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How to Watch Serbia vs England in Euro 2024

Aidan Weeks
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Are you eager to learn how to watch Serbia vs England in the Euro this weekend?

The highly anticipated event sees Gareth Southgate’s side entering the tournament as favorites for many, but they’ll have their work cut out against the talented Serbia.

The match will be streamed on various platforms, all of which are geo-restricted. We’ll cover how you can bypass these location restrictions and gain access to this buzzing fixture.

This guide on how to watch Serbia vs England in Euro 2024 will cover everything from where it’ll be streaming to the event details and the best VPNs to watch it from anywhere.

Summary of the Serbia vs England match details:

  • Location: VELTINS-Arena in Gelsenkirchen
  • Date: June 16, 2024
  • Time: 8:00 PM CET

ChatGPT vs Sports/Tech Editor Serbia vs England Prediction

As a fun little side quest during our guides on where to catch all the games at Euro 2024, our Tech Editor, William Baxter, is battling it out against the bots. They’ll be predicting the outcome of all of the Euro 2024 games, including this one, Serbia vs England.

Chat-GPT may be able to draw on countless databases and sources online, but was it there watching England lose on penalties to Italy back in 2021? I think not. See below for both predictions.

🤖 ChatGPT-4o Prediction: Commentary: Serbia 1-2 England. The Serbia vs. England match at Euro 2024 promises to be competitive. England, with stars like Harry Kane and Phil Foden, is a favorite due to its depth and recent strong performances. Serbia, featuring Aleksandar Mitrović and Sergej Milinković-Savić, can pose a challenge with its physical play and solid defense. Despite Serbia’s resilience, England’s superior attacking options are likely to secure a 2-1 victory.

😎 William Baxter, Tech Editor with a passion for sports: Serbia 1-4 England. Commentary: I can see England conceding a goal here, given their relatively inexperienced defense and the strength Serbia poses upfront. However, if the attack starts to click, and Gareth Southgate gets the selection right (which is always a fun talking point), they should have too much for the Serbian backline. England to win 4-1.

Where to Stream Serbia vs England Live

Watching Serbia vs England live can be tricky due to regional broadcasting restrictions. Below is a table detailing where you can stream the match, along with the subscription prices:

Streaming Service Price Per Month
BBC iPlayer Free
ZDF Free with German radio tax
Hulu $76.99
Sling TV $20 ($25 off your first month)
TSN+ $8
FuboTV $79.99
YouTube TV $57.99 ($15 off your first 3 months)

Watch Serbia vs England on BBC iPlayer

If you’re in the UK, look no further than BBC iPlayer to watch the Serbia vs England match live. You’ll enjoy a high-quality stream of the match without spending a penny.

This platform will stream multiple Euro 2024 matches throughout the tournament alongside ITVX. The best part is that BBC iPlayer is totally free to use (as long as you have a TV license).

BBC iPlayer Interface

If you’re outside the UK, you can access BBC iPlayer from anywhere with a VPN. You can connect to a UK server and bypass the BBC iPlayer geo-restrictions to stream the match as if you’re in the UK.

Watch Serbia vs England on Sling TV

If you’re in the United States and you’re looking to steam the Serbia vs England Euro 2024 match, Sling TV is a suitable choice.

Sling TV boasts 44 channels, including 17 exclusive news and entertainment channels. The match will be broadcast live on FS1, which is available with the Sling Blue subscription.

SlingTV interface

We recommend Sling TV over other streaming services in the US because it boasts a more affordable pricing structure.

New subscribers get $25 off their first month ($20). After that, it’ll cost $45/month, but you could time it perfectly with the start and finish of the euros and cancel your membership.

The Euro 2024 matches will take place from June 14th to July 14th and will be shown live on FOX and FS1. Sling Blue offers access to all games on FS1 and, in some locations, on FOX.

Watch Serbia vs England on Hulu

Hulu is another good option for sports fans in the US who want to watch the Serbia vs England match on FS1. However, it comes at a far greater cost than Sling TV.

Hulu offers two main subscription plans for live TV: $76.99 per month with ads and $89.99 without ads.

Hulu interface

Both plans also include Disney+ and ESPN+, along with over 95 top channels, combining live TV with on-demand content and sports.

Serbia vs England: Full Event Details

This highly anticipated Euro 2024 matchup between Serbia and England at the VELTINS-Arena in Gelsenkirchen is shaping up to be a classic.

Both teams need to get off to a strong start; otherwise, they’ll be under a lot of pressure in the following two group games.

With critics in England always eager to criticize a poor performance, Gareth Southgate will be hoping the team goes out there and makes a statement.

England always has high expectations, and even more so with the abundance of talent at Gareth’s choosing. He’s already had to make some bold decisions in leaving playmakers Jack Grealish and James Maddison out of the squad.

With world-class stars like Harry Kane, Jude Bellingham, and Bukayo Saka leading the lines, alongside players like Cole Palmer, who’s off the back of an incredible debut season at Chelsea, England is expected to be in the final.

Could we see Gareth turn to the additions of Palmer and the nifty Eze, who made the squad ahead of Grealish? Given England’s recent struggle against Iceland, which resulted in a 1-0 loss, there will be a lot of pressure on them to perform against Serbia.

03/06/2002 is the last time England and Serbia faced each other; England won a 2-1 victory

England hasn’t won a major trophy since the 1966 World Cup, and they painfully lost on penalties to Italy at the last Euro, so the nation is eager to end their long-awaited drought for a major title.

But do not doubt this Serbian side. Serbia won four, drew two, and lost two of its Euro 2024 qualifying games to finish second in the group behind Hungary.

Serbia comfortably beat Sweden 3-0 in its last friendly game before the tournament, potentially lifting the players and gaining some well-needed momentum heading into this clash.

Their squad isn’t short of stars either, with talents including:

  • Sergej Milinković-Savić (Al-Hilal)
  • Filip Kostić (Juventus)
  • Aleksandar Mitrović (Al-Hilal)
  • Dušan Tadić (Fenerbahçe)
  • Dušan Vlahović (Juventus)

The balance of experienced players and hungry youth makes Serbia a formidable opponent, and this game will be a cracker.

When these two teams last faced each other, England secured a 2-1 victory on June 3rd, 2002. The stakes this time are much higher, as both teams have their sights set on reaching the knock-out stages.

We predict England will win this one narrowly, 2-1 or 1-0. Serbia will put up a good fight, but England’s squad depth and talent coming off the bench could be the deciding factor when the match reaches the latter stages.

How to Live Stream Serbia vs England From Anywhere

Watching the Serbia vs England match at Euro 2024 can be challenging due to licensing restrictions and copyright laws limiting its availability to specific channels/countries.

This means that your location depicts whether you have access to certain streaming platforms and how much you have to pay to watch the game.

Typically, streaming platforms must purchase broadcasting rights for specific regions, allowing them to gain exclusive deals and implement geographical restrictions.

For example, the BBC and ITV have exclusive rights to stream England matches in the UK, meaning no other UK streaming platform can, and these rights don’t extend to countries like the US or Canada.

Connect to any country virtually with a VPN to stream content on any platform.

Fortunately, you can overcome these challenges and watch the UEFA European Championships with a VPN from anywhere in the world.

VPN like those found below enables you to connect to a server in any country (if the provider offers it). It masks your actual location and virtually places you in the selected server’s country.

This lets you bypass restrictions and access the stream as if you were in the country. Suppose you’re in the US, where FS1 has broadcasting rights, but you don’t want to subscribe to FS1.

You can use a VPN to connect to a UK server and watch the match on ITVX for free by using a UK postcode. VPNs also offer a variety of benefits beyond bypassing geo-restrictions.

They hide your IP address and encrypt your internet traffic, protecting your data from snoopers and attacks while browsing the internet or streaming.

Best VPNs to Stream Serbia vs England From Anywhere

Using a VPN to stream the Serbia vs England match in Euro 2024 ensures you can access the game regardless of your location. Below is a comparison of the best streaming VPNs, highlighting their features and pricing:

VPN Starting Price Free Version Unblocks Servers Full Review
PureVPN $2.14/month 7-day free trial and a 31-day money-back guarantee ITVX, ZDF, Hulu, Sling TV, TSN+, FuboTV, YouTube TV 6,000+ in 65+ countries PureVPN Review
ExpressVPN $6.67/month 30-day money-back guarantee ITVX, ZDF, Hulu, Sling TV, TSN+, FuboTV, YouTube TV 3,000+ in 105 countries ExpressVPN Review
NordVPN $3.39/month 30-day money-back guarantee ITVX, ZDF, Hulu, Sling TV, TSN+, FuboTV, YouTube TV 6,400+ in 111 countries NordVPN Review
Surfshark $2.19/month 30-day money-back guarantee ITVX, ZDF, Hulu, Sling TV, TSN+, FuboTV, YouTube TV 3,200+ in 100 countries Surfshark Review


PureVPN stands out as the best VPN to watch the Serbia vs England match in Euro 2024 due to its exceptional streaming capabilities and extensive server network.

It offers dedicated streaming servers optimized for fast, reliable connections. This guarantees a smooth, lag-free HD experience, which is crucial for live football.

With over 6,000 servers in 65+ countries, PureVPN lets you easily bypass geo-restrictions on streaming services like ITVX, ZDF, Hulu, Sling TV, TSN+, FuboTV, and YouTube TV.

It’s also compatible with a wide range of devices, supports simultaneous connections on up to 10 devices, and offers competitive pricing with a 7-day VPN free trial period.

Need more? Here’s a full guide to the best VPN services in 2024.

Final Thoughts

If you’re wondering how to watch Serbia vs England in Euro 2024, this comprehensive guide covers all the options.

You can stream the match for free on BBC iPlayer in the UK and ZDF in Germany and subscribe to multiple platforms like Sling TV and Hulu in the US.

Each offers its own benefits and access, depending on your location. However, due to licensing restrictions, some of these services may not be available in your country.

Using a reliable VPN can help you bypass these and access your preferred streaming platform. VPNs also offer additional perks like increased privacy and secure online browsing.

If you’re new to VPNs, we highly recommend starting with PureVPN to enhance your streaming experience and ensure you don’t miss a moment of the action.


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