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Eye-popping DuckDuckGo Statistics 2023: Quantifying Success

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Searching online doesn’t have to compromise your privacy. DuckDuckGo is proof of that. It competes with Google, a data-hungry giant, since 2008. And millions have flocked to it. Why? Unlike other search engines, DuckDuckGo doesn’t track or profile users. When you search, you are anonymous. There are no filter bubbles. No manipulative ads following you around. You only see the information you’re looking for.

Online privacy demand is massive and growing. Today, more people are waking up to the importance of data independence. DuckDuckGo rides that wave.

The search engine is predicted to serve over 30 billion private searches in 2023. Its user base now tops 100 million worldwide. Market share has quadrupled since 2016. This article focuses on DuckDuckGo statistics for 2023, covering its user base, search traffic statistics, market share, user demographics, etc. Let’s dive in.

DuckDuckGo Key Statistics

DuckDuckGo Key Statistics

1. Statistics show that DuckDuckGo witnessed over 10 million downloads of its mobile app in October 2023.

2. DuckDuckGo reports that 49% of its users are from the United States.

3. In the 1st quarter of 2023, the search engine had a 0.721% market share with Google and 8.043% without Google.

4. DuckDuckGo processes around 3 billion searches in a month, estimated to have over 100 million users.

5. The company records more than $100 million in annual revenues.

6. Statistics show over 6 million people use the company’s Chrome extension application.

7. In 2023, the company has a 0.71% share in the global search engine market and a 2.11% share in the US.

8. In January 2023, DuckDuckGo recorded a daily search volume of more than 110 million.

9. In April 2023, the company discovered that daily search volume dropped below 100 million for the first time this year.

10. According to statistics, ‘Adult’ and ‘News’ are DuckDuckGo’s top browsing interests among users

11. DuckDuckGo has 73.3% male users, and half are below 34.

12. The privacy search engine, which you will often see as number one on many trustworthy lists online, holds a 2nd position in market shares for mobile search in the US and 18 other countries.

Statistics on DuckDuckGo Search Traffic

DuckDuckGo Search Traffic

13. Between 2010 and 2021, DuckDuckGo processed over 200 billion search queries.

14. In 2010, it processed about 16.4 million searches, and up to 35.3 billion search queries in 2021. This resulted in an extra 18.9 billion searches processed above the value recorded in 2021. With this, the search engine is gaining more popularity and user interest.

15. Before the end of 2022, it processed up to 23.35 billion search queries, validating the growth in adoption.

16. Statistics show that DuckDuckGo has recorded steady growth in average daily searches between 2010 and 2022.

17. In 2020, it processed an average daily searches of 64.8 million and 96.7 million in 2021. 

18. In 2022, it also had an average daily search of 99.7 million.

19. This gives an increment of 3.05% and 54% from the average daily search of 2020 and 2022, respectively.

20. The company also recorded a corresponding increase in annual search trends between 2010 and 2022.

21. DuckDuckGo processed 35.30 billion annual searches in 2021, representing a growth of 1.49 times the value it had in 2020.

22. Again, in 2022, the search engine processed more yearly search queries than in 2021, with a difference of 1.08 billion searches. The table below shows the average daily and annual search trends recorded by DuckDuckGo from 2010 to 2022.

Year Daily Searches Yearly Searches 
2010 45.0 thousand 16.41 million
2011 272.2 thousand 99.35 million
2012 1.4 million 496.24 million
2013 2.8 million 1.03 billion
2014 5.4 million 1.97 billion
2015 8.6 million 3.14 billion
2016 11.2 million 4.09 billion
2017 16.2 million 5.92 billion
2018 25.3 million 9.24 billion
2019 41.3 million 15.08 billion
2020 64.8 million 23.65 billion
2021 96.7 million 35.30 billion
2022 99.7 million 36.38 billion

Number of Users on DuckDuckGo

Number of Users

23. The privacy protection quality of DuckDuckGo makes it challenging to ascertain the exact number of users it has as it doesn’t track users.

24. In 2018, Seotribunal research showed that people perform about 3 to 4 daily searches. With this, it also estimated that approximately 30 million daily users on DuckDuckGo.

25. In 2023, DuckDuckGo estimated it has more than 100 million users based on the number of search queries per month.

26. Similarweb, a known data analytics tool, shows that the “Adult” category is the most browsing interest among DuckDuckGo users.

27. The top user browsing interest by topic on DuckDuckGo is “News.”

Demographics of Users on DuckDuckGo

Demographics of Users

28. According to statistics, DuckDuckGo records 73.3% male users, with half below 34 years of age.

29. Female users only account for 26.7% of the total users on the privacy search engine.

30. Users within the 65 and above age group make up 8.93% of DuckDuckGo’s total number of users on the desktop.

31. DuckDuckGo has the 25 to 34 age group of its users as the largest group that uses the search engine.

32. The 25 to 34 age group accounts for 26.42% of DuckDuckGo desktop users.

33. The second largest age group of users on DuckDuckGo is 18 to 24, making up 19.37% of all DuckDuckGo’s desktop users.

34. It was discovered that most of the users on DuckDuckGo are from the US, making up 49% of its total users

35. About 5.36% and 5.12% of DuckDuckGo’s users come from the United Kingdom and Germany, respectively.

36. The company gets 4.48% of its users from Canada and 2.48% from France.

Website Traffic Statistics

Website Traffic Statistics

37. In September 2023, DuckDuckGo ranked 16 most visited websites worldwide and 9 in the US.

38. It also recorded 4.25 billion website traffic, a 25.8% increase above the value in August 2023.

39. Between July and September 2023, DuckDuckGo had more than 9 billion web traffic.

40. In September 2023, most of the website traffic on DuckDuckGo came from the United States.

41. The US accounted for the 2.14 billion internet traffic, with about 50.4% of total traffic from all countries that visited the website.

DuckDuckGo Global Search Engine Market Share

Global Search Engine Market Share

42. Statistics show that in September 2023, DuckDuckGo had a 0.58% share in the global search engine market.

43. In July 2022, the company recorded a 0.71% search engine market share worldwide.

44. The value has dropped by 0.13% in 2023. 

45. Devices’ market share in July 2022 includes 0.99% from desktops, 1.07% from tablets, and 0.56% from mobile phones.

46. In September 2023, DuckDuckGo’s market shares by devices include 0.73% from desktops, 0.85% from tablets, and 0.51% from mobile phones.

47. DuckDuckGo recorded a 2.16% search engine market share from desktops in the US in September 2023.

48. The US also recorded a 2.83% and 1.86% search engine market share from tablets and mobile phones, respectively.

49. In September 2023, the company got a 0.6% market share in Oceania against the 0.75% it had in July 2022. This shows that the market share dropped by 0.15% in Oceania.

50. DuckDuckGo recorded a 1.65% market share in North America as of September 2023, against the 2.11% share the search engine had in July 2022.

51. In Africa, the company had a 0.06% market share in September 2023, below the 0.11% share it got in July 2022. With this value, the search engine had a market share decline of 0.05% in Africa.

52. In September 2023, DuckDuckGo recorded another drop in market share with a value of 0.58% against the 0.64% it had in July 2022.

53. DuckDuckGo’s decline in market share was also observed in South America.

54. It had a 0.11% share in September 2023, below the 0.12% search engine market share recorded in July 2022.

Statistics for Extensions and Apps

Statistics for Extensions and Apps

55. The search engine services can be obtained via its website, mobile apps, and Chrome browser extension.

56. Statistics show over 6 million people will use DuckDuckGo’s Chrome extension application in 2023.

57. The company’s app on Google Play had more than 10 million downloads on October 9, 2023.

58. In the 1st quarter of 2021, statistics show that DuckDuckGo’s browser was the most downloaded on Android devices.

59. The DuckDuckGo app and extension are the 2nd most downloaded browsers on iOS in the 1st quarter of 2021.

DuckDuckGo Revenue

DuckDuckGo Revenue

60. DuckDuckGo makes money through affiliate marketing and advertising.

61. Statistics show that the company has broken even since 2014 and records an annual revenue of over $100 million.

Benefits of Using DuckDuckGo Search Engine

Benefits of DuckDuckGo

  • DuckDuckGo search engine provides users with a lot of benefits, especially in the aspect of data protection.
  • It gives users a clean browsing interface and absolute privacy when searching the web for some pieces of information.
  • Again, the privacy-oriented search engine prevents targeted ads and provides users with unbiased results for search queries.
  • Moreover, DuckDuckGo prevents social engineering in search queries.


DuckDuckGo is a search engine that guarantees data protection and privacy to internet users. Considering this uniqueness, the search engine has recorded over 10 million downloads of its mobile app. It also recorded steady growth in average daily searches and annual search queries between 2010 and 2022. The search engine has also demonstrated commitment to its data protection dogma by preventing targeted adverts on its platform. However, DuckDuckGo is less popular than its competitors — Google and Bing. Between 2022 and 2023, its global search engine market share dropped, but the reason for the decline is unknown.


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