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Most Important Brave Market Share Statistics in 2024

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The Brave browser, though not popular, attracts many users. Its market share might not be as large as that of Chrome and Safari, but it’s still something worth talking about. An inbuilt ad and tracker have placed it one step ahead of its competitors. Like always, something must create an advantage for a service, which applies perfectly to Brave Browser. Despite having more than 50 million users, Brave holds only 1% of the global browser market.

The need for a better privacy experience has driven many people to use Brave as their perfect browser. It is in its own right doing a great deal better than some tech sites like WordPress. Brave’s browsing speed will keep Brave on the market for the long haul. Here, we will analyze how Brave Browser has performed over the years and what its future holds. Let’s plunge in.

Major Brave Market Share Statistics

Major Brave Market Share Statistics

  1. Brave has secured about 1% of the world browser market. 
  2. One of Brave Browser’s main concerns is to curb trackers and unwanted ads for users’ safety.
  3. A bookmark, extension, or even password takes not more than 60 seconds on the Brave Browser. 
  4. We have 50.2 million people who actively use Brave every single month to browse the internet.
  5. Brave can boast of having 15.5 million loyal daily users on it. 
  6. The browser celebrated a total of 171.9 million visits in April 2023.  
  7. You are qualified to receive a Basic Attention Token when you use the Brave Browser.
  8. Youngsters between 18 and 24 have the largest slice of the Brave audience at 59%.
  9. In April 2023, the United States made a good imprint on Brave with over 37% traffic.

General Brave Market Share Statistics

General Stats

1. Brave has Secured About 1% of the World Browser Market.

The extraordinary features of Brave have set it apart for growth. It has greatly impacted users’ lives, with just a 1% market share. 

2. One of Brave Browser’s Main Concerns is to Curb Trackers and Unwanted Ads for Users’ Safety.

One unique quality of Brave is giving its users a faster and more seamless web experience. Brave often upgrade every one of your connections to safer HTTPs. Its method usually involves an automatic block of all cross-site trackers. Brave does not leave aside phishing attempts and third-party cookies. 

3. A Bookmark, Extension, or Even Password Takes Not More Than 60 Seconds on the Brave Browser.

Switching to Brave Browser will not take much of your time, as the process takes 60 seconds at most. Be it passwords, bookmarks, or even extensions, they will be safer than any other browser. It also gives you, the esteemed users, an inbuilt IPFS integration, a custom filter, and much more privacy security.

4. We Have 50.2 Million People Actively Using Brave Every Month.

The number of Brave browser users keeps on increasing, and more will still add to the number. Being a part of the over 50 million loyalists of Brave’s fast and safer web service will be a great experience for anyone. 

5. Brave Celebrated a Total of 171.9 Million Visits in April 2023.

Brave has had its number of active monthly users doubled for five years. The browser had a total of 24.1 million active monthly users in 2020. This did not end there as more was added, finishing with 50.2 million in 2021. Year after year, more people added to the already existing number of monthly visits and gave a brightening 171.8 million in April 2023. The answer to this skyrocketing growth is not farfetched, as people always look for a faster browser. 

6. You are Qualified to Receive a Basic Attention Token When You Use the Brave Browser.

As an open-source browser, brave places great value on user privacy. It blocks adverts and web trackers with its Chromium browsers by default. It gives users the benefit of a Basic Attention Token, popularly called BAT, for ad view. One fascinating truth about the BAT is that it has a nice spot in the cryptocurrency market cap. The market capitalization is also doing fairly well at about $445 million. BAT has had a downturn for some time, but it is slowly reviving, and in 2023, it will be at 76%. When Brave Rewards started running, over 1,000 advertisers displayed over 5,900 ads. An interesting thing about these ads is that users can enjoy rewards by simply viewing ads. 

7. Youngsters Between 18 and 24 Have the Largest Slice of the Brave Audience at 59%.

People between 18 and 24 make up the most visits to Brave Browser. Men, at 68.29%, take up the largest chunk of the audience when it has to do with gender use. The next age group on the line of highest visitors to Brave are those between 25 and 34 years, with 28.66%.

8. In April 2023, the United States Made a Good Imprint on Brave With Over 36.99% Traffic. 

The United States ranks first with a traffic capacity of 36.99%. It can be said that most of Brave’s traffic comes from the United States, with 36.99%. India follows far off in second place with a mere 6.55%; then we have Mexico, the United Kingdom, and Canada, bringing in 4.99%, 4.42%, and 4.2%, respectively. Other countries are not excluded from Brave traffic as they combine to bring in 42.86% of traffic visits.

9. Brave is a Free Browser That is Excellent in Giving Online Privacy Protection to Users.

One arresting feature of Brave is that it is very protective against ads and even trackers from external sources. This has earned it a place in the hearts of over 50 million users.

Brave User Statistics

Brave User Statistics

10. Over 59.35 Million Users Keenly Used the Brave Browser in October 2023. 

Brave operates from its headquarters in San Francisco, USA. It had 23.9 million active users all through JulyThis was a feat of success worth mentioning, as over 1.6 million creators posted their content in the previous month.

11. The Journey Began in 2015 When Brave Software Inc. Came up With the Idea of Opening a Daunting Browser.

Brendan Eich and Brian Bondy gave birth to this classic software app at a time much needed in May 2015. Launching it to the masses took a while, but in January 2016, it was unmasked for public use. The first version, released for the public, had an ad-blocking feature. The idea behind Brave creation is to give users value for their time. This ensures that users’ privacy is protected and unwanted ads are blocked. It has great features like the Brave rewards to give users more value.

12. Saving Your Password, Bookmarks, and Extensions is Possible Within a Few Seconds in Brave. 

Users who see online privacy as a big deal will appreciate the Brave Browser. Persons who need a fast browser will also see Brave as the best choice. It wouldn’t be too loud to state that Brave Browser is more closed than Chrome. You can safely save your bookmarks, passwords, and extensions within a minute on Brave. Below is a nice breakdown of the active monthly users from 2017 to the end of 2021. 

  • Each month was a rewarding year that ended well with 1.2 million active customers
  • 2018 was far more rewarding, with 5.9 million users every single month
  • Each month progressed nicely in 2019, with 11.2 million monthly active users.
  • 2020 was not different, as it had 24.1 million monthly active users.
  • 2021 was a very successful year with 50.2 million monthly active persons.

Brave Browser Visits

Brave Browser Visits

13. The Traffic of Brave.com Saw a Downfall of 2.49% in April 2023.

In April 2023, there was a total of 171.9 million visits. This was not a nice turnout, as Brave had 176.3 million visits last month. Users spend an average of 4.31 minutes on each visit to Brave.com. This is quite fast, as it has worked to ensure users have the best experience in the shortest possible time. Most traffic to Brave comes from organic and direct searches. The topmost searches on Brave are from natural or organic traffic. Just a mere 0.01% of all traffic comes through paid searches. Some of the reasons why most people use Brave daily can be found just below:

  • It takes no notice of a user’s personal information. This simply means that your data will never be shared with others without your consent.
  • They do not use an algorithm to track a user inquiry or a click at any time.
  • One other thing that stands out is its embedded block ads and trackers. It also can identify fingerprints and disallow cookies, making it a great site.

14. You are Qualified to Receive its Basic Attention Token After You View Any of its Privacy Ads.

This reward can be used to support your ideal content creator, publisher, or even website. All you need to do is allocate some of your BAT earnings to show support.

15. Brave Browser Works Pretty Well With Chrome Extensions.

One striking feature about the Brave Browser is that it works perfectly well with Chrome extensions. This comes to be as it is made on Chromium with the best user browsing experience.

16. Visits From the United States Make Up as Large as 37.52% of Brave.

April saw 37.52% of visits to Brave just from the United States. India trailed behind with 5.49%, and in third place was France, with a total of 4.55%. 

17. Most Traffic Came From Persons Between 18 and 34 Years of Age. 

The younger generation is taking the lead in driving traffic on Brave. The age range of 18 to 34 makes up 59.13% of traffic to Brave. This indicates that young people seek a faster, safer, and more secure browsing experience. They will, therefore, go for a browser that can meet up with their ideal need.


One feature that brings out Brave Browser over all others is its privacy policy. Anyone and almost everyone will go all out for a browser that is fast and also protects their data. Brave Browser has come a long way in terms of user base. Users keep adding to Brave Browser year after year since its entry into the market. The market share is not large but has attracted many users. The young age band’s search for faster and faster browsers will keep it running for the long haul. Worth stating is the Basic Attention Reward that many users benefit from. This is one feature that will surely keep visitors coming to Brave.com again and again.

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