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Key Etsy Statistics 2024: Unveiling the Latest Trends and Insights

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The Etsy marketplace offers antiques, handmade items, and supplies to a global audience. It’s a sure plug for anyone or business looking to spread the uniqueness of the arts, collectibles, accessories, etc. Reaching millions of likely customers takes just a couple of minutes.

Etsy statistics show that the number of active buyers has increased by 101% since 2019, from 45.7 million in 2019 to an all-time high of 92 million in 2023.

Things have become easier since the entry of e-commerce platforms like Etsy into the business world; even the hassle of reaching a wider audience has been simpler. Etsy was created to earn from your art without stress. Let’s examine the statistics that reveal Etsy’s ins and outs and how you can harness its great aura for your business.

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Key Etsy Statistics 

Key Etsy Statistics 

  1. Etsy processed a total sales volume of $10.28 billion in just 2019.
  2. The company worked hard in 2020 to increase its revenue to $1.72 billion at the end of 2020.
  3. In the course of its operation over the years, Etsy has gathered as many as 4.36 million sellers.
  4. There are 81.9 million people who browse through the Etsy marketplace for items of interest.
  5. A team of 1,209 people works under Etsy daily to give you the best services.
  6. It drew the attention of investors in 2021, when it climbed into fourth position as the world’s fastest-growing e-commerce firm, trailing only behind Apple, Amazon, and Chewy on the global stage.

General Etsy Statistics

General Etsy Statistics

1. Etsy had a Great Sale Throughout 2020, Ending With $10.28 Billion.

What a great year it was for all the workers and sellers on the Etsy platform. 2020 closed with $10.28 billion, more than the previous year’s total.

2. Its Earnings in One Year Closed at $1.72 to the Delight of All and Sundry.

The company in 2020 had a massive revenue to its name at $1.72 billion. This was much more than it ever made the entire past year.

3. Over its Years of Operation, it has Gathered as Many as 4.36 Million Sellers.

Like a popular adage, whatever is of great value attracts the high and mighty. This is the case of the beloved Etsy, which has 4.36 million sellers.

4. There are 81.9 Million People Who Browse Through the Etsy Marketplace for Something of Interest.

Etsy has something for everyone, which is no surprise why 81.9 million buyers do their shopping on Etsy.

5. Up to 1,209 Employees Work in Etsy to Give You the Best Services Each Break of the Day.

Every good company owes its great service delivery to workers, and that is what 1,209 Etsy workers offer to all.

6. Etsy Attracted so Much Attention in 2021 When it Climbed to Fourth Globally, Behind Amazon, Apple, and Chewy.

The world saw a great turn of events in e-commerce with the placement of Etsy as the fourth-best company.

Seller Statistics on Etsy

Seller Stats

7. Etsy Had as Many as 2.16 Million New Sellers Added in 2020.

Up to 2.16 million people became sellers on the Etsy website in 2020 alone.

8. It is a Global Platform With Sellers Across 234 Countries.

Etsy provides a platform for sellers in 234 countries to sell their products to a global audience. This shows that Etsy’s market has a wide reach, reaching millions of audiences in several corners of the world.

9. The United Kingdom is Home to 30% of Sellers on the Etsy Platform.

The United Kingdom, with 30% of global Etsy sellers in 2020, came second after the United States.

10. Top Etsy Shop Earners Get At Least $100,000 Yearly.

Some people earn $100,000 and even more from putting their wares on Etsy.

11. California Has the Highest Percentage of Etsy Sellers in the United States, With 14%.

To the surprise of many, California recorded 14% of Etsy sellers in the US in 2022. The country had as many as 62% of global Etsy sellers within that period.

12. Up to 61% of All Merchants Sell Their Items on Other Sites.

Many people selling their wares on Etsy do not just rely on its sales. These persons (61%) employ the services of other channels to drive higher sales.

13. In 2022, as many as 97% of Sellers Ran Their Etsy Shop From the Comfort of Their Homes.

In 2022, many sellers on the site closed all sales deals from their homes. These people accounted for 97% of Etsy sellers worldwide. Up to 82% of Etsy stores were maintained by a single person that year.

14. Women in 2022 Accounted for 80% of Active Global Sellers on Etsy.

Females outdid themselves in 2022 with an active presence on Etsy. They comprised 80% of the total population of sellers on the Etsy website.

15. Its Sellers Grew to Reach 2.5 Million at the Close of 2019.

Active sellers on Etsy outgrew the 2 million benchmark in 2018 to hit 2.5 million at the end of 2019. This sharp increase shows that Etsy has exceeded many people’s expectations. The company recorded just 9.3 million buyers in 2012 but has grown in leaps and bounds, rising to 44.20 million buyers at the end of 2019. It is a display of outright success quickly, to the delight of sellers.

16. An Average Etsy Seller is a Youth of About 39 Years of Age.

Many Etsy sellers are youths searching for better ways to earn from their arts and craftwork.

17. Around 56% of All Sellers on the Site are College Graduates.

Around 56% of sellers on Etsy have a college degree. An education allows them to drive better sales deals on Etsy.

18. Up to 51% of Sellers Depend on Etsy to Earn a Decent Income.

The next meal for 51% of Etsy sellers can only come after selling through the site.

19. Gross Merchandise Sales Rose to Nearly $5 Billion at the Close of 2019.

Etsy has been steadily increasing its GMS volume since 2005. Though starting with sales below $200,000, it rose to about $5 billion at the end of 2019.

Etsy Buyer Demographics

Etsy Buyer Demographics

20. Etsy had About 92 Million Buyers Who Purchased in 2022 Alone.

All through 2022, just around 92 million people purchased on the platform. This was a fall from 96.34 million active buyers the previous year.

21. The Pandemic Can Have Fueled the Volume of Etsy Sales.

Sales shot up like never before as buyers turned to the platform for facial masks and home fittings. Not only did face masks sell, but other items had increased sales by 93% during the period. Simply put, just 7% of consumers bought face masks from Etsy in the second quarter of the year.

22. Up to 40.1% of Etsy Active Buyers Made More Than One Purchase Within the Year.

Active Etsy buyers, representing 40.1%, made more than one purchase in 2018, up from 39.6% in the previous year. This means that a good number of Etsy buyers make repeat purchases every year.

23. As Huge as 50% of Etsy Shoppers in 2018 Were Unlikely to Buy Items With High Shipping Costs.

Up to 50% of shoppers in 2018 said they would unlikely buy a piece with a high shipping cost.

Etsy Shop Statistics

Etsy Shop Statistics 

24. The Average Percentage of Successful Etsy Purchases Lies Between 1 and 3%.

A good number of completed Etsy purchases is between 1 and 3% conversion rate in most cases.

25. In 2022, the Company Spent $581 Million on Marketing and Advertising Alone.

Etsy spent almost $581 million on marketing and advertising in 2022, an increase of 4% from the previous year. The company spent a whole $560 million in pushing its marketing and advertising vision in 2021.

26. The Amount Charged for an Offsite Advert, Subject to Your Revenue, is 12% to 15%.

Sellers are charged offsite ad fees based on the volume of revenue their Etsy shop makes in a year. Etsy shops that make $10,000 or more are charged a 12% discount. Those whose shops make less than $10,000 must pay 15%.

27. The Average Seller Costs $0.20 to $0.50 for Every Etsy Ad.

The average seller spends $0.20 to $0.50 on every Etsy ad.

Etsy Product Statistics

Etsy Product Statistics

28. Sellers List More Than 60 Million Items on Etsy.

Etsy is a large marketplace that covers over 60 million listed items.

29. The Platform Has to Credit Over 50 Kinds of Products on Display.

More than 50 kinds of items on Etsy are put on display for shoppers to choose from.

30. Homewares and Home Fittings are the Greatest, With Annual Sales of $3.2 Billion.

Etsy’s earnings from homewares and furnishings are the highest so far. It raises as much as $3.2 billion from these items every year.

31. Up to 80% of All Sales Come From the Top 6 Etsy Categories.

The highest-selling Etsy categories are apparel, party and paper supplies, personal and beauty care, craft, private and jewellery accessories, homewares, and furnishings. These six categories account for 80% of the site’s general sales.

32. In 2020, the Search for Face Masks on the Etsy Marketplace Brought in Sales of $743 Million.

Sales skyrocketed in 2020 as shoppers scrambled for face masks. This single act pushed Etsy sales to hit $743 million.

33. Personalized Gifts Topped the Search Trend of Customers in 2020.

Tailored gift items had the top spot of Etsy shoppers’ searches in 2020.

Etsy Web Statistics

Web Stats

34. Mobile Device Transactions Make Up 61% of All Etsy Sales.

As high as 61% of Etsy sales can be traced to a mobile device. This means the company makes $6.27 billion every passing year.

35. More Than 32 Million People Use the Etsy Mobile Application Monthly.

The Etsy mobile application is used by more than 32 million people worldwide.

36. Etsy Entered the Stock Market in 2015 With an IPO of $16 a Share.

The company entered the stock market 2015 with just $16 a share. This did not last long, as it rose to $294 towards the end of 2021. Its share went downhill at the kickoff of 2022, and by May, it was at $82 a share.

37. International Shoppers in 2020 Produced 36% of All Product Sales.

At the close of 2020, global shoppers had sold $3.7 million in products, 36% of all sales made during the period.

38. Three Main Sources of Income are Marketplaces, Vendor Services, and Other Fees.

Marketplace was the largest among the lots produced in 2020, with $1.3 billion. It had 75.58% of all sales made during that time. Vendor services did pretty well, with sales of $422.5 million at the close of 2020. These services came through marketing, shipping labels, and the Etsy design site.


Owning an Etsy shop is a great way to relieve the stress of finding customers. It connects you to buyers from anywhere worldwide, allowing you to focus on creating and sourcing the best offerings for your customers. What’s more! You can maintain a shop from the comfort of your home. This saves you the hassle of an early morning rush to a physical store. It is a global marketplace with a large array of listings that fit into your niche. Take advantage of the large number of active customers to create an income stream. Like many others on Etsy, you can earn a decent income while doing what you love.


How many people are actively using Etsy?

Does the Etsy marketplace operate in all countries?

What item always records the highest sales on Etsy?

What gender buys the most from Etsy stores globally?

How much does Etsy charge a seller for each sale?


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