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The Must Know Threads App Users Statistics [2023]

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Threads app, developed by Meta, is the latest buzz in town. ‘Threads’ app has shattered all previous records and has left even tech giants in awe. The Threads app offers a platform where users can engage in meaningful conversations without the image-heavy nature of others.

The platform achieved the unimaginable, surpassing over 100 million downloads in seven days. Keep reading as we delve into the latest statistics, and explore what this meteoric rise means for users.

Threads app users Key Statistics

Key Statistics

  • Threads achieved an incredible milestone, reaching 150 million downloads, surpassing Pokémon Go’s success.
  • According to a data research firm, Threads has managed to retain a staggering 100 million active users every week.
  • The Verge report shows the app witnessed over 95 million posts in the first 24 hours and 190 million likes.
  • India, Brazil, and US are the top 3 countries with the highest downloads, representing 33%, 22%, and 16%, respectively.
  • As of July 29, the Threads app has hit 100 countries and supports over 30 languages, both on iOS and Android.
  • Threads let users create posts with short text messages up to 500 characters or videos up to 5 minutes long.
  • Users can only delete their Threads profile by deleting their Instagram account, making it not straightforward.
  • On Threads, the gender distribution consists of 68% male and 32% female users
  • Nearly all users (96%) on the platform were active on Instagram, with substantial concurrent activity on WhatsApp (80%), Facebook (58%), and Twitter (56%). 
  • The majority of sign-ups on Threads were from users with iOS devices. 
  • During the initial days of its launch, Threads users spent an average of 15 minutes per day on the app, engaging in around 9.4 app sessions.

Threads User Downloads Statistics

Threads User Downloads Statistics

1. Threads Smashed 150 Million Downloads, Over 5 Times Bigger Than Pokémon Go.

Within seven days of launch, the Instagram threads gained over 150 million downloads worldwide, becoming the fastest-ever app to reach such a milestone. This number highlights how quickly the platform grows and how widely users embrace it. According to Data.ai, the Instagram app surpasses notable platforms like ChatGPT, which reached 5 million in under 3 weeks on the market.

Additionally, Twitter rivals surpass the 100 milestone in less than five days, smashing the record of the artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT. Meanwhile, this record took ChatGPT over two months to achieve, while TikTok waited nine months. It is important to note that it took Instagram itself two and half years to hit 100 million sign-ups after its launch in 2010.

(Source: Data.ai, Reuters)

2. Threads Welcomed 80 Million Users in 2 Days of Operation.

The launch of Threads witnessed an extraordinary level of excitement. In two days, the platform attracted an astounding 80 million users. The platform’s rapid rise to fame can be credited to its inventive features, smooth integration with Instagram, and the buzz generated by the rivalry between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg.

While people are eagerly joining Threads to escape the chaos of Elon Musk’s Twitter, the sudden success of Meta’s app has raised concerns. Meta has been criticized for dominating the market and allegedly copying and shutting down rival apps to stifle competition.

(Source: CNN Business)

3. Instagram’s Threads Crossed 10 Million Sign-ups Within Hours of the Launch.

Instagram’s Threads made a remarkable debut, attracting over 10 million sign-ups within 7 hours of its launch. This rapid and substantial influx of users highlights the feature’s instant popularity and appeal. The overwhelming response indicates that Instagram’s Threads has quickly become a sought-after addition to the platform.

(Source: Threads)

4. 30 Million Sign-ups in 24 Hours.

As revealed by Mark Zuckerberg, Threads achieved a milestone of 30 million sign-ups within 24 hours of launch. Threads’ significant number of registrations after its launch may not guarantee that all users will become active on the platform, raising uncertainty about its long-term success. 

Additionally, among the 30 million sign-ups, some may have regrets since creating a Threads account makes it impossible to delete without deleting their Instagram account.

(Source: Threads)

5. Threads Surpass 2 Million Users in the First Hours of Launch.

Based on data provided by Meta, their latest app, Threads, garnered an impressive two million users within two hours of its release. This rapid uptake underscores the app’s immediate popularity and suggests a strong potential for further growth in the coming days. The significant number of early adopters indicates a promising start for Threads in the competitive world of mobile applications.

(Source: Statista)

Demographic Statistics of Threads

Demographic Statistics of Threads

6. 68% of Users are Male, While Female Holds 32%.

A significant majority of Threads Instagram accounts, approximately 68%, belong to male users, whereas female users account for around 32% of the accounts. The platform’s gender distribution reveals a noticeable difference in the representation of male and female users on Threads’ Instagram.

S0urce: Gadget Advisor)

7. The Threads App Goes Global, Launching in 100 Countries.

Threads debuted in over 100 countries, encompassing significant regions like the U.S., Britain, Australia, Canada, and Japan. This extensive global reach has likely played a vital role in the app’s quick expansion and the diverse user community it has attracted. 

(Source: NPR.org)

8. ‘Threads’ is Not Available in Europe Union.

Unfortunately, due to privacy concerns, Threads is currently unavailable in the European Union. This restriction stems from specific EU privacy regulations that the app must comply with before being made accessible to usersDespite widespread availability in over 100 countries, the app’s launch in the European Union has been temporarily held back. Users in the EU eagerly await the day when they can join in on the Threads experience.

(Source: CNBC)

9. Threads Ranked Top China’s App.

Threads achieved a remarkable feat in China, where it faced censorship from the Great Firewall. Despite this obstacle, the app secured a spot among the top four free social apps on the Chinese App Store. This impressive success indicates a high demand for Threads, even in regions with restricted access to specific social media platforms, showcasing its popularity.

(Source: SCMP)

Active Users Statistics

Active Users Statistics

10. Users Spend Just 4 Minutes in the App.

On July 6, Threads was launched with an impressive 41.79 million daily active users, which increased to 49.3 million on July 7. However, within a week, the daily active users plummeted to 23.6 million, representing a steep 52% decline. As of July 24, the platform experienced a significant drop, with only 13 million daily active users remaining, indicating a substantial decrease of over 73% since its peak.

Furthermore, the average time spent on the app has decreased considerably. Users spent an average of 21 minutes daily on Threads on July 7, but today, that number has dwindled to a mere 4 minutes. In comparison, Twitter boasts 200 million daily active users, with an average usage time of 31 minutes daily.

According to Professor Richard Hanna, the drop-off was because the Threads app could not meet the users’ expectations. Hanna told WSJ, saying, “It’s clear by the drop-off that people are seeing they can’t do as much, and there are certain things that they want to be able to do that perhaps they can do on other apps.”

Furthermore, the app is missing key features like searching topics or finding trending ideas which could likely affect the drop in user activeness.

(Sources: Simplarweb, WSJ)

11. Threads Active Users Were Reduced by 5% for Two Days.

On July 5, the release date of the Threads App, there was a noticeable increment in the number of users actively using the platform. However, it was short-lived and took a deep dive as active users plummeted in just two weeks of launch. Surprisingly, this reduction in active users persisted for two consecutive days, indicating a significant but temporary shift in user engagement.

(Source: Deseret)

12. Threads US Activity Dropped from 21 Minutes to 6 Minutes.

US users are now spending less than one-third of the time they used to spend scrolling through the popular new app compared to its peak. Based on CNN reports, the US usage activity of the Threads app, which spiked to about 21 minutes on July 7, could not sustain the rally and dropped to over 6 minutes on July 14.

(Source: CNN)

13. Top Accounts in the Threads App.

Mr. Beast became the first Instagram account to reach 1 million followers, accomplishing this feat faster than Mark Zuckerberg. On Threads, Kim Kardashian holds the title of the most followed account, with an impressive 5.2 million followers since joining the platform. Following Kim is Kylie Jenner, who has over 4 million followers, while Will Smith and Jennifer Lopez hold the same number of followers.

(Source: Exploding Topics)

Other Threads Statistics

Other Threads Statistics

14. Twitter active users on Android were down 5%.

During the days when Threads garnered the highest interest, there was little change in Twitter’s daily active users on Android across the globe. However, the time users spent on the platform decreased by approximately 4.3%, possibly due to some users exploring Threads. Despite this decline, the average time spent on Twitter has remained around 25 minutes.

(Source: CNBC)

15. Users can impute 500 characters and 5 minutes of video.

Threads debuted in over 100 countries like, the U.S., Britain, Australia, Canada, and Japan. This extensive availability is likely critical to the app’s quick growth and ability to attract a diverse user community. However, Threads have not yet been introduced in the European Union, owing to the complexities of regulations in that region.

(Source: Meta)

16. Threads App Has 49 million active users on its best day.

As of July 17, according to Similarweb analysis, the Threads app accounts for over 49 million daily active users on Android worldwide. This represents about 45% of the active users on Twitter which was over 109 million users that same day.

(Source: Simple Web)

17. Data Privacy.

As stated in its data privacy disclosure on the App Store, Threads has the potential to collect a comprehensive array of personal information. This includes sensitive data related to health, financial details, contact information, browsing and search history, location data, purchase records, and other forms of “sensitive info.” 

The extensive nature of data collection outlined in the disclosure raises privacy concerns for users, encompassing various aspects of their personal lives. Users must know the app’s data collection practices and make informed decisions regarding privacy and security.

(Source: WLRN)

18. Meta Price Surges Close to its 2022 Highest Point.

On the day Threads was launched, Meta’s stock price spiked significantly, reaching its highest value since the beginning of 2022. It closed at $294.37, and the number of shares traded was more than three times higher than on July 3.

(Source: Investing)

19. Among Gen Z, Twitter Usage is Experiencing a 30% Faster Growth Rate Than Instagram.

Even though Threads and Instagram are doing well, it’s crucial to remember that Twitter is progressing, especially with younger users. Recent data indicates that Twitter’s usage is increasing 30% faster than Instagram’s among Gen Z, influential trendsetters in the digital world. 42% of Americans ages 12-34 now use Twitter, compared to only 29% in 2020, representing a 36.6% boost over two yearsMeanwhile, Instagram adoption saw a 5.7% increase within the same time frame.

(Source: Hootsuite)


Since bursting onto the scene, Threads has made quite an impression. User numbers have steadily climbed as more and more people download the app. It’s growth trajectory has rivals like Twitter taking notice.

Threads seems to have struck a chord, offering an alternative social experience that resonates. As it continues gaining traction, Threads may emerge as a formidable challenger in the social media arena.

It’s fascinating watching an upstart like Threads gain momentum in such a short time. The data on downloads and user adoption paints a picture of impressive growth. While the social media landscape keeps expanding, Threads has carved out a distinct niche for itself.

As new players enter the chat, it’s clear the social media world will keep evolving. Threads’ arrival on the scene is already shaking things up. It’s anyone’s guess what emerges next as platforms compete for our attention. One thing is certain: social media will keep changing as rising stars like Threads make their mark.


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