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Apple TV+ is establishing itself as a standout participant in the rapidly expanding streaming market by providing a vast selection of original series and films. In this review, we’ll examine Apple TV+ in detail, going through its features, plans, content, and what makes it unique in the crowded field of streaming services.

The platform has high standards, a continually expanding library, and a focus on excellence. We’ll also give you a rundown of future releases, technological advancements, and potential streaming game-changers. Keep reading to discover more about Apple TV+.

What is Apple TV+? Your Gateway to Exclusive Original Content!

Apple TV+ Review

On November 1, 2019, Apple Inc. launched an American streaming service unveiled at an Apple event that took place that year at Steve Jobs Theatre. Apple TV+ didn’t start with the desired growth despite the service being available in over a hundred countries. This stemmed from the other competing services already available in the streaming market.

It was later, in 2020, that Apple took the initiative of licensing older films, programs, and television services to compete with existing streaming services.

By 2021, Apple TV+ became a huge success to the point it won many awards:

  • The best supporting actor/actress in the comedy section (comedy series).
  • The best-supporting actor in the drama category (drama series).
  • The best movie designed for television.
  • The best film in the foreign language category.
  • The best comedy and drama series category.

Which Countries Can Access Apple TV+?

United States
British Virgin Islands
Pro tip: Apple TV+ is accessible in many countries, but if it’s not available in your region, consider using a VPN to connect to a supported country’s server for access.

Apple TV+ Platforms – Where You Can Enjoy Apple’s Original Content

Apple TV+ Platforms

Apple TV+ is available on numerous platforms, which we will cover below.

Smart TVs

Any compatible smart TV with Wi-Fi and able to connect to the internet is a go for Apple TV. However, not all smart TVs can purchase Apple-related logistics from their native operating system. It is paramount you ensure your device can support this.

Let’s start with smart TVs that support Apple purchases.

  1. Apple TV 4K: The advantage this device has over many is that you are entitled to free access to Apple TV+ for three months on purchase.
  2. Samsung: The Apple TV+ icon is visible on the television screen on this device. Click to select the purchase and download.
  3. Hisense: This smart TV uses the Android operating system. Look for “Android TV” and follow the instructions diligently.
  4. Panasonic: On this smart TV, navigate to the app list page and click the Apple TV+ icon.
  5. Sony: Apple TV+ is more convenient to access on recent Sony smart TVs from 2021 to 2023 because the software is up-to-date. But for later models from 2018 to 20220, a software upgrade is required for the device to be compatible with the streaming app.
  6. LG: Navigate to the search icon and find the app.
  7. Vizio: Navigate to the app list page and find the Apple TV+ icon.
  8. Roku: Locate the Apple TV+ icon on the app list page.

Once the Apple app has been located, the next step is to download the app and pay careful attention to the action in sequence.

Game Consoles That Support Apple TV+

  1. PlayStation 4
  2. PlayStation 5
  3. Xbox One
  4. Xbox One X

Devices That Don’t Support Apple TV

  1. Fire TV
  2. Android TV
  3. Google TV

The best option for apps that don’t support Apple TV services is to find a compatible device like an iPad or an iPhone and purchase using your Apple ID.

Once the purchase is done on a compatible device, return to the previous device and sign in using your Apple ID. Then, all options will be made available to you.

Mobile Devices

With a clean and smooth interface, Apple TV+ can be accessed through mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. Logging in with your Apple ID is easy and convenient with these devices.

With non-Apple mobile devices like Android phones, subscribers need an Apple TV+ compatible device to log in with their Apple ID before enjoying the services. 

Apple mobile device experience is further improved because of similarities of using the Apple ecosystem, which makes the experience on mobile devices smooth, sleek, and very convenient for the user. 

Web Browsers 

Subscribers can also access the services through a web browser. But they will unfortunately lose some of the bonuses that come with a subscription with compatible Apple devices.

Content – A World of Exclusive Originals Await!

Program Content

At the early stage of its inception, Apple spent huge sums of money to market the new service to draw people’s attention to it. Expenses were not spared to secure the services of celebrities, actors/actresses, directors, and the personalities involved in the project.

In October 2016, Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that the company was looking forward to improving the television aspect of the company. Cook said he was very invested and interested in television on the streaming platform, emphasizing the originality of their content.

We are open to acquisitions of any size of strategic value where we can deliver better products to our customers and innovate more. And so we look at various companies, and based on that, we choose whether to move forward or not. But we’re open, and we look.Tim Cook

As early as March 2019, the production of five television series had already been completed, with about six more in the pipeline. Apple was very focused on content creation, and by the time it got to September 2019, they announced that they would be including eight series and a documentary that would be ready before the service was launched. 

There were also plans to launch a series every month. Of course, Apple planned to ensure these programs or series must be original and peculiar to the company. The goal was to provide each series with at least three episodes to be released weekly. 

Although its library of content is relatively small compared to other contenders in the video streaming market, it had to start by making partners with services like studio A24 for streaming content like “The Tragedy of Macbeth,” which was launched at theaters in December 2021 was instantly available for Apple TV+ the following month.

Affordability – Exploring the Cost of Premium Streaming

Subscription Plans

Apple offers a free service trial, which can only be effective when the user has elected a payment method to commence once the trial period expires. 

Apple TV+ is priced at $6.99 every month. Despite the service’s price increase, it is relatively affordable compared to other streaming platforms.  

Moreover, a sizeable amount of money can be saved when a user subscribes for one year at once. Apple goes as far as offering a whooping free annual subscription when users buy certain Apple devices.

Subscription Plans

To entice subscribers, Apple offers the following subscription plans

  1. A subscriber can pay $13.99 to access Disney +, ESPN +, and Hulu (the ad version).
  2. At $32.95 monthly, a subscriber will enjoy 2TB of iCloud storage capacity, which could conveniently be shared with up to six family members.
  3. With the same price above, the subscribers will also access Apple Fitness+, Apple News+, Apple Arcade, Apple Music, and certainly, Apple TV+ (all premier options).
  4.  At $22.95 per month, the user will have access to 200GB of iCloud storage, which could again be shared amongst six family members plus Apple Arcade, Apple Music, and Apple TV+.
  5. A $16.95 monthly payment will grant the user access to 50GB iCloud storage capacity (which cannot be shared amongst family members), Apple Arcade, Apple Music, and Apple TV+.

Apple TV + Is one of the cheapest streaming video platforms on the internet. Most competitors are more expensive than Apple TV+, with perhaps the exception of Filmatique, which is more affordable at $4.95 monthly. Apple TV + price is about the same price as that of ESPN.

Performance – A Closer Look at Streaming Quality and Reliability

Performance Review

Sharing Features 

As previously noted in the subscription bonuses, users can share with up to six family members due to the Apple sharing features. One notable feature of the Apple TV+ is the ability to download content or programs of interest, which could be viewed later when disconnected from the internet(offline).  

Apple Inc. claims the service has the feature or function of using subtitles for those users who are hard of hearing or completely deaf(handicapped). It is further complimented by the capacity to use almost 40 languages, with audio descriptions of more than seven languages.  

Resolution and Sound Spec

The Apple TV+ boasts Dolby Vision, an advanced feature that can offer up to 8k screen resolution if the device being used also has the specs to support it. It provides a crisp, clear, colorful display that is second to none.  

It supports Dolby Atmos, an advanced sound feature that offers “surround sound.” This feature emanates sound perceived to come from a three-dimensional source with almost no limitation. Some users have dubbed it as “3D sounds.”

Also, Apple TV+ has a feature support for HDR (high dynamic range). This feature boosts the image to a level, unlike previous technologies. 

Consequently, not all smart televisions use this function in an optimized way. On a high-quality smart TV, preferably those that support 4K like the Apple TV 4K, it projects a very bright and colorful display with deep contrast and brightness level that is well-balanced, creating a sharp image.

A user once commented on the quality of HDR when watching a Premier League football game. He said he could see the grass blades on the football field. Balancing the elements in HDR gives a more realistic color than Dolby Vision.

Apple TV 4K is the only high-end smart TV That supports all the features above, making it exclusive compared to devices from other competitors.

How Apple TV+ Compares with Serious Competitors

Comparison with Serious Competitors


Despite the enormous success, it hasn’t been able to turn many eyes away from services like Amazon and Netflix. Even though Apple TV+ has gained ground, Netflix is still the number one television streaming platform, boasting more than 200 million users globally. 

In terms of mobile devices, Apple TV+ has strong footings in this area, as previously mentioned, while Netflix is still at the experimental stage of mobile devices for its services. 

Regarding devices that support each service, Netflix has an edge over Apple TV+. It has a wider range of devices that support it. It isn’t easy to think of a device that doesn’t help Netflix. Even Nintendo 3DS and Wii U support it in the game console department. 

Netflix is available in 190 countries, while Apple TV+ is in about 100 countries. Netflix has this advantage because it has existed longer than Apple TV+. 

With this number, it can be said Netflix is in almost every country in the world, except countries like Syria, China, North Korea, and Crimea

In contrast to Apple TV+, Netflix has a huge array of content in its library. It’s so vast that despite losing some content to rivals like HBO MAX and Disney, it still surpassed Apple TV+ with a massive gap in the margin

Apple has gained ground but still has a lot of distance to cover before meeting Netflix. Despite Apple boasting of more original content, Netflix has more content in its library.  


HBO Max offered free trials for new users who wanted to subscribe, but that was in the past. Such options are no longer available on HBO MAX. It’s a disadvantage compared to Apple TV+, which offers such free trials. It boasts 73.80 million subscribers globally when we add the number of subscribers for both HBO and HBO MAX. 

Regarding content or library, HBO MAX has more range than Apple TV+. Like in the case of Netflix, HBO MAX has been in the video streaming service longer than Apple TV+, resulting in more content over time. HBO MAX’s content comes from various programs from different platforms or franchises, bringing variety and depth to their library content. 

Regarding navigation, HBO MAX is easier and more user-friendly than Apple TV+. But, there is a flaw with the interface, which affects the app’s speed. To avoid slow video streaming, the service or streaming should be done with a good and strong internet connection to eliminate possible lags with speed.

HBO MAX occasionally slows despite having a strong network due to faults in the streaming devices, it has been reported. Users must spend $14.99 or more to use the 4k or HDR functionality. Apple TV+’s reduced default price includes these capabilities at no additional cost. All that is required is a gadget with the necessary qualifications.

Generally speaking, it is based on the user’s values. HBO MAX is the greatest choice if they want more entertainment. But Apple TV+ is the option if customers prefer a lower cost but with less content.

Navigation Through Apple TV+ – Your Guide to Seamless Streaming

Navigation Through Apple TV+

Although the UI is quite good, exploring the app options leaves you with a conflicted impression. You will first be presented with alternatives for shows in other television services when you first access the Apple TV+ interface.  

The interface looks familiar, but when you click on the Apple TV app, the other friendly television programs disappear, taking the user to a page where purchases must be made before accessing movies. 

It’s a bit confusing because the native programs are bundled with other programs from other sources at first glance, creating a false impression of Apple offering such services. Apple Inc. needs to simplify the navigation within this app to make it more user-friendly.

Apple TV+ and VPN – How to Safely Enjoy Exclusive Content Anywhere

Apple TV+ and VPN

VPNs are the best tool to protect yourself online. A VPN actively works to secure your data flow and provide you with complete anonymity while browsing. When connected to a VPN, no one can track, watch, or record your online activities, not even your ISP or the Government. But VPNs are also of two types: some offer free and some premium services. We advise you always to use a premium VPN as free VPNs can not do the job completely.

In the case of Apple TV+, although it is available in most countries worldwide, some still cannot access its content. It is because of the geo-restriction Apple TV+ uses for its content distribution. Also, if you are in India and want to access content only available in the US, you can use a premium VPN to bypass the geo-restriction and easily access that content. ExpressVPN is the top service provider in the industry. Its extensive server network lets users access content from anywhere worldwide. Consider using a premium VPN that prioritizes user security and privacy and provides the best performance.

Limitations of Apple TV+ – What You Should Know Before Subscribing

What makes Apple TV+ stand out from the rest of its serious contenders is the exclusiveness it offers via original content in its library. It gives the user a unique experience compared to other industry services. 

But what it gains in originality, it loses in other platforms’ versatility. This is one of the major reasons many HBO MAX and Netflix subscribers have rarely glanced at Apple TV+ because of the smaller content in its library and lack of variety.  

Also, the user experience in the UI and navigation of the app should be improved and made more user-friendly. This might, perhaps, go a long way to bridge the gap between Apple TV+ and serious contenders in the video streaming market. 

Moreover, having support for more devices like Google TV will help in their outreach to new users who probably would have loved to use the service but have a device that’s not compatible with it. 

Apple TV+ platform should have more VPNs to protect users from hackers and malicious entities who might breach their privacy via their internet protocol (IP address).

How Does Apple TV+ Compare With Other Similar Services

Streaming Service Availability Best For Free Trial Price (Per month)
Apple TV+ 100+ countries Dramas, original comedies, and expensive miniseries Yes Starts at $6.99
Netflix Globally Extensive Library No Starts at $8.99
Disney+ Major countries Disney & Star Wars Yes $7.99
Hulu USA and Japan Current TV Shows Yes Starts at $5.99
Sling TV The US Live TV Streaming Yes Starts at $35
Amazon Prime Video Globally Wide Content Variety Yes Included with Prime
HBO Max The Caribbean and Latin America Premium Content No $14.99
Crackle The United States Free Streaming Free to use Free with ads
Youtube TV Major countries Live TV Streaming Yes Starts at $64.99
Crunchyroll The US Anime Content Yes $7.99
Shudder Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the US, the UK, and Australia Horror Content Yes $4.75

Exploring Alternatives: Other Streaming Services to Consider Beyond Apple TV+

Explore a world of entertainment beyond AppleTV+! Discover a plethora of streaming platforms that cater to your diverse tastes. Don’t forget to read our comprehensive reviews to make the most informed choice for your next binge-worthy adventure.

Verdict: Is Apple TV+ Worth It?

Apple TV+ has established itself as a force to reckon with in the video streaming. With about 10 million subscribers by 2020, the service’s availability on game consoles like Xbox and PlayStation multiplies their potential target audience.

Despite its shortcomings compared to other popular streaming services, Apple TV+ has come a long way, being nominated in the 2021 Golden Globe Awards and being admired for having a good record that has been consistent over time. Apple TV+ is the first video streaming platform to win a category award known as the “Academy Award for Best Pictures.”

It boasts a small but excellent collection of acclaimed shows and movies starring many of Hollywood’s top names for a fair price. With a tight budget, you can get extra for what you’re paying elsewhere. In a Nutshell, Apple TV+ is an optimal entertainment investment.

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