How To Spy on Devices Connected to Your Wi-Fi

There are many reasons to spy on devices connected to your Wi-Fi. You might want to monitor what your children are up to online to keep them safe, ensure your employees aren’t breaking company policy, or just make sure that you can always find your own devices wherever they are. However, with so many to choose from, it can be difficult to choose the best Wi-Fi spy apps on your own.

Despite there being dozens of Wi-Fi spy apps out there, most of these are simply fake and can’t provide any actual evidence that they work. We’ve tested out these apps so you don’t have to, bringing you this list of the top 5 best apps for spying on Wi-Fi devices that actually work.

The 5 Best Apps for Spying on Wi-Fi Devices

There are hundreds of apps giving you ways to spy on devices connected to your Wi-Fi, however most work poorly or don’t work at all. Our testing found that these are the top 5 best Wi-Fi spying apps:

  1. mSpy — Best WiFi Spy Software
  2. EyeZy — Best WiFi Spy App For Internet Use Monitoring
  3. uMobix — Most Intuitive Wi-Fi Spy App
  4. Cocospy — Best Wi-Fi Spy App For Parents
  5. Spyera — Hugely Powerful Wi-Fi Spy App

Best Wi-Fi Spy Apps Reviewed

Now, we’ll pit the best Wi-Fi spy apps against one another to help you find the best Wi-Fi spy software for you. Our reviews tackle key features, pros, cons and pricing — in short, everything you need to know about the best Wi-Fi spy apps.

1. mSpy — Best WiFi Spy Software

mSpy- best WiFi Spy app

mSpy is one of the biggest companies in the Wi-Fi spy apps business. With over a decade of experience in the industry and 1.8 million users, mSpy is the most popular Wi-Fi spy app out there.

The first thing any Wi-Fi spy app needs to do is give you the ability to see what people are searching for and what apps they’re using on your Wi-Fi. With mSpy’s keylogging feature, not only will you be able to see all internet searches in real time, but also what app they’re using, and what they’re typing into it.

Being able to monitor social media and dating apps like this helps to ensure that your employees aren’t sharing company secrets or wasting time on the job, or that your kids are safe from online predators.

And, if you don’t always have time to check mSpy’s dashboard, the app will show you a detailed breakdown of their browser history. This means you’ll be able to see what sites they visited, when, and how many times. This is excellent both for finding which sites your children or employees are using and recovering lost browser history on your own devices.

Sometimes, you might simply want to know which apps your employees or children have installed. mSpy gives you a list of apps installed on the target’s phone so you can know if your children or employees have any undesired apps on their devices.

Finally, mSpy also offers a plethora of advanced features, including multimedia file monitoring and remote control tools, while maintaining a superb visual design.


  • Detailed web browsing history breakdowns
  • Hidden Wi-Fi spy app
  • Excellent social media monitoring capabilities
  • Remote control capabilities
  • Allows you to look at a list of all installed apps and block them if you want to
  • Shows you which Wi-Fi network the target is connected to


  • Only monitors 1 device per plan
Operating System Price from
Android, iOS, Windows $11.66/month


Visit mSpy

2. EyeZy — Best WiFi Spy App For Internet Use Monitoring

EyeZy Simple WiFi Spy app

If you’re looking for home network spy software that will let you know all the nitty-gritty details on internet use on your Wi-Fi network — look no further than EyeZy.

As the all-round best phone spy app, it’s no surprise that EyeZy has a beautifully simple design. It lets you find out which sites the target user is visiting, for how long, what their bookmarks/favorites are, and gives a detailed breakdown of all this info.

It also lets you limit or restrict a user’s access to your Wi-Fi network. This lets you restrict your child from the internet when they’ve used it too long, or simply when they should be studying.

Of course, it can also monitor social media and SMS messages to ensure your child isn’t doing something inappropriate online

EyeZy also features geo-mapping and geo-fencing capabilities. These let you know exactly where the target device is and alert you if they cross a predetermined threshold.

Not only does this help ensure your kids don’t go too far away from home, but you can use it on your own devices to help protect them from theft.

EyeZy also offers a free trial so you can test it out before purchase and see if it’s right for you.


  • Extremely simple Wi-Fi spy app
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Most detailed Wi-Fi usage statistic breakdowns
  • Social media spying
  • Great geo-fencing and mapping


  • Gets expensive when covering multiple devices
Operating System Price from
Android, iOS $9.99/month


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3. uMobix — Most Intuitive Wi-Fi Spy App

uMobix's Intuitive WiFi spy app

If you’re looking for the simplest Wi-Fi spy app on the market that doesn’t compromise on features, look no further than uMobix.

uMobix’s first big benefit is that its user interface is extremely intuitive. From its dashboard, you can quickly navigate to any of its features, or any of the devices you’re spying on.

The app facilitates all of this in a simple, easy-to-use manner, meaning it’ll only take a couple of minutes before you’re up to speed on how to use the tool.

An interesting feature of this Wi-Fi spy app is that it’ll immediately send an alert if the target device shares its location online. This means that if your child runs into issues, or shares their location with the wrong people, it’ll immediately alert you so that you can react accordingly.

uMobix also boasts one of the quickest install times on this list, meaning it’ll only take a couple of minutes with the target phone before you can spy on it at your leisure. It’s also excellent for monitoring web data statistics, letting you know about the spied user’s browsing habits.

The app presents all of this data in an easily manageable way that’s easy to browse through.


  • Immediately alerts you if the target phone shares its location
  • Extremely simple to use
  • Monitors browser activity with great precision
  • Geo fencing
  • Fastest install time on the market


  • iPhone version lacks key features
Operating System Price from
Android, iOS $29.99


Visit uMobix

4. Cocospy — Best Wi-Fi Spy App For Parents

Cocospy's social media monitoring

Cocospy is a parental home network spy software designed to properly track what your children are doing on your Wi-Fi. It lets you spy through Wi-Fi router and restrict your child’s internet activity to keep them safe.

If you find your child browsing an unsafe website, Cocospy lets you block websites remotely so the target device can’t visit them.

This extends to apps, so you don’t have to worry about your child accessing illicit content online. You can even tie these restrictions to time, so if you only allow your child to watch YouTube before 8PM, you can set that up on Cocospy.

If you’re not tech-savvy enough to root an Android or jailbreak an iPhone, then Cocospy is a great option. The ability to install remotely on iOS makes it one of the best apps to spy on iPhone through Wi-Fi.

If you’re an employer, Cocospy is a very attractive option. The tool provides a plan designed specifically for employers that allows you to monitor up to 25 devices.

This is far cheaper than getting a plan for all the individual devices you have to monitor and also lets you keep track of all of your monitoring efforts on a single dashboard.

WARNING: There is a fake site set up to mimic Cocospy and scam people looking to use its services. Please DO NOT use the version of the site for your own security and only use


  • Specialized for parental and employer usage
  • There’s a 25-device plan
  • Routinely receives updates
  • Excellent user interface
  • Lets you block or restrict websites and apps


  • Somewhat limited in terms of features
  • Fewer features on iOS
Operating System Price from
Android, iOS $9.99/month


Visit Cocospy

5. Spyera — Hugely Powerful Wi-Fi Spy App

Spyera's homepage

In terms of the sheer volume of features, Spyera is the gold standard of Wi-Fi spy software. Although the tool is very pricey — at $33 a month — it’ll provide you with the newest, most cutting-edge features on the market.

Spyera also excels on reliability — with a variety of servers in different countries, you’ll never lose access to the service, and it works on both older and newer phones. This makes it the ideal spy app to spy Android phone over Wi-Fi for older models.

Naturally, Spyera has an extensive suite of social media, internet use, dating app, and GPS monitoring tools to ensure you can always see and control what your child is looking for on the internet. You can even look through their multimedia files and even take remote control of their device if necessary.

This makes it an extremely powerful parental solution to help protect your kids from harmful online content, as well as ensure they’re staying within predetermined boundaries.

Finally, Spyera lets you spy on PCs and laptops, setting it apart from every other app on this list.

Trying it out is also free, as Spyera offers a 10-day money-back guarantee, so if you need these sophisticated features, give it a go now!


  • Spies on PCs and laptops
  • Extremely reliable
  • Remote control capabilities
  • Detailed WiFi usage statistics
  • Wide variety of features


  • Much pricier than other apps on this list
Operating System Price from
Android, iOS, Windows $33.25/month


Visit Spyera

The Best Method to Spy on Devices Connected to Your Wi-Fi

Now, there are many ways you can spy on devices that are connected to your Wi-Fi.

One way is using packet sniffers — this will allow you to detect what devices are using your Wi-Fi, and may let you garner a look at what they’re using it for. However, although some packet sniffers can even let you see what someone’s looking at in real time, they have some key limitations.

For one, they’re quite confusing. If you aren’t tech-savvy, it’ll take a while before you work out how to use a packet sniffer. Second, they can only spy on devices while they’re on your Wi-Fi, and are even illegal in some places. So while these apps will let you spy through Wi-Fi router, they’re fairly limited in their abilities and scope.

At the other end of the spectrum, you have dedicated Wi-Fi spy apps. These apps take data directly off the target’s phone and show you everything they’re doing. Even the worst-designed tools on this list have a superior UI to any packet sniffer. However, the biggest advantage of using a Wi-Fi spy app like this is that the device doesn’t actually have to be on your Wi-Fi.

Once you’ve installed a Wi-Fi spy app like mSpy on the target device, it doesn’t matter where they go or what Wi-Fi they’re on — you’ll be able to see what they’re up to. If you’re looking to get a Wi-Fi spy app so that you can monitor your children, then you’ll be able to see what they’re up to even when they’re away from the home Wi-Fi network.

Similarly, an app like mSpy will let you find your phone regardless of where you left it, while a different app will only be able to pick up on it while on your Wi-Fi. These and other factors mean that Wi-Fi spy apps are much better for most practical uses than packet sniffers or similar software.

Visit mSpy

What is Spyware?

We define spyware as a software created to enter your device, gather your data, and then send it to a third party without consent. A more popular definition of spyware these days, however, includes legitimate software that monitors your data for intimate or commercial purposes.

Some kinds of spyware affect device performance, taking up enough resources for a device to lag when put under regular strain. However, other kinds of spyware, like the Wi-Fi spy apps in this article, aren’t prone to slowing down performance.

Why Use Spyware?

There are many legitimate reasons to use spyware in order to spy through the WiFi router.

These include:

  • Finding out if your children are browsing illicit content
  • Checking up on your kid’s communications with their friends
  • Wanting to look at the apps your child has on their phone to make sure there’s nothing inappropriate
  • Using geo-fencing to ensure your children don’t go too far from home
  • Monitoring employees to ensure productivity
  • Checking for data leaks in your business
  • Making sure you can always find your own devices
  • Theft protection

All these reasons, and more, are good reasons to install spyware on a target device.

How Does a Wi-Fi Spy App Work?

Most Wi-Fi spy apps work by pretending to be important, privileged applications, or even parts of the phone’s OS in order to get other apps to hand over their data.

They use this with keylogging, screenshotting, and similar technologies in order to figure out what’s happening on the target device.

Once they’ve succeeded in that, it’s simply a matter of sending all of this data to you and presenting it into an easily viewable form on the dashboard.

Is It Possible To Spy on All Devices Connected to My Wi-Fi?

There are a variety of different devices you can spy on with the apps on this list.

Our best Wi-Fi spy app — mSpy — can spy on phones and tablets effortlessly. However, a tool like Spyera will allow you to increase this scope and spy on TVs, PCs, laptops, and more.

So, with the right tool, you can spy on all devices connected to your Wi-Fi regardless of type.

How to Spy on Devices Connected to My Wi-Fi – Step-By-Step

In this section, we’ll be going over how to use the best Wi-Fi spy app — mSpy — in order to spy on devices connected to my Wi-Fi.

On iOS 

Step 1: Set Up Your mSpy Download

mSpy create account

First, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve got your hands on the target phone, and that it’s properly jailbroken. Next, follow these steps:

Visit mSpy

  1. Visit the mSpy site using the button above
  2. Create an account by entering your email and choose a password
  3. When prompted for your operating system, pick “iOS”
  4. Open your email, you should get an email from mSpy soon
  5. Note down your username, Control Panel, password, registration code, and download link from the email

Step 2: Use Cydia To Start The Installation Process

Opening Cydia mSpy


  1. Go to the “Cydia” app
  2. Press “Manage Account”
  3. Go to “Sources”
  4. Tap “Edit”
  5. Tap  “Add”
  6. Input the email address you received through email
  7. Tap “Add Source”
  8. Finally, press “Return to Cydia”
  9. Tap “Manage Account”

Step 3: Navigate to mTechnology Repository And Start Spying On Devices On Your WiFi

mSpy's neat dashboard

  1. Navigate to “mTechnology Repository”
  2. Tap “iPhone Internal Service”- this is how mSpy hides on the target phone
  3. Press “Accept” and navigate through the prompts as they pop up
  4. Get back to your homepage
  5. Press “mSpy”
  6. Accept the mSpy license agreement
  7. Put in your registration code
  8. Reboot your target’s phone

On Android Devices

Step 1: Make your mSpy account

Creating your account with mSpy

Installing mSpy on Android and iOS is different. However, you’ll still want to make sure the phone is rooted and connected to the internet. Afterwards, do the following:

  1. Press “Android” when mSpy asks for the target phone’s operating system
  2. Pick one of the 3 plans
  3. Go to your email and open up the email from mSpy
  4. Write down the registration code, Username, Control Panel, Password, and download link in the email in a safe place.

Step 2: Make Sure Play Protect’s Disabled

Disabling Play Protect on the target Android device

  1. Open the Google Play Store app
  2. Tap on your profile icon
  3. Tap “Play Protect” then “Settings”
  4. Slide the Play Protect sliders so that they’re gray

Step 3: Go To Google Chrome And Download mSpy

  1. Open the Google Chrome web browser
  2. Put the link you got via email into the search bar
  3. Tap “Download”
  4. Tap “OK”

Step 4: Open the mSpy App And Start Spying on Wi-Fi

  1. In case a prompt pops up, tap the following: “Open” > “Settings” > “Allow from This Source”
  2. Tap “Next”
  3. Tap“Open”
  4. Tap “Agree” on the mSpy License Agreement
  5. In case a prompt pops up, allow all permissions
  6. Put in the Registration Code you got via email
  7. Tap “Complete Installation”

Visit mSpy


Is it possible to spy on someone through their Wi-Fi?

Yes! By using an app like mSpy, you can easily spy on someone through their Wi-Fi as long as you have their consent and access to their phone.

Can you look at what someone does on their phone through Wi-Fi?

While this isn’t natively possible, apps like those on this list will allow you to see what someone’s doing on their phone almost in real time.

How to spy on internet activity through Wi-Fi?

First, you’ll want to gain access to their phone with consent. Next, download a spy app like mSpy or Eyezy and watch their activity on the dashboard.

How to spy on devices connected to my Wi-Fi?

The easiest way to do this is by installing a Wi-Fi spy app (like the ones on this list) onto the device. These apps will let you know everything ranging from their Wi-Fi usage to installed apps and what they’re liking on Instagram.

Is it possible to read someone’s text through Wi-Fi?

Absolutely, by using a Wi-Fi spy app like mSpy, you can read all of someone’s SMS messages through your Wi-Fi even after they’ve been deleted.

Conclusion: What is the Best Way to Spy on Devices Connected to Your Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi spying can be difficult and requires specialized software to do it properly.

Today, we’ve looked at the best 5 Wi-Fi spy apps, examining their pros, cons, key features and pricing.

These apps, which we’ve determined are significantly more effective than their competitors, are:

  1. mSpy
  2. Eyezy
  3. uMobix
  4. Cocospy
  5. Spyera

Of these 5, the best-performing tool is mSpy.

mSpy is simple and easy to use, but has enough unique high-level features to satisfy advanced users.

While all the apps on this list are excellent, reliable option, mSpy is just a cut above and our No. 1 pick for spying on Wi-FI.

Visit mSpy

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