Uber Eats Statistics, Facts & Trends for 2023

Uber Eats Statistics, Facts & Trends for 2023

Uber Eats statistics

If you’ve ever ordered a takeaway with an app, the chances are fair that it was with Uber Eats.

We’ve previously written about Uber statistics and trends, but today, we’ll dive into the numbers for its delivery-focused off-shoot, Uber Eats.

Founded in 2014 as UberFRESH, Uber Eats quickly gained momentum in the US and then around the world. Just like its parent company, it experienced tremendous growth during the COVID-19 pandemic as consumers were forced to change their habits.

Uber Eats was instrumental for the hospitality industry during the pandemic and remains so to this day. In this article, we’ll take a look at Uber Eats statistics on its impact on the industry, key users and markets, revenue, and partner statistics.

Key Uber Eats Statistics for 2023

  1. Uber Eats’ total booking value reached $15 billion in Q1 2023 and $15.6 billion in Q2 2023.
  2. Uber One attracted 12 million members in 2022.
  3. 25-34-year olds are the most represented Uber Eats demographic, making up over 50% of the overall Uber Eats audience in Australia.
  4. The total Uber Eats revenue for 2022 was $10.9 billion, compared to $8.36 billion in 2021.
  5. Uber Eats dominates the French food delivery market with a 67% share.
  6. As of January 2023, Uber Eats had almost 900,000 partner restaurants worldwide.
  7. 58% of Uber Eats UK customers tried new restaurants for the first time in 2020 via the delivery app.

Uber Eats Delivery Statistics


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Uber Eats’ delivery offering is an important tool for attracting new customers to the company. And it’s quite successful. Even in European countries where there’s a lot of local competition from firms such as Getir and JustEat, Uber Eats has been downloaded at least a million times.

We’ll now take a closer look at Uber Eats booking and delivery statistics.

Uber Eats Downloads Statistics


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In 2022, Uber Eats was downloaded 46.8 million times worldwide – second only to the Indian food delivery app Zomato.

Uber Eats is particularly popular in France and Japan. In February 2022, it was downloaded over 420,000 times in Japan.

The peak number of monthly downloads for Japan was recorded in April 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown, when Uber Eats was downloaded over 1.6 million times. The French peak was reached in February 2021, with over 790,000 Uber Eats downloads.

We’ve also reviewed the number of times Uber was downloaded in other countries in 2022, compared to other popular food delivery apps. Here’s an overview:

Country Most Popular Food Delivery App in 2022 Number of Uber Eats Downloads in 2022
Sweden HelloFresh 219,000
Finland Wolt Delivery 25,000
Spain Glovo 1.1 million
USA DoorDash 12 million
Chile PedidosYa 944,000

Total Bookings

gross bookings

Source: Uber

According to the company, in Q4 2022, an average customer who used Uber for both travel and delivery made 10.9 trips per month. To compare, customers who used just one service made only 4.6 trips per month, on average.

Known as “delivery bookings” in Uber’s investor reports, Uber Eats’ total value of bookings reached $15 billion in Q1 2023 and $15.6 billion in Q2 2023. Overall, bookings grew 12% year-on-year as of Q2 2023. 

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the total value of Uber Eats bookings from Q1 2021 to Q4 2022.

Time Period Total value of bookings, USD
Q1 2021 $12.46 billion
Q2 2021 $12.9 billion
Q3 2021 $12.83 billion
Q4 2021 $13.44 billion
Q1 2022 $13.9 billion
Q2 2022 $13.88 billion
Q3 2022 $13.7 billion
Q4 2022 $14.3 billion

delivery trends per day

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Uber Eats works with many retailers and restaurants catering to different tastes and budgets, and Uber Eats’ cravings reports for 2021 and 2022 reflect this.

Here are the key takeaways about popular foods and cuisines ordered via Uber Eats in the US:

    • Bananas were the bestselling Uber Eats grocery item in 2021
    • Mexican, Chinese, and Burgers were the most popular cuisines ordered on Uber Eats in 2021
    • In 2021, Uber Eats saw 1,234% more orders of cheese fries than in 2020
    • People ordered over 3,000 bananas to be delivered by Uber Eats on weekends in November 2022
    • Potatoes of all kinds were the most popular post-Thanksgiving order in 2022
    • Penn State students had the most nighttime Uber Eats orders
    • Uber Eats orders for non-alcoholic drinks were 300% up in 2022

Uber One Statistics

In addition to its rides and delivery services, Uber also offers a subscription option called Uber One, formerly called Eats Pass.

Launched in 2021, the subscription provides users with various benefits, such as free delivery, discounted meals, and discounted rides.

Perks include a 10% discount on food, free delivery for eligible meals, access to special offers, and other benefits. According to Uber, an Uber One membership can save a user $27 per month. And according to the company’s annual 2022 report, Uber One attracted 12 million members that year.

Uber Eats Markets & Demographics

So Uber Eats’ bookings are on the rise, and people order all sorts of things there. But who is using it, why, and where?

In this section, we’ll take a look at where Uber Eats is available around the world, its users, and the reasons why people love it.

Total Number of Users

Online Food Delivery Apps download statistics

Source: Statista

As of 2022, Uber Eats had over 80 million users, and as observed, it’s the second-most downloaded food delivery app worldwide after Zomato.

However, it’s hard to estimate how many monthly active users the platform has because Uber doesn’t segment its Monthly Active User (MAU) metrics, including both rides and delivery in its MAU reports.

Despite this, the company’s annual report for 2022 states that the number of Uber Eats monthly active consumers grew 2% year-on-year. And as of Q2 2023, Uber had 137 million MAUs across all its platforms.

Uber Eats Presence by Region

As of 2023, Uber Eats is present in 29 countries.

In EMEA, it’s available in South Africa, Kenya, the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, and Switzerland.

As for North and Central America, Uber Eats is available to residents of the US, Canada, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Panama, Mexico, and Guatemala. In South America, it’s available in Chile and Ecuador, having withdrawn from Brazil in 2022.

And in APAC, Uber Eats is present in Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and Japan.

Uber Eats User Demographics

Uber Eats Australia users by age statistics

Source: Statista

Uber Eats is slightly more popular among men than women, with men making up 55.3% and women 46.6% of users.

In terms of age demographics, both Statista and SimilarWeb rate 25-34-year olds as being the most represented Uber Eats age cohort. In Australia, they make up over 50% of the overall Uber Eats audience.

Why People Choose Uber Eats

why takeaway delivery app

Source: Uber Eats

According to Uber Eats UK research, convenience is a big reason why people use it to order food, along with cooking fatigue and quick delivery times.

In addition to ease and convenience, 68% of UK consumers found Uber Eats enabled them to discover new restaurants, resulting in higher awareness of local businesses.

Uber Eats Market & Revenue Statistics

Online Food Delivery Market US Statistics

Source: Statista

The food delivery market has been growing significantly, assisted by the impact of COVID-19 restrictions, which had an unprecedented impact on consumer behavior. In fact, the US food delivery market, comprised of grocery and meal delivery, is expected to reach $473.6 billion by 2027.

Given Uber Eats’ increasing prevalence in the food delivery market, we expect that it’ll continue being one of its largest players. We’ll now take a look at its market share and revenue over the years.

Total Revenue Over the Years


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As of the end of 2022, the revenue of Uber’s delivery segment, represented by Uber Eats, grew 30% relative to the end of 2021. Total Uber Eats revenue in 2022 was $10.9 billion, compared to $8.36 billion in 2021.

Revenue in Uber’s delivery segment has been growing steadily since 2021, with the exception of Q2 2023. Uber Eats’ revenue tends to peak in the last quarter of every year. Seasonal fluctuations can explain these peaks as people order more food around the holiday season.

Market Share by Region

Online Meal Delivery Companies statistics

Source: Statista

Although Uber is a huge company, it’s not dominant in the food delivery market. For example, its market share in the US is 23%, with DoorDash having the largest slice of the pie with 65%.

The situation in the UK is similar, with JustEat dominating the food delivery market with a 45% share and Uber Eats having a 27% share.

In Germany, Uber Eats’ market share is only 9%, thanks to the prevalence of local players like Lieferando, which has a 77% share. However, the situation is different in France, where Uber Eats dominates the market with a 67% share.

Valuation & Funding

It’s hard to estimate the value of Uber Eats as a standalone organization, as it’s part of Uber. However, Chef’s Stage estimates it to be worth $20 billion.

According to Crunchbase, Uber Eats hasn’t received any direct funding to date – other than the funding received by its parent company – but it acquired two companies in 2018 – Ando and orderTalks.

Uber Eats Partner Statistics

Uber Eats works with thousands of partners around the world, helping them reach new customers and cater to their evolving needs.

In this section, we’ll take a look at the number of partners Uber Eats works with and the company’s impact on them.

Total Number of Partners


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As of January 2023, Uber Eats had almost 900,000 partner restaurants worldwide – an increase of 100,000 on the previous year. Over 50% of these (450,000+) are based in the US, and 55% of the partners are SMEs. For Canada, the figure is 60%.

Impact on Restaurants

North America

uber impacts

Source: Uber Impact Report 2022

The 2022 Uber Eats Impact Report details the company’s impact on the US and Canada’s hospitality industry and its small and medium players.

According to the report, 70% of US and 67% of Canadian restaurant SMEs saw Uber Eats as a reliable partner that had a positive impact on their business, making it more adaptable to various challenges. Between 80% and 82% of North American food SMEs report increased profitability thanks to Uber Eats.

Almost 90% of these SMEs said Uber Eats helped them reach new customers, and over 95% said they planned to keep using Uber Eats in the future.

Minority and female-owned SMEs agreed regarding the positive impact of Uber Eats. 85% of US and 75% of Canadian female-owned SME restaurants are reportedly more profitable, thanks to Uber Eats.

For minority-owned businesses in the US, that figure is 82%, and Uber Eats helped 88% of them reach new clients.

United Kingdom

additional revenue from uber eats

Source: Uber Eats

According to Uber Eats’ research into its UK impact during the pandemic, the app made it possible for over 40% of British restaurants to stay in business during COVID-19.

As they couldn’t serve customers on their premises due to the lockdowns imposed by the UK government, they had to expand to delivery to stay in business – and that’s where Uber Eats came in.

Uber Eats also brought new customers to 75% of UK restaurants and more orders from existing patrons to 38% of restaurants. It essentially created a new customer base for the UK hospitality sector – 58% of Uber Eats UK customers tried new restaurantsfor the first time in 2020 via the delivery app.

The Uber Eats customer base is only expected to grow, with the forecast additional revenue to restaurants predicted to reach over £520 million by 2025.

Uber Eats Controversies

Uber has had some issues and controversies in the past in relation to its business operations. Uber Eats isn’t free of such controversies, either, and we’ll take a closer look at them now.

Treatment of Drivers

Uber Eats delivery statistics

Many Uber Eats drivers have complained about how the company treats them, even going as far as to launch a lawsuit. The complaints related to being treated as “numbers, not humans” and the avoidance of payment of benefits resulting from being treated as contractors rather than workers or employees.

This issue has led to many legal disputes around the world, and the courts have tended to reject Uber’s position that its drivers are contractors.

Impact on Hospitality

Despite the positive impact of Uber Eats on the hospitality industry, this is not without controversies, either. The hefty fees charged by Uber Eats cut into restaurant profits.

The commission fees, often ranging from 15% to 30% of each order, have led some restaurants to raise menu prices, negatively impacting customer satisfaction.

What’s the Future of Uber Eats?

Uber Eats was born out of a growing desire for convenience amid technological advancements. The pandemic only accelerated these trends, propelling the company’s take-up and development. We believe it’s safe to say that the future of Uber Eats will involve further advancements and more competition.

As demand for food delivery continues to rise, Uber Eats will likely focus on enhancing UX, improving delivery efficiency, and expanding to new markets. To address the controversies it has faced, Uber Eats may have to work on better driver compensation and safety measures.

Finally, with the increasing presence of other food delivery services, Uber Eats will need to innovate and differentiate itself to maintain its position as a leading player in the competitive food delivery sector.


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