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26 Most Surprising Criminal Record Statistics and Trends in 2023

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Do you know that the US has the highest number of prisoners in the world? Regardless of the security in the country, there are still more incarcerations than in other countries. The advanced security might be the reason for the high rate of imprisonment. Also, it might be that more people just like living a life with a high rate of criminal record.

Criminal records have put many people down, and it doesn’t always offer second chances as people think. There are more interesting statistics about criminal records that you need to know. Let’s dive in to learn that all.

Criminal Records Editor's Choice

Editor’s Choice

  1. Maine currently has the lowest crime rate that involves violence in the US.
  2. Mississippi has the highest number of homicides in the US.
  3. White-collar crimes make up to 5% of federal prosecutions every year.
  4. In February 2023, the United States authorities recorded about 6,657 new convictions.
  5. Just half of the FBI’s records get an update.
  6. About 50% of every 23-year-old black male in the US has been detained at least once.
  7. 43.6% of women in the US with criminal records are unemployed.
  8. Out of every 3 property crimes, only 1 gets reported.
  9. In February 2023, 76 aggravated assaults were reported in the US.
  10. There are more property crimes than violent crimes.
  11. Employers will more likely overlook substance-related crimes or misdemeanors.
  12. Company executives reported that 82% of their employees with criminal records are as successful as their average employee.
  13. Employers will most likely not overlook criminal records that involve sexual offenses.
  14. About 27% of ex-offenders in the US don’t have don’t
  15. Twelve states in the US provide rehabilitation certificates to people with criminal history.
  16. A black prisoner is 3.5 times more likely to be innocent of a sexual assault accusation than a white prisoner.
  17. African Americans convicted of murder are 80% more likely to be innocent than other races.
  18. 15% of the black American male population has served time in prison.
  19. 64% of unemployed men worldwide in their 30s have a criminal record.
  20. Mississippi had 575 convicted people out of 100,000 residents in March 2023.

States Crime Statistics

States Crime Statistics

1. Maine Currently has the Lowest Crime Rate That Involves Violence in the US.

According to the FBI, the US has many records of violent crimes like rape, murder, robbery, and the like. However, Maine has recorded the lowest among other areas. The reason is most likely the low population density in Maine and the low poverty rate. People mostly have fewer reasons to rob. For rape cases, Maine is 19th and has the 4th lowest robbery rate. Also, it has the 1st lowest aggravated assault rate, 2nd lowest murder rate, and a few others. 

2. Mississippi has the Highest Number of Homicides in the US.

According to an FBI report, Mississippi has increased in homicide cases over the years. It is currently the highest in the US, with a record of 23.7 murders for every 100,000 residents. Following this rate, the murder rate is Louisiana and Alabama. The next is New Mexico, South Carolina, and some other states.

3. White-collar Crimes Make up to 5% of Federal Prosecutions Yearly.

White-collar crimes don’t leave too many stigmas on the victims like violent crimes do; they also destroy life. Over time, it has made up 5% of federal prosecutions in many states in the US.

Statistics of General Criminal Record

General Criminal Record

Criminal records leave some people helpless in society. It is usually a stigma that lives with holders for a long time or the rest of their lives. Here are some statistics that you can learn from.

4. 1 of Every 3 US Adults Holds a Criminal Record.

A report cumulated from the FBI data and the census of the United States shows that for every group of 3 US adults, at least 1 has a criminal record. This is not a good stain on the country’s name. It goes a long way to show that the number of people with criminal histories in the US is high. You need to know that not all criminal record holders in the US are criminals. Some were lied to and sometimes dismissed charges were registered as criminal records. 

5. In February 2023, the United States Authorities Recorded 6,657 New Convictions.

The crime rate in the US only promises to reduce, but it keeps rocketing, even if it goes down in some months. In February 2023, 6,657 new people were convicted, adding to the long list of already sentenced people. Records show that the number of new convicted people in the previous month was 11.7% higher. This meant progress for the US. Then, in the next month after February, it went even more elevated by 24.1%, which means more convictions.

6. Just Half of the FBI’s Criminal Records Get an Update.

The quality control evaluation of the FBI said the FBI background checks have achieved a 99.3% to 99.8% accuracy. However, about half of their record don’t get updated. This is why some discharged cases still show the supposed perpetrator has a criminal record. Some other criminal cases that get removed aren’t updated because they are mostly local crimes.

7. About 50% of Every 23-year-old Black Male in the US has Been Detained at Least Once.

The University of Maryland and South Carolina researched to examine the crime stats in the US. They discovered that about 50% of US black males who are 23 years old have been detained at least one time in their lives. Also, they found that 40% of US white males of the same age have been arrested at least once. This record has deprived many of them of getting admission into many universities. The ones that got into schools had to struggle for the opportunities.

Disturbing Crime Statistics

Disturbing Crime Statistics

8. 43.6% of US Women with Criminal Records are Unemployed.

People usually don’t talk about the stigma of having a criminal record. The authorities in the US give some of them hope for a second chance, but there are no second chances for some of them. The form has shown that 43.6% of women, after they got released, are still jobless, regardless of how hard they try to get jobs. This rate is even higher for men.

2023 Criminal Justice Statistics

Criminal Justice Statistics

9. Out of Every 3 Property Crimes, Only 1 Gets Reported.

The US authorities don’t receive as many property crime reports as they should, just 35%. People are either embarrassed by the incidents or scared to report them. Mostly, criminals involved in property crimes threaten to kill or do more harm to the victims if they say. So, out of fear, they keep the tragedy to themselves. More so, the crimes are tough to settle even when they get reported. Only 19% of the cases usually get unraveled, which can cause more discouragement in writing the issues.

10. The Most Frequently Solved Crimes are Homicides.

According to detectives, homicide is the crime that is most frequently solved. It may be because individuals always write it as soon as they learn something, or it may be that it is now on the high side in the US. The US police noted that even when they believe they have buried their tracks, offenders in these circumstances frequently leave behind pieces of evidence. Additionally, even though it requires intelligence, examining incidents like this is uncomplicated. As a result, authorities often have better success solving some problems than others.

11. In February 2023, People Reported 76 Aggravated Assaults in the US.

The number of severe assaults in the US is still high. In February 2023, 76 cases were reported to the authorities. A higher number of aggravated assaults are occurring in Dallas.

12. There are More Property Crimes Than Violent Crimes.

In the US, property crimes have been reported more than violent crimes. The most common of all property crimes is burglary. People getting robbed in their homes, others losing their properties to road-side thieves, vehicle theft, arson, and a few others are on the rise every day in the US. Texas has the highest number of property crime reports, followed by Washington, with half of Texas’s number. North Carolina is next, and then Colorado.

Statistics of Criminal Record Unemployment

Statistics of Criminal Record Unemployment

From a survey that includes most company HR professionals in the US, 78% said they would overlook substance-related crimes in their hiring criteria. Also, 65% of managers who participated in the survey said they could manage criminal records with the same case. More research was conducted, and 67% of company managers reported being willing to hire with shoplifting misdemeanors. While 70% of HR professionals said they can employ people with the same case.

14. Company Executives Reported that 82% of Their Employees With Criminal Records are as Successful as Their Average Employee.

Reports have shown that employees without criminal records are more likely to get fired than employees with criminal records. Most of these ex-offenders have learned their lessons and just want to do and be better. Some of them put in more time and good work to their job. Company executives said 82% of these ex-offenders are as successful as their average employees.

15. Employers will Most Likely not Overlook Criminal Records That Involve Sexual Offenses.

 Most people with sexual offense criminal records usually don’t get second chances. This is because the felony is too grievous to get overlooked. Over 30,000 women have reported to have been sexually abused at their jobs, and employers don’t want this number to go up. So, they turn down job proposals from offenders. Only about 9% of HR professionals are willing to hire ex-sex offenders. Also, only about 11% of managers are eager to engage ex-sex-offenders. 

16. About 27% of Ex-offenders in the US Don’t Have Jobs.

 Research shows that about 27% of people with criminal records haven’t gotten jobs yet. A very few percent have no interest in searching for jobs, and others get rejected by firms for their records. This rate is higher than the rate of employment in the US during the Great Depression, which was 25%.

17. 12 States in the US Provide Rehabilitation Certificates to People With Criminal History.

Only 12 states in the US give rehabilitation certificates to ex-offenders. It helps them with their job search. More companies will likely employ ex-offenders with these certificates than the ones without them. Such countries include Colorado, Connecticut, New Jersey, Illinois, California, and New York. Also, North Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Washington are part of the states that offer certificates.

2023 Wrongful Conviction Statistics

2023 Wrongful Conviction Statistics

18. A Black Prisoner is 3.5 Times More Likely to be Innocent of a Sexual Assault Accusation Than a White Prisoner. 

Reports have shown that many people have been wrongly accused and convicted, mostly for sexual assaults. Records have shown that a white man is likelier to commit sexual crimes than a black man. A black man is about 3.5 times more likely to be innocent of a sexual assault crime than a white man. 

19. In 2022, About 417 People Were Vindicated.

A National Registry of Exonerations report shows that about 417 people were exonerated in 2022. Ninety of them were from Illinois and Chicago’s Cook County. Many corrupt police officers who frame people for crimes they didn’t commit have emanated. The worst of them all was between 2003 and 2011 in Illinois. Aside from this, over 50 men have been forgiven for firearms violation crimes.

20. African Americans Convicted of Murder are 80% More Likely to be Innocent Than Other Races.

More than it should, race is a major reason for wrong convictions. There are more murder exoneration cases involving black people than white. There is an 80% chance that a black American is innocent of a murder he is convicted of than a white American. The percentage is higher if they are convicted of killing white victims because of racism.

Statistics of Felony 

Statistics of Felony 

Felonies are more severe crimes. They are the opposites of misdemeanors. 

21. In January 2022, the US Saw a 38.5% Increase in Index Crimes.

Index crimes increased in New York City in January 2022. About 6,905 index crime reports were filed in 2021, and 9,566 were filed in 2022. This amounted to 38.5% in just a year. In 2021, there were 940 reported robberies; in 2022, there were 1,251. Grand theft grew from 2,559 to 4,047 in the same order, and shooting went from 76 to 100. However, there were 28 fewer murder reports in 2022 than 33 in 2021.

22. 15% of the Black American Males Have Served Time in Prison.

Due to wrong convictions and the truth, 15% of the entire male population of black Americans have served prison time in the US. A study from the University of Georgia shows this fact true, covering all ages. 

23. 64% of Unemployed Men Worldwide in Their 30s Have a Criminal Record.

Research has shown that a criminal record is one major cause of unemployment for men worldwide. According to the RAND Corp, about 6% of 35-year-old men are unemployed. Other research also shows that 64% of unemployed men in their 30s have criminal records, which means criminal records cause the highest rate of unemployment.

Statistics of Incarcerations

Statistics of Incarcerations

The primary form of punishment in the United States is incarceration. Some of the statistics are below.

24. 1,240 of Every 100,000 Black US Adults Were Convicts in 2021.

The number of black US prisoners is higher than that of white prisoners. Records indicate that out of every group of 100,000 black US adults, 1,240 served prison time in 2021. However, only 349 of every 100,000 Latino Americans were imprisoned and 261 of every 100,000 white adults.

25. Mississippi had 575 Convicted People Out of 100,000 Residents in March 2023.

Mississippi had the highest incarceration rate in March 2023 among every other state in the US. The number of convicted people was 575 out of every 100,000 residents. Following this state was Louisiana, with 564 of every 100,000 people, and Arkansas, 559 of every 100,000 residents. Oklahoma and Arizona were next, with 555 and 453 of every 100,000 residents.

26. The US had the Largest Prison Population in the world in 2016.

According to the World Prison Brief Data from 2016, over 2 million adult prisoners were in the US. They consequently had the highest prison population. By 2020, there were 1.6 million fewer convicts in total. The US no longer has the world’s highest prison population in 2023.


Before China took over, the US had the largest prison population in the world. Mississippi may also have the highest crime rate in the US because it has the greatest jail population. It also has the highest percentage of violent crimes. Black Americans make up the majority of inmates in the US, followed by Latinos. The US has the lowest incarceration rate for white people. This demonstrates how much race affects the country’s incarceration rate.


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