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Startling Disputes at Work Statistics to Know in 2023

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Workplace dispute can be described as any threat or act of intimidation, harassment, physical violence, or threatening, troublemaking behavior at the work site. These acts range from verbal abuse to physical fighting and even murder. Violence or harassment at work has been experienced by 743 million people or 23% of all employees around the globe. This article will cover stats on workplace violence and how it affects human lives and businesses today.

Let’s dive in.

Workplace Violence

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  1. The number of people victimized by workplace violence in the U.S. is approximately 2 million yearly.
  2. The workplace violence incident rate of 8.2% is found in the healthcare and social assistance industries.
  3. The rate of male fatalities in workplace violence is 75% higher than females.
  4. Businesses in the United States lose an average of $250 to $330 billion annually.
  5. Robbery is the cause of 85% of workplace violence death.
  6. 20,050 injuries and 392 fatalities in 2020 resulted from workplace assaults alone.

General Workplace Dispute Stats

General Workplace Violence Statistics

1. Workers Worldwide that Do Not Feel Safe At Work are 68%.

According to research, it was found that 68% of 2,000 workers who worked in a building with 500 or more staff are not happy with the safety standard and do not feel safe at their workplace. Remote workers who work from home feel unsafe in a regular work environment. 75% of remote workers are doubtful about workplace safety, and 23% will resign if required to return to the worksite.

2. Workers that have been Bullied At Least Once in the Workplace are 94% of Americans. 

Researchers found out that in 2019, the percentage of workers in the U.S. that have been bullied at work was 94%, an increase from 75% in 2008. It was also discovered that Employers, bosses, or managers did bully 51.1% of the 94% of employees intimidated at work.

3. At Least One Workplace Violence Incident Occurred in About 50% of Professional Human Resources Organizations. 

According to research by Human Resource Management in 2019, 48% of human resource professionals in the United States indicated that their organization had experienced workplace violence somewhere along the line. This number had a 12% increase from 36% in 2012.

Stats of Workplace Assault and Fatality

Workplace Assault and Fatality

4. Workplace Violence that Led to Death in the United States was 454 Incidents in 2019.

Cyber Attacks were responsible for most of the 450 deadly workplace violence cases in 2019. Workplace fatalities caused 9% of all lethal work injuries in 2019.

5. The Number of Aggravated Assaults in the Workplace Each Year is 400,000.

An unlawful attack by one person on another to inflict aggravated bodily injury in the workplace is expected in the US. According to National Crime Victimization Survey, about 396,000 assaults occur annually in the US.
The number of sexual assaults and rapes in United States workplaces was about 51,000.

6. 85% of Workplace Violence Deaths in the United States Resulted From Robbery.

The National Crime Victimization Survey reports that about 84,000 robberies happen at workplaces annually in the United States, accounting for 85% of all workplace violence mortality. While most Americans are certain that the deadliest workplace violence is assault, the experts proved it is rubbery. Of the 454 fatal workplace incidents in 2019, the number of robberies was 385.

7. Less Than 10% of Fatal Work Injuries Resulted from Workplace Violence.

According to Bureau of Labor Stats reports, workplace violence was responsible for 9% of all fatal work injuries in the U.S. in 2019. Every 100,000 full-time employees experienced about 3.5 fatalities, or workplace fatalities amounted to 5,333, a 2% increase in 2019.

Workplace Violence by Demographics

Violence by Demographics

8. Roadway Incidents are the Most Common Cause of Workplace Violence Deaths for Men and Women Across the US.

Research findings stated that roadway incidents caused 24% of all fatal workplace violence involving men, and 20% of all fatal workplace violence cases happened to women. Murdering a person accounts for 19% of female workplace mortalities. Apart from Homicide, the second leading cause of workplace violence fatality for men accounting for 17% of workplace deaths, is slips, trips, and falls.

9. The Most Likely Victims of Workplace Violence are Employees between 20 and 34.

People aged 20 to 34—16 out of 1,000 employees have suffered workplace violence more than any other age group. Research investigation carried out on 1000 workplace victimized employees reported that the rate of victimization of workers aged 12 to 19 was 11.5; for those aged 35 to 49, it was at the rate of 12.3, while for those aged 35 to 49, it was 7.8, including workers at the age of 50 to 64 at the rate of 3.9 and that of employees 65 years and above was 3.9.

10. Men are the Highest Victims of Workplace Violence Mortality.

The research found that 366 men were victims of the 454 workplace violence fatalities registered in 2019, and 88 were women. Fatalities happen to men during workplace violence at 80%, while 19.4% is the workplace fatality rate for women.

11. Workplace Violence Incidents Occurred More Often Among White Workers in Terms of Race.

According to research investigations on 1,000 workers, 13 white employees, and 10.4 black workers experienced workplace violence yearly. Other racial or ethnic groups investigated 1,000 workers had 9.7 Hispanic employees experiencing workplace violence, and 12.7 non-Hispanic people in the United States were victims of workplace violence.

Workplace Violence by Industry

Violence by Industry

12. Workplace Violence is Generally Risky Among Occupations that Exchange Money or Directly Interact with the Public.

Generally, the most at risk regarding workplace violence are the occupations that exchange money or directly interact with the public. Research reports from the United States found that Healthcare professionals, delivery drivers, customer service agents, public service personnel, and law enforcement agents are primarily at risk of witnessing workplace violence.

13. Most Workplace Violence Victims are Generally Found in the Healthcare and Social Service Industries.

Research findings show that healthcare service industries had 69% of physical workplace violence assaults and 71% of non-physical assaults in the workplace. The employee’s close interactions with the general public are mainly responsible for the high rate of violence. Little or no workplace protection and limited staffing also contributed. About 15 million healthcare workers in the U.S. are majorly concerned about the high amount of violent incidents.

14. The Rest of the Workforce in the U.S. do not Experience as Much Workplace Violence as Healthcare Workers, which is 12 Times Higher.

Every year, healthcare professionals in the United States have 75% of workplace violence incidents.

15. Physical Violence At Work Happened to 25% of Nurses in Emergency Care.

According to research studies by Occupational Safety and Health Administration, physical assault on the job has happened to 1 out of 4 nurses. Hospitals are one of the most dangerous workplaces in the United States to get a job. 221,000 work-related injuries happened in hospitals in 2019.

Corporate Policies on Workplace Violence Stats

Corporate Policies

16. 55% of Employees Claim they are Unaware or Unsure of the Emergency Preparedness Plans of Employers.

According to research, only the % of American employees aware of their organization’s workplace violence prevention program is only 45%. Many workers are unacquainted with workplace violence policies and prevention plans. It was also found that those employees who said they were unsure if such a program existed were 24%, and 31% said they were unaware of such programs.

17. Company Management Ignores Safety At the Workplace, And More than Half of U.S. Workers Agree.

According to research findings, the percentage of workers that think that their building management won’t regularly implement health and safety guidelines is 42%. The percentage of workers who think that their employers do not take appropriate steps to maintain workplace safety is 54%. While 30% of employees think their companies will not invest in technology designed to prevent and eliminate hazards and enhance workplace safety after the COVID-19 pandemic.

18. Active Shooting will make Companies Unaware. Nearly 80% of Organizations are Unprepared.

Research has discovered that companies that do not organize any proactive shooter preparedness training for their staff are 61%, and companies that perceive active shooters as a top threat and run preparedness training are 62%. Meanwhile, the % of companies and organizations that are unprepared for an active shooter is 79%.

19. Workplace Violence Prevention Programs of Companies are Not Publicized to 55% of Human Resources Professionals, So they do Not Know.

Research report discovered that in the United States, more than 50% of all human Resources professionals are in the dark concerning a suitable workplace violence prevention program. So if they are involved in or witness workplace violence, 19% of HR professionals are unsure what to do.

20. Businesses Have Failed to Report an Estimated 25% of Workplace Violence Incidents.

According to research results from Occupational Safety and Health Administration, it was revealed that 1 out of 4 workplace violence incidents are never filed officially by employers. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations are being ignored by 90% of business organizations.

Cost of Workplace Violence

Cost of Workplace Violence

21. One Workplace Violence Costs Approximately $500,000 for An Average Out-Of-Court Settlement.

Out-of-court settlement costs $500,000 for a typical workplace violence incident. Usually, the law court award as much as $3 million for workplace violence settlement.

22. American Businesses have Lost Hundreds of Billions of Dollars Yearly to Workplace Violence.

According to reports by the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, American businesses have lost an average of $250 to $330 billion yearly. This number could even be higher due to the unreported cases of workplace violence. Those absent, ill, or injured victims decrease their ability to perform, reducing productivity and directly resulting in revenue loss to the business organizations.

Other Workplace Violence Stats

Other Workplace Violence Statistics

American States with large working populations are more prone to workplace violence. According to research findings, the States with the highest incidences of workplace violence are New York, California, Florida, and Texas.

24. The Number of People Shot and Killed Yearly While At Work is Roughly 350.

In 2016, 394 shooting deaths in workplaces in the United States. Research results showed that in 2017, the number of people shot and killed at the workplace was 351.

25. The Persons Most Likely to Perpetrate Workplace Violence are Persons who Have an Outside Connection.

Perpetrators with an outside connection, such as vendors or those who receive services. Those that carry out violence often have a past or present occupation relationship or personal affiliation.

26. Workers in the Private Industry Experience Trauma from Nonfatal Workplace Violence.

According to research, the number of nonfatal injuries in the workplace resulting from an intentional injury by another person was 37,060 in the U.S.

27. The Percentage of School Teachers who Report Workplace Violence is 44%.

Attacks, like school shootings, that take place in their school are being reported by 44% of school teachers. All types of violence, like physical abuse, verbal abuse, and sexual abuse, are reported.

Workplace Disputes Among Men and Women

Workplace Violence Among Men and Women

28.  A Global Result from the Research Indicated that 23% of Women and 22% of Men had Experienced Physical, Psychological, and Sexual Violence Before.

19% of women and 17% of men experienced just physical violence and harassment, and 8% of women and 5% of men suffered sexual violence and harassment in the past.

Reasons Workplace Violence Is Not Reported

Reasons Workplace Violence Is Not Reported

29. A Global Research Report Indicated that the % of Victims who Think Reporting Workplace Violence is a Complete Waste of Time is 55%.

45% of workers who had experienced workplace violence and harassment but not told anyone had fear for their reputation. Workplace violence victims who were unsure of the procedures or which method to report was not 43%. Another 43% of employees did not trust or have faith in the police or inspectors, 38% of workplace violence victims did not know what to do, and 33% were afraid to be punished.

30. Stats Research Findings Indicated that More Men Report Physical Violence and Harassment in the Workplace than Women.

But Women are primarily victims of workplace violence. The number of women who experience workplace violence is overwhelmingly more than men.


Many people in America still feel insecure at work. According to statistics, workplace violence affects millions of people annually. Also, businesses and industries of all sorts are being affected. Workplace violence has resulted in reputation damage, revenue loss, and employee loss. Healthcare professionals, mostly hospital personnel and nurses in the emergency sector, are more at risk of workplace violence.

The group of workers that have experienced workplace violence the most are the occupations that interact with the public or those who exchange money, where robbery, assault, sexual assault, bullying, and many more can take place. The rate of workplace violence occurrences and fatalities has increased in the last few years, and this growing issue needs more effort to fight it.


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