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Shocking Sexual Abuse Statistics [2023 Updated Data]

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Sexual abuse is a sad incident. It always leaves a bad stigma on the victims, one the perpetrators never get to experience. Unfortunately, sexual abuse tends to happen more often than we expect. More people are getting sexually abused daily, regardless of their location. A woman in four and a man in 26 have experienced a rape attempt or completion.

While government policies have helped to put this act in check, the crime rate is still high. Read on to learn more about the growing rate, the regions where it happens more, and other statistics. Below are shocking statistics about sexual abuse you must know today.

Sexual Abuse Statistics

Key Statistics

  1. The cost of rape for every victim is about $122,461.
  2. Most sexual abuses start when the victim is below 25 years of age.
  3. 2 of every 5 Australians have sexual or physical abuse victims.
  4. Some demographic groups face more impacts of sexual abuse than others.
  5. About 33% of women between the ages of 15 and 49 in Sub-Saharan Africa have gone through IPV at least once in their lifetime.
  6. 20% of women in Sub-Saharan Africa have endured IPV for many years.
  7. About 6% of women between the ages of 15 and 49 worldwide have been victims of sexual abuse at least once in their lifetime.
  8. Only 7% of underaged victims of sexual abuse don’t know the perpetrators.
  9. In 2021, over 736 million women worldwide had been victims of sexual abuse.
  10. People with disabilities are most likely targets for sexual abuse.
  11. The number of 12-year-old and above Native Americans who have experienced sexual abuse is 5,900.
  12. About 79.6% of women aged 25 and below have been victims of complete rape.
  13. About 16.3% of children between the ages of 14 and 17 were sexually abused from 2008 to 2009.
  14. About 14% of men and 38% of women reported cases of workplace violence in 2019.
  15. About 28% of males who have been victims of sexual abuse were ten years old or below when they experienced their first abuse.
  16. The military sector recorded over 8,500 sexual assault cases in 2021.

Top Statistics of Sexual Abuse in 2023

Sexual Abuse Statistics 2023

Here are some statistics about sexual abuse that will leave you in awe:

1. The Cost of Rape for Every Victim is About $122,461.

Rape victims suffer more harm than emotional trauma and physical damages; they suffer financial losses, too. The report states that rape victims spend about $122,462 after surviving the tragedy. They spend this amount to treat the damage to their outer body, inner bodies, and sexual organs. 

Also, they spend the money on criminal justice actions, especially if they know the perpetrator. These victims stay unproductive for weeks or months, trying to heal physically and emotionally. This time usually costs them money in their workplaces.

2. Most Sexual Abuse Starts When the Victim is Below 25 Years of Age.

According to a survey, young people get more sexually abused than older adults. Out of 100% of sexual abuse victims, 80% were below 25 years old. Also, a few of the other 20% were victims when they were younger than 25 years. 50% of the 80% got raped at 18 or when they were still minors. Some of these rape victims were men who were forced to penetrate someone. For some of them, it was a same-sex rape.

3. 2 of Every 5 Australians have Sexual or Physical Abuse Victims.

According to a report, about 8 million people around the age of 18 and above in Australia have been sexually abused at least one time in their lives. This set of people makes up about 41% of the country’s population. This means about 2 of every group of 5 people in Australia have been abused sexually and physically. 

This report was from the Personal Safety Survey in the Australian Bureau of Statistics. It also says that at 15 years old, about 39% of women and 43% of men were rape victims. This report shows the extent to which sexual abuse has gone for kids. 

4. More Women Have Been Victims of Rape Than Men.

Records have shown that more women have been victims of rape than men. Over 50% of the women worldwide have been sexually abused at least once. Then, about 30% of men have been sexually abused. 

This result is based on factors like strength and sexual appeal. Men are stronger, so only a few of them are victims of rape. However, women are less strong, making them an easier rape target. One out of every group of 5 women worldwide have either almost been raped or completely raped.

5. Some Demographic Groups Face More Impacts of Sexual Abuse Than Others.

Although rape can happen to anyone, some demographic groups experience it more. People in certain age grades get raped more. People in certain ethnic groups get abused sexually than others for some reason. Also, one gender experiences rape more than the other in their lifetimes. These incidents mostly happen for no particular reason. 

6. About 33% of Women Between the Ages of 15 and 49 in Sub-Saharan Africa have Gone Through IPV at Least Once in Their Lifetime.

IPV means Intimate Partner Violence, which is more common in Sub-Saharan Africa. Only a few men or no men have experienced it. However, more women have been abused sexually by their intimate partners. 

This happens because the men in such areas mostly feel the need to dominate. Also, they want to be intimate with their partners, not minding if they are in the right mindset for it or not. Sometimes, the women don’t give in, leading to force and violence. 

7. 20% of Women in Sub-Saharan Africa have Endured IPV for Many Years.

Many women in this region who have experienced IPV have spoken about it. However, about 20% of them leave with it, enduring the pain it causes them. Two factors that sponsor this are fear of what the men would do and embarrassment of what people would say. 

8. About 6% of Women Between the Ages of 15 and 49 Worldwide Have Been Victims of Sexual Abuse at Least Once in Their Lifetime.

The case of sexual abuse is not just in one place, even if it is more in some places. It is a global stigma that needs attention. About 6% of women worldwide between the ages of 15 and 49 have been victims. For some of them, it has happened more than one time. 

9. Only 7% of Underaged Victims of Sexual Abuse Don’t Know the Perpetrators.

Records have shown that about 7% of underaged victims who have experienced sexual abuse don’t know the offenders. However, 93% of these victims know the culprits, but only a few get to talk about it. 

This might be because out of 34% of the 93%, the culprits are family members. 59% are acquaintances, and only 7% are strangers. This is why it gets really difficult for sexually abused people below 18 years to report rape cases. 

10. In 2021, Over 736 Million Women Worldwide had Been Victims of Sexual Abuse.

According to a report from WHO, the number of female victims of sexual abuse rose to over 736 million in 2021. This figure was only for people from 15 years old and above. The organization said they conducted a survey and got this as an estimated result. This means there was a possibility that the number was higher than its estimate.

Disturbing Sexual Abuse Statistics

Disturbing Statistics

11. People With Disabilities are Most Likely Targets for Sexual Abuse.

According to research, most people with disabilities are sexual abuse targets for offenders. Such people can hardly fight for themselves, leaving them defenseless against sexual offenders. This statistic covers both men and women, as both genders can be victims. 

It might shock you that most of these incidents happen in care facilities, and the culprits are usually the caretakers. Also, other facility workers indulge in this, which occurs during treatments. Only a few of these happenings get done by outsiders. 

12. More Girls are Victims of Minor Rape.

Research has shown that only 20% of minor rape victims are boys. This means the remaining are girls. This is because there are more male sexual offenders than female sexual offenders.

13. Of Every 1,000 Sexual Abuse Cases, Only About 310 Get Reported.

The authorities encourage sexually abused victims to report cases. According to law enforcement agents’ reports, only a few victims usually report sexual abuse cases. They said only about 310 out of every 1000 victims dare generally to write. This number is not even up to half because most victims are scared to speak up. Also, societies usually make the stigma stain even more by making jest of victims and alienating them from them. 

14. About 33% of Female Rape Victims Consider Suicide.

As much as a few people go to therapy after being raped, some hide it and let it slide, while others consider suicide. Rape comes with high emotional traumas that can devastate victims for weeks, months, and even years. About 94% of rape victims suffer PTSD for at least two weeks. However, only a very few let it go after that. About 33% of these people feel worthless after experiencing this and get suicidal. A few of them get saved, but the rest go with it. 

15. The Number of 12-year-old and Above Native Americans Who Have Experienced Sexual Abuse is 5,900.

The American law enforcement agencies released a report. It says that Native Americans 12 years old and above are at more risk of experiencing sexual abuse in America. Also, the report says over 5,900 to 6,000 Native Americans (American Indians) at that age experience sexual abuse every yearHere, strangers offend more, as there are about 41% of them. Then, 34% of the offenders are acquaintances, and 25% are intimate or intimate partners. 

16. About 79.6% of Women Aged 25 and Below Have Been Victims of Complete Rape.

Generally, some women who have been victims of sexual abuse escape without getting completely rapped. However, many of them don’t get that lucky. For ladies under the age of 25, only about 20.4% escape without getting completely raped. On the other hand, about 79.6% of these women don’t get the chance to escape. 

17. About 16.3% of Children Between 14 and 17 Were Sexually Abused From 2008 to 2009.

According to a report from the Department of Justice in 2009, about 16.3% of children got raped in adolescence. The department got this result by accumulating sexual abuse cases from 2008 to 2009. 

18. About 14% of Men and 38% of Women Reported Cases of Workplace Sexual Harassment in 2019.

People get sexually harassed in their workplace, and this crime affects women more. Authorities have recorded that about 38% of women reported the case in 2019, and only 14% of men did. There are even more people who haven’t written because they benefit from it or they are scared. 

19. About 28% of Males Who Have Been Victims of Sexual Abuse Were Ten Years Old or Younger When They Experienced Their First Abuse.

From a study on sexually abused men, about 28% experienced their first when they were ten or below. Some people who experienced sexual abuse at that age, sadly, didn’t survive it.

20. Sexual Abuse Victims are Six Times More Likely to Use Cocaine.

Some people get addicted to alcohol or drugs after they survive sexual abuse. This happens slowly as they find comfort in these substances to help them forget the trauma. These victims are six times more likely to do cocaine than other things.

Everyday Sexual Abuse Statistics

Everyday Assault Statistics

21. The Military Sector Recorded Over 8,500 Sexual Assault Cases in 2021.

Research shows that even people in the military can be victims of sexual abuse. A report from The Pentagon confirms this. It says people reported over 8,500 sexual abuse cases in the army in 2021. This shows that lack of strength is not the only reason people get raped. 

22. Women are More Likely to Report Rape Cases Than Men.

From research, more women have reported sexual abuse cases than men. Most men take their trauma to the grave. Some get over it fast, and others feel embarrassed, so they think it is best to keep to themselves.


Sexual abuse is rising even more, regardless of the attempt to stop it by authorities. More women face this as their reality than men in their lifetime. Also, some regions and age groups experience it more than others. 

It is mostly because the victims are weaker, they need a favor, they are easily accessible, and a few more reasons. Even people in the military are not exempted, as some of them have been victims, too. It spreading fast, and everyone needs to stay alert to protect themselves and their kids.


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