we mentioned before, Glassagram is one of the most user-friendly Instagram tracking apps out there and requires minimal setup. Also, unlike other more advanced spy apps, you don’t need access to the target user’s device, only their Username or the profile URL.

This means that anyone can use the platform, as it’s perfectly suited to those who aren’t well-versed in all things tech and social media. We found it to be one of the biggest selling points, as the intuitive dashboard allows you to monitor multiple accounts, stories, and posts from the main hub.

Glassagram Comparison with Other Instagram Story Viewers

The market is awash with other top Instagram story viewers and spy apps, and it’s hard to know who to trust with your money. To help you understand the key features, pricing, and other important information, we’ve created a useful table below.

Best Instagram Viewer Starting Price Free Plan? Standout Features
Glassagram Monthly – $48.99/month
3 Months – $27.99/month
Annual – $12.49/month
No 1. Instagram Story Downloader
2. Monitor Multiple Accounts
3. View Hot Likes
mSpy Monthly – $49.99/month
3 Months – $29.99/month
Annual – $11.66/month
Yes 1. Keylogger
2. GPS Tracker
3. Social Media Monitoring
EyeZy Monthly – $47.99/month
3 Months – $29.99/month
Annual – $9.99/month
No 1. Browsing History Tracker
2. Phone Analyzer
3. Connection Blocker
uMobix Monthly – $24.96/month
3 Months – $29.99/month
Annual – $11.66/month
No 1. Video Call Tracking
2. WiFi Monitor
3. Keylogger
Hoverwatch Monthly – $49.99/month
3 Months – $19.99/month
Annual – $8.33/month
No 1. Snapchat Viewer
2. No Root Access
3. Call Recorder
xMobi Monthly – $49.99/month
3 Months – $29.99/month
Annual – $12.49/month
Yes 1. Social Media Tracking
2. Location Tracker
3. Call Recorder

How Good is Glassagram? What Other Glassagram Reviews Say

To give you an honest and fair assessment of Glassagram, we’ve explored what other real-life customers have to say. To do this, we use reputable review websites like Trustpilot. G2, and even the experts on everything in the corners of Reddit.

We believe it’s important to include a good balance of our own hands-on testing with outside sources from everyday users, and some things may differ. We’ve included some of our findings below.

Glassagram Trustpilot review

This reviewer touched upon a positive we mentioned previously – that you don’t need to be an Instagram user to use Glassagram. Lots of people may not want to sign up and create an account, handing in their personal details in the process.

Thankfully, you can download and view stories on Glassageam without a Facebook or Instagram account.

Glassagram negative Trustpilot review

However, we found a common tone for most of the reviews, all claiming that they paid Glassagram under the illusion they could view a private account, and then they waited for results, but those never came.

In our understanding and research, it’s very difficult to bypass the strict privacy surrounding private accounts, and without installing software on the target user’s device, being able to access this information is unlikely.

Instead, it’s much more likely that they are trying to gain access the the private account with a number of fake profiles, but if the target user doesn’t accept, then there’s no way for them to share their finding. Please, do err on the side of caution and consider using one of the leading spy apps like mSpy.

Our Reviews of Glassagram Alternatives

If you’re not convinced by Glassagram, or you simply want to try some alternative providers, then you can check out some of our other reviews of leading Glassagram alternatives:

Why You Can Trust Our Review of Glassagram

If you have any doubts about the authenticity or reliability of our Glassagram review, then let us put your mind at ease. See, not only did we test Glassagram hands-on, but we also have a wealth of knowledge from countless other reviews of similar products.

We’ve tested dozens of spy apps for all devices, so we know what to look out for, what’s good, what’s bad, and how each provider compares in what is a very competitive and tough market space to break into.

That aside, we also seek inspiration from third-party sources, mainly in the shape of real-life user reviews using trusted platforms like Trustpilot, G2, and Reddit. This allows us to give a balanced view of each tool, spot any similarities and differences, and give the best version of events to you, the reader.

How to Use Glassagram — A Step-By-Step Guide

Glassagram is incredibly easy to use, and it takes just a few minutes to get set up and running – below is a quick guide on how to do this.

Step 1: Visit the Glassagram Website

Start by opening your web browser and heading to the Glassagram website. From here, you’ll need to create an account and pay for a plan of your choice.

Glassagram homepage

Step 2: Enter the Instagram Username or URL

On the Glassagram website, you’ll see a text box where you can enter the Instagram username or URL of the account you want to track or download the story.

Glassagram monitor account

Step 3: Click on the “Watch” Button

After entering the username or URL, click on the “Watch” button to start tracking the profile of your choosing. It will be added to the main dashboard, and you can add multiple accounts.

Step 4: Download and View Stories

Now that you’ve added the profile to your main dashboard, you can start viewing stories anonymously for open accounts. You can also save stories by navigating to the ‘Stories’ section on the main dashboard.

Should You Use Glassagram?

Now the most important question of the lot: should you use Glassagram? Well, judging by our research, testing, and the reviews of real users, no. You’ll essentially be paying $50/month to download Instagram stories of accounts you already follow.

In our tests and from feedback online, it seems pretty clear that Glassagram can’t bypass the restrictions and privacy settings set in place by Instagram. And, if it can, it’s likely they just use fake profiles to try and follow these accounts.

So, instead, we’d recommend trying one of the top spy apps for Instagram, like uMobix. Here, you can monitor messages, check posts, and even track live locations. You just need to install the software on the target user’s device.

Lastly, you need to consider the legal implications of your actions, as tracking someone without their consent could lead you into a world of legal trouble.


What does Glassagram do?

Is Glassagram a scam?

Is Glassagram Legit?

Can you access private profiles using Glassagram?

Does Glassagram Notify Private Instagram Account Owners Their Stories Were Viewed?

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