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In this XNSPY review, we’ll put this popular parental monitoring app through its paces. As time passes and technology progresses, we find ourselves increasingly reliant on technology to communicate — this is especially true for young people. XNSpy puts the power back in your hands to monitor who your child meets up with, both online and offline.

With that said, the number of self-described “spy apps” available on the Appstore and Google Play Store is intimidating, and choosing the right product is often easier said than done.

Among them, XNSPY is eager to catch your attention with its sleek website and relatively common sales. But how does it compare to its competition? Stick with us as we delve into all the nitty-gritty details in this XNSPY review.

XNSPY Review Key Info
Remote Install
iCloud only
Keylogger Yes
Screenshots Yes
Max Devices Supported 1 per Subscription
Keyword Monitoring
Customer Service 24/7 live chat and email
Jailbreak/Rooting Required

XNSPY Features


XNSPY’s features are plentiful, and all are easily accessible through the dashboard, which is available on any device that can connect to the XNSPY website. An overview of their recent activities will immediately be displayed and updated in real time.

xnspy review dashboard

This is perfect to keep an eye on your children’s or employees’ messages with the Instant Messaging Screen Recorder — this includes apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Everything you can monitor with XNSPY will appear here.

Call Log Monitoring

Instead of buying an expensive call-logging system, you can use XNSPY’s call-log dashboard to identify when employees are on their phones. One of the easiest ways for your employees to conceal their laziness is with their phone.

After all, it can be hard to separate personal calls from professional ones without paying close attention. On the other hand, if your child is in touch with nefarious individuals, it can be hard to tell who they’re really talking to. Thankfully, XNSPY has the solution.

xnspy phone recording

Whether a drug dealer, a bully, or a predator, you want to ensure no one harms your children. This is where the Call Log Monitoring feature comes in.

With it, you can see everything about calls, such as whether they were dialed, received, or missed, the name and number of the person contacted, along with helpful timestamps and dates.

Even better, the Geo Tags feature lets you check where the phone’s holder was at the time of the call. Plus you can see the top 5 callers and top 5 call durations for insight into the target user’s calling habits.

The Call Time Activity Punch Card also gives an overview of the busiest calling hours for each day of the week, and the Call Recording function lets you dive into the details of individual calls of your choosing.


XNSPY doesn’t just let you track where your children are, it also gives you the ability to designate zones you want them to keep out of. Each time the target device enters an area you assign through the XNSPY dashboard, a notification is sent straight to your email warning you this has happened.

xnspy geozoning dashboard

You can assign multiple zones and customize each one to be inclusive or exclusive, and XNSPY’s dedicated GPS tracker updates you the moment the target device moves through the zone.

You can build an unlimited number of zones, and each one comes with a handy name and address combination for easy access.

Text Spying

Calls are, of course, not the only common use for a phone. After all, your child could receive threatening messages, or your employees may send private information by text. For this, the Text Spying feature is needed to monitor every text received or sent.

xnspy whatsapp logs

Once again, useful data such as timestamps, dates, or contact details are available at a glance. You can even go further and check for specific words instead of going manually through every text.

The Watchlist Alerts, as the name implies, will notify you of certain words, phrases, and contacts of your own choosing, and all notifications will be sent to you directly by email.

xnspy keyword monitoring

You can even pick your preferred way of checking the information, either through the List View or the Conversation View.

Contacts List

Call and text monitoring are rounded up by a list of contacts. After all, you may not need to parse through the entirety of the text and call when a simple contact name tells you everything.

And to make sure you didn’t get the wrong person, each contact comes with 3 numbers for personal, home, and business use.

xnspy contacts dashboard

Browser History

Sometimes, it’s not just who your children contact that you worry about, but what they do on the internet. Even employees need to be monitored during work hours to make sure all of their browsings are work-safe.

xnspy browser history

The Browser History feature helps keep track of any web browser activity. With the URL list provided, you can check the number of times each website was visited or when it was visited with a date and timestamps.

Furthermore, bookmarks and how often favorite sites are visited can be seen on the dashboard. Even better, this includes private browsing monitoring, such as Google Chrome’s Incognito mode.

All of this is rounded up by the Browsing History Analysis, which gives you an overview of the browsing data, like the top 10 most visited websites.

Wi-Fi Network Logs Monitoring

Speaking of internet activity monitoring, even knowing the network used yields valuable information. After all, the name of the network itself can be enough to determine its nature and is often enough of a clue to tell you what their activities are.

Maybe your children are skipping out on school without your knowledge, or your employee has been connecting to an unsafe network and may be subjected to hacking.

Fear not; the Wi-Fi Network Logs Monitoring is here to help. As the loggings are recorded, any pertinent detail is right there for you to see. Any network’s name, date, time, and location will be displayed for you to see.

Calendar Entries Monitoring

You can even be proactive in your endeavors and break up any plan they may have planned, whether your employees are planning a party that would wreck a big product launch or your child is going to a party without your consent.

xnspy calendar spy

The Calendar Entries Monitoring is what you need with all the details it gives on each entry, including the name contents, time, and date of any event planned in the calendar. For added convenience, you can export all the data and download it as spreadsheets for later reading and bookkeeping.

XNSPY Messaging App Spy

While monitoring text is good, you’d be missing a massive part of the communication options if you couldn’t look at other messaging apps. Thankfully, the XNSPY Messaging App Spy covers most of the widely used social apps.

All chat logs are recorded for all messaging apps, including deleted messages. This lets you check both the timestamps and the people in the conversation.

xnspy tinder monitor

Furthermore, while iOS tends to have limited features when it comes to monitoring apps unless Jailbreaking is involved, it’s not required for WhatsApp or iMessage.

Outside of that, Facebook Messenger allows the download of Multimedia files and the export of data as spreadsheets. For Snapchat, you can automatically record the screen and screenshot it every 5 seconds.

Plus, you can look at the target’s Tinder dating preferences and check whether any contact is a paid member, thereby weeding out potential predators.

Other apps are supported with common functions, such as Instagram, Viber, or LINE, which allow for spreadsheet downloads, or Kik and Skype, which lets you keep call logs.

Email Monitoring

While you may think emails are more of a concern for an unscrupulous employee sending sensitive data to a rival, it is still a method that lets your child share media, such as, say, nude selfies in batches.

With that in mind, the Email monitoring function is worthy of your attention. Its primary use is with Gmail, one of the world’s most widely used email services.

You’ll be able to see every email, both sent and received, as well as any attachments, the addresses of all recipients or senders, and the time and date at which they were sent.

Other email services generally have the same features, with the addition of a watchlist for addresses and words to look out for and be notified of.

Alert 24/7

Combing through all the information XNSPY gathers can be very time-consuming. Conveniently enough, its Instant Alert 24/7 feature removes the need to use the dashboard for every update.

Alerts can be set up for multiple triggers. For example, you may want to check if the target gets in touch with specific contacts or email IDs. You could also set notifications for:

    • Specific words on messaging apps or emails
    • Physical locations, complete with timestamps for when the area was entered or left

And if they try to fool you by changing their SIM card, you’ll be immediately notified of the new ID. All alerts are sent by email, so check them as you usually would, and you’ll be up to date on everything you want to know.

xnspy call frequency analytics

Surrounding Recording App

There is, however, only so much you can get from texts or call recordings. Sometimes, what you need is to know what’s happening right now. With the Surrounding Recording App, you can send remote commands to record the device’s surroundings.

Every recording comes with a timestamp and a duration. This feature is available for both Android and jailbroken iOS devices. On a side note, you may also remotely take screenshots of the target, each with its own timestamps.

Remote Control

If your children spend every waking hour on their phones, and you’re unable to prevent them from doing so, XNSPY has the solution for you. With its remote lock function, you can prevent the device from being used for a certain amount of time.

Alternatively, you can block certain applications. Regardless, the only way to freely use the device again will be by using the unlock code you’ve set. If that’s not enough, you can erase everything on the device with the Remote Data Wipe function.

xnspy remote command

Of course, another important data source exists in images saved on the device. Whether they’re nudes or business prototypes, you want to make sure you can check what’s going on.

The Photo Gallery Spy, available on iOS and Android, lets you scroll through the gallery, providing timestamps for each image. Similarly, the Video Monitoring App does the same for saved videos.

xnspy photo gallery

Location Tracking App

But no monitoring is complete without a record of the target’s whereabouts. If your underaged child sneakily goes to bars, or your employee visits rival businesses without your knowledge, they may do so without mentioning it on their phone.

However, phones can betray more than just text and images. Within our interconnected world, it’s easier than ever to track their location. XNSPY’s Location Tracking App does just that, giving you not only the current location but also the list of all places visited.

Each one comes with a corresponding timestamp, coordinates, and address. The cherry on top is the Geo Fencing feature, which allows you to mark areas as safe or unsafe, and get alerts when said areas are entered or left.

With this, you can make sure you know the whereabouts of the device, and presumably the target, at any point, especially if their location is sensitive.

xnspy location history

Screen Recorder for Instant Messaging

If the text isn’t enough to get a complete picture of a conversation, the Screen Recorder for Instant Messaging may be what you’re looking for.

After detecting a messaging app, it takes screenshots of it every 5 seconds. You may also record phone calls carried through them, along with times and dates.

Furthermore, you can view installed apps with their version and download dates. You can block or unblock specific apps if you see any that you don’t like, for example, games with predatory monetization systems.

Finally, the Keylogger for Android on Instant Messaging gives you much greater detail regarding seeing what’s being typed.

xnspy screen record

Control Panel

No data-gathering service is truly complete without a way to organize everything collected. XNSPY’s Control Panel enhances the experience with how smooth it makes using the app.

For one, you can log in from any device with a web browser, whether it’s your phone or your computer. The data is arranged in various easily readable tabs, and you can get a graphical overview on the dashboard.

You can even download all of it as spreadsheets to keep for later if you think you’ll need the evidence. And if this feels a bit too disconnected from the reality of the target, you can even decide to see everything from the target device’s perspective.

All your doubts about the performance of XNSPY should then be allayed.

xnspy device profile

XNSPY’s Ease of use + Compatibility

In terms of ease of use, we’ll be exploring what devices you can use XNSPY on and the installation process. Let’s dive right in.


XNSPY is compatible with all major Android devices, regardless of manufacturer. However, you need to have an operating system of at least Android 4. Furthermore, some older Android devices may struggle to run XNSPY.

While most features are available from the get-go without any additional preparation needed, there’s an exception. XNSPY can only enable Instant Message monitoring on a rooted device, which means a factory-fresh Android phone won’t have access to this feature.

There’s currently no remote install method for XNSPY on Android, so you’ll need a few minutes with the target device you want to install the tracker on.

The installation process only requires you to download and install the tracking app, so it’s not very difficult once you’ve got the target device in your hands.


All iPhones from iPhone 6 upwards work with XNSPY. There are two different install methods for XNSPY on iOS, both of which come with their downsides.

Like the Android version, there’s an iOS app that you can download and install on the phone. However, be aware that most features are locked behind Jailbreaking the device.

Jailbreaking an iOS device can void the warranty and put the device at risk of unpatched security flaws. Be aware beforehand that you will need to weigh the benefits if your device isn’t already Jailbroken.

The installation process with no Jailbreaking is fairly straightforward as it relies on linking with the iCloud, which has the downside of notifying the account’s owner. If you want to benefit from the Jailbroken features, physical access will be needed.

Mac & Windows

The tracker will not follow Mac computers; only the dashboard to track devices will be available on browsers such as Safari, Edge, or Google Chrome.

The website offers video tutorials for every feature advertised and has an easily accessible chat with the support staff. There are currently no browser extensions for XNSPY, so the only way to check in on your kids is through the XNSPY dashboard on their website.

How to Install XNSPY

The installation process may seem intimidating at first, but once you get started, you’ll soon realize that it’s much simpler than it seems.

If you follow the installation guides and instructions on the website, you’ll find 3 ways to install XNSPY — the first 2 revolve around the iOS installation.


With the iCloud route, there’s no need to physically access the device unless 2 Factor Authentication is enabled: you just need to:

    1. Connect to the website on your own device
    2. Select the correct installation method
    3. Enter the iCloud credentials
    4. Provide the 2FA code

And you’re done. Do note that we don’t recommend this method despite the simplicity because of the reduced features. Instead, you should go for the jailbreak method.

First, you’ll need to ensure you have Cydia or an alternative installed on the device you wish to track. Upon signing up for XNSPY, you should receive a download URL in your emails.

Add that URL as a Cydia source and install the Monitoring App from the Monitoring App repo. Restart the Springboard, enter the Activation Code, and you can activate the tracker.


The process of installing is a bit more complicated with Android. Similarly to iOS, you must first type the URL sent in the email on sign-up, this time in the browser of the device you want to track.

You can then download and install the APK of the tracker. This is where the process may get confusing, as you need to manually set permissions for the app in the settings.

Long story short, you need to disable battery optimization, use the activation code, and allow Android Auto to access everything on the app. Again, the steps are clearly labeled in the installation guide with helpful screenshots.

XNSPY Performance | How Fast is XNSPY?

A core concern of the app is, of course, its performance. After all, if it slows down the device by a noticeable amount, the user might realize something is wrong with their phone.

While this isn’t an issue for employees who legally need to be made aware, it is relevant where your children are concerned. Were they to do something you expressly forbade them to do, they would, of course, try to hide it.

On the flip side, they might be reticent to open up about any harassment they’re subjected to. Thankfully, the app performs generally well. The phone felt hotter than usual, which is inevitable, but not to a degree that it would raise suspicions.

More importantly, we didn’t notice any drop in speed, which is quite impressive. For context, this was tested on a Samsung Galaxy A21s; not a bad phone by any means, but not cutting-edge, either. There should be no problem running XNSPY on any device.

How Secure is XNSPY? | Is XNSPY Safe?

Security and privacy are significant concerns when it comes to spy apps, and for good reason. Let’s get into all the nitty-gritty details on XNSPY’s security so you’re well-informed.

XNSPY’s Security

Given the private nature of the data gathered, it would be a problem if it fell into the wrong hands. Thankfully, when it comes to user’s data, XNSPY does an adequate job of keeping it safe.

While the privacy policy shows GDPR compliance in its broad strokes, more details regarding the storage process or the encryption methods used would be appreciated. Assuming that these points follow industry standards, XNSPY should do well enough.

More importantly, data isn’t sold to third parties, only potentially shared with affiliated services to run necessary programs.

As a reminder, however, keep in mind that installing monitoring apps on someone else’s device, say that of your significant other, without consent, is illegal and that XNSPY will share details with law enforcement agencies if required.

In that sense, XNSPY takes no responsibility if you break the law using it.

XNSPY’s Transparency Reputation

As noted above, XNSPY hasn’t decided to share either its security programs or its encryption protocols publicly. Furthermore, it seems no audit for its systems has been performed, meaning that XNSPY hasn’t seen fit to submit it to a third party for review.

Combined with the fact that the code used isn’t open source, it’s hard to judge just how secure XNSPY truly is. On the other hand, this reluctance to share any details about the workings of their product could be seen as a show of commitment towards privacy.

Where Can I Use XNSPY?

XNSPY has a global reach thanks to the tracking app that updates whenever the target device has an internet connection. You can access XNSPY’s dashboard anywhere, from a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

XNSPY’s tracking functions will work anywhere you can get a GPS signal. However, XNSPY will not work in extremely low-connectivity areas, so while you can easily track your children through a crowded mall, it won’t work so well in the desert.

However, there are some other considerations. XNSPY is a parental monitoring tool, first and foremost, so you can use it to check where your kids are and what they’re up to on the internet.

XNSPY can be used anywhere and everywhere — but caution is required depending on the use case

You don’t need to tell them you’re using XNSPY, as it’s legal to install it on their device without their permission as long as you’re their legal guardian and they’re under 18.

It might not be easy to talk about a sensitive topic you’re worried about, so XNSPY can give you the intelligence to ensure your children are safe regarding drugs, internet trolls, and real-life bullying.

To monitor employees or a spouse, you need consent

XNSPY can also monitor employee performance and device location at work, but it’s a little more complicated from a legal standpoint. XNSPY is legal to use as long as you inform the device user beforehand that it’s monitoring the device, so you’ll have to make your employees aware of this.

This can come in the form of an onboarding session or part of an employment contract. XNSPY can record employee calls, track where devices are during work hours, and send you customized alerts if one device goes off the work site.

XNSPY Price | How Much Does XNSPY Cost?

XNSPY has three subscription packages, depending on how long you need XNSPY for. Each subscription covers one device, but it’s worth contacting XNSPY’s sales team if you need to carry out bulk device management for work.

A single monthly subscription for XNSPY costs $35.99 a month, but it goes down the more you buy. The three-month quarterly subscription costs $60, which works out to only $20 per month.

The yearly XNSPY subscription is $90, for a total discount of $7.50 per month, which is one of the cheapest we’ve seen for a yearly parental monitoring subscription.

There’s a ten-day refund policy if you’re unhappy with the performance of XNSPY — for a maximum rebate of 50%. This isn’t an ideal way to try before you buy, but there is a better way.

XNSPY offers a free demo on its website, allowing you to play around with the app’s key features, so you can get comfortable with operating XNSPY before you commit to a subscription.


Does XNSPY have a free version?

Can I limit specific apps for my kids with XNSPY?

Can I monitor my kid’s social media activity using XNSPY?

Does XNSPY need root permission?

Is XNSPY legit?

How many devices can be tracked with XNSPY?

Does XNSPY slow down the target device?


On one hand, we like the breadth of features and apps covered by the app and its performance. On the other hand, we would have appreciated more details on its inner workings and, more importantly, better iOS compatibility.


  • Android phone-call recording
  • Polished dashboard
  • iOS on-device app
  • Difficult to find and remove


  • Updates are sometimes a little slow
  • Lacking details on security

Considering that a solid half of the features advertised don’t work on iPhones — and even less if it’s not jailbroken — it can be hard to recommend it if you’re not planning on monitoring an Android.

If you do, however, you’ll find very little to complain about with this app’s numerous functions. Combined with a competitive price and a free demo if you’re not convinced, we can solidly recommend XNSPY to anyone interested in a phone monitoring app for tracking their kids.

Sam Dawson

Sam Dawson

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