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Entertainment has grown far and wide in today’s world. It ranges from music to comedy, movies, TV shows, and many others. Apple TV Plus and Netflix are two of the leading video entertainment platforms in the world today. They offer almost the same services, but slight yet noticeable differences exist between them. 

The difference can confuse most users and ultimately make it tough to decide which platform is better. In this article, we have packed the answer to that question, comparing both platforms head-to-head. We compared their pricing, the devices they support, their contents, and others. Read this article to the end to know if Netflix is better than Apple TV Plus or vice versa.

What are Apple TV+ and Netflix?

Apple TV+ and Netflix

Apple Inc. owns and runs Apple TV+, a paid streaming service in the United States. It debuted on November 1, 2019, and it offers a variety of original films and TV shows under the name Apple Originals.
Netflix is a paid-on-demand video streaming service under Netflix, Inc. in the United States. The service is offered worldwide in many languages and primarily distributes television shows and films made by the same-named media corporation.

Pricing – Making the Choice Between Apple TV+ and Netflix

You cannot access these platforms for free. You must pay specific amounts to access the Apple TV Plus and Netflix platforms. The subscription fee is usually monthly, and they have different ranges. Also, the two apps have additional subscription fees. Let’s see the pricing differences below:


Netflix Pricing

Netflix has different subscription price ranges with unique features. The platform has about 4 plans in a few other countries but 3 in the United States. Netflix has recently removed the Basic plan for new members. People on the plan will automatically leave when they change or cancel their account. The current plans are the Standard, Basic, and Premium.

  • Basic: The subscription price for Basic is $6.99 every month. This plan supports ads, and you can access every other feature except a few movies and TV shows for higher plans. Netflix will allow you to share your account on different devices, and you can watch on one device only. This plan might be unavailable if you use the third-billing partners and packages. To know if you can access this plan, check with your provider.
  • Standard: Next, the Standard plan, which costs $15.49 per month, and there is a slot to add an extra user. It costs $7.99 for every user you add, and they stay in your account every month. With Standard, you can watch movies, access games, and watch TV shows without ads. Also, the plan allows you to watch your favorite shows in Full HD, which means clear graphics and high resolution. Additionally, you can watch on two different devices, just like in the lesser plan. More so, you can add an extra member to enjoy the same benefits as you.
  • Premium: The last and highest plan is Premium. To use it, you will pay a monthly subscription fee of $19.99, and you can add an extra member with $7.99 monthly for each member. You need to know that the extra member will have a separate account and password from you. The charges, however, will come from you as the one who invited them. With this plan, you can add 2 extra members, unlike in the previous plan. This plan lets you download videos on 6 devices and stream on 4 simultaneously. You won’t encounter ads while watching movies and TV shows you love. On the premium plan, you will watch in Ultra HD, which gives you an even clearer view. Also, the Netflix spatial audio is a bonus advantage for this plan.

Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus pricing

Apple TV Plus has just one subscription plan. As a new user, you can access the app free for 7 days, and then it will charge you about $6.99 every month to maintain the subscription

However, the platform allows selected new users to watch for free for about 3 months before the billing starts. Subscribing on Apple TV Plus will give you access to your favorite movies in a good resolution. Also, you can share your account with about 5 of your family members or friends

Aside from the Apple TV Plus app, you can access the TV through Apple One, which offers a lesser monthly subscription fee. This is because you will pay for 4 packages in one at $12.95 per month.

With this, you can use the platform of 3 separate Apple devices. Also, Apple Music Student can grant you access. Subscribing on Apple Music Students gives you an automatic free sub on Apple TV Plus.

Supported Devices and Platforms – Accessing Apple TV+ and Netflix Anywhere, Anytime

Another comparison is the platforms or devices the two entertainment apps support. This is important as people must be able to watch their favorite TV show on any platform they want and on any device.


Netflix supported devices

Netflix services operate on different platforms and devices. You can access it through its web version and its apps. However, getting the web version to access certain features and take action would be best. Activities like app registration, subscription cancelation, or payment can only happen online. Now, the devices Netflix supports:

  • Smartphones and Tablets: Netflix is available on every smart mobile device, regardless of the model. Android mobile devices, iOS, Samsung, and every type you know. The web version app version is available here. You can download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store, register on it, and start using it. Signing up is even easier with smartphones because they operate faster. It works the same way for tablets as it does for smartphones.
  • Streaming Media Players: Some people call this platform Plug and Play. It is a new generation of media players and streamsticks. With this, you can get access to the platform faster and with ease. It makes watching Netflix on your TV affordable, unlike the conventional means.
  • PCs and Laptops: If you have a laptop, you can still use Netflix. Using Netflix on your PC means you can use the app, access the service on the web, or download an extension. Also, you will enjoy your video entertainment on a bigger screen, giving you a better movie experience. It is optimized with widely known browsers worldwide, making it easy for users to access with PCs.
  • Smart TVs: Another device you can use to watch Netflix is your smart TV. This device is even easier because smart TVs already have Netflix in them. This means you don’t have to download the app; you only need to register on it, subscribe, and start enjoying your shows. Some smart TV brands with this feature are Hisense, Philips, Panasonic, LG, SHARP, SONY, Toshiba, Samsung, and VESTEL. You can cast it from your mobile device or PC to the TV for some smart TVs without Netflix. It is the same fantastic movie experience you will have.
  • Game Consoles: It might interest you that some game consoles can allow you to use Netflix. Some consoles include PS3, PS4, PS5, XBOX ONE, XBOX, and XBOX 360. Netflix has games, so it makes sense that you can get them on game consoles.
  • Blu-ray Players: Although this is unpopular, you can watch Netflix with your Blu-ray player. It is even better when you have your home theater system. Some supported brands are SONY, SAMSUNG, Panasonic, and LG.
  • Set-top Boxes: A set-top Box is another device to watch Netflix. It is easy to use, and you can operate it simply by changing channels. With this device, you can switch what you are watching from live TV to Netflix with just a click. However, the “Humax Aura set-top box” doesn’t have Netflix.

Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus supported devices

Apple TV Plus is a selective platform. It has a web version and an app version, too. You cannot access it on just any device. The following are devices you can use to watch Apple TV Plus.

  • iPhone, iPad, iPod: You cannot watch Apple TV+ on Android smartphones or tablets. It is only available on iOS devices.
  • Smart TVs: Apple has made it so you can watch its TV Plus on smart TVs. There is also an option to cast your iPhone screen to your smart TV and watch Apple TV Plus for as long as you want.
  • Cable or Satellite Services: Another way to watch Apple TV Plus is through cable and satellite services. It is one of the most famous watching methods.
  • Gaming Consoles: You can also watch Apple TV Plus on game consoles. The device has this entertainment platform in it, making it easy for you to access. If you don’t find the app in your console, you can download it.
  • Laptops: There are limitations when you use Apple TV Plus on Windows laptops. The best laptop for the app is a Mac, an Apple product.

Content – A Deeper Dive into Apple TV+ and Netflix Offerings

There are huge differences in the content you will find in Apple TV Plus from those on Netflix. Let us compare the content differences so you can pick the better one.


Netflix Content

Netflix has various content, ranging from TV shows to movies, series, and even comedy specials. You can watch any video on Netflix except short clips, skits, and simple content. There are two categories of Netflix content libraries. One is Only on Netflix, and the other is the featured content.

  • Only on Netflix: Contents tagged Only on Netflix are contents you cannot find on other platforms. They are only available to Netflix users. Some of them are movies Netflix bought from other production companies. It might interest you to know that Netflix is also a production company. So some of its Only on Netflix movies are originals. This means it produced some of the film. They range from anime to TV shows, movies, specials, kids shows, and many more.
  • Featured Shows: Netflix also has featured content that you can find on other platforms. They belong to other production companies and only get featured on Netflix. These contents range from movies, kids’ shows, TV series, comedy specials, and many more.

Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus content

Apple TV Plus doesn’t offer a wide variety of content. It only has original content and not featured content from other production companies. You can find some of the content from Apple TV Plus on the platforms but not content from other platforms.

This shows how limited the contents on Apple TV Plus are. However, you can watch interesting Apple productions, from movies to TV shows. 

With this platform, you will watch movies with top-class actors in the field. Also, you won’t have to wait indefinitely for a new TV series episode.

Features – Unveiling the Offerings of Apple TV+ and Netflix

Comparing the features of the apps is a great factor in determining the better one. The features on Netflix and Apple TV Plus are unique. Some of them are, however, the same. We will visit the most important feature of the two platforms.


Netflix features

  • Offline Download and Online Streaming: You can download or stream content with Netflix. Downloading helps you save the content to watch offline later without interruption. Streaming content online is also a good option if you have the time and strong network coverage.
  • Low Data Mode: The low data mode is a feature on Netflix that allows you to save your data while streaming or downloading content on the app. Turning this feature off means your data usage while streaming or downloading will be high and vice versa.
  • Content Info Display: This feature on Netflix is very helpful. It gives you a brief explanation or synopses of the content you are about to watch in written form. From there, you can decide if it is worth your time or if you will move to the next movie. It is usually before the download bar.
  • Content Review: The content review feature is like the info feature, not in written form but in video. It combines intriguing scenes from a movie, TV series, specials, or what you want to watch. It is usually 1 minute or less. With this, you can decide whether to watch or pass.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Many people love Netflix because of this feature. The platform analyzes your viewing history and recommends movies that relate to them. So, if you are a frequent Netflix user, you don’t need to search for new movies to watch. The recommendations on your Netflix account home page already have what you will like.
  • My List Features: My List is a segment on Netflix where you can save content to stream or download later. It is right below every movie template, near the download button, and before the content info. When you click on the bar, it saves your content on My List. This is important because Netflix shuffles the movies on its home page, and you might not see a film there twice. So, if you don’t add it to My List, you will miss it.
  • Daily Top 10 Movies: One interesting feature on Netflix is the daily top 10 feature. It shows you the platform’s top 10 movies of the day and every other day. It does this analysis based on how fast the number of views on the movie is rising and how new the movie is on the platform.
  • In-app and Out-app Notifications: Notifications on Netflix have two types. There is one you receive in the app while using it and the one you receive when you are not on the platform. The in-app notifications inform you of new movies on the platform and what is to come. It also notifies you when a new episode or season of a series you watch is out. The notifications you receive outside the app are more like warnings. Netflix announces to you when someone else has logged into your account. Also, it notifies you when your subscription has expired.
  • Customizable Profile: The app allows users to customize up to five profiles in one account. With this, you can have profiles with different movie recommendations. This is also good if you have other people sharing your account. They can customize their profiles to whatever they want and use any name and picture. Also, each profile can have a password for it.
  • PG Display: Netflix analyzes every content it has and recommends the age limit that should watch it. The recommendation is usual in the movie info and at the top left screen when you play it. With this, you can monitor the content your kids watch and pick the right one for them by their age.
  • Parental Control Feature: The parental control feature on Netflix allows users to control what their children watch. You can create a separate profile for kids and put passwords in other profiles except for the kid’s profile. Now, your kids will have no option but to watch kid shows. Also, you can lock certain contents you don’t want your children to see.
  • Continue Watching: The continue-watching feature is a good one for users. It allows you to continue watching a movie from the point you left off instead of coming to search. Also, it reminds you of the content you didn’t finish watching by displaying it on your profile home page.
  • Movie Search: The Netflix app has a search bar to search for any content you want to see. You can also search for related content. For instance, a movie with America or American on the name will appear if you type American film. Also, movies made in America will appear. You can use the search bar to find movie genres, locations, and more.

Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus features

  • Download for Offline View: You can download and watch movies offline on Apple TV. This feature helps users to focus on their favorite shows without online notifications interrupting them. Also, the feature allows you to watch content as many times as you want without using more data.
  • New Original Content Every Month: Apple TV Plus updates its content monthly. It brings new original content every month, so you will not run out of what to watch on the platform. Also, the platform does not have content from other production companies. So, you are sure to be watching original and top-notch content.
  • Share Your Account With up to 5 Different People: You can allow about 5 people to join your account. They can be friends, family, or just anyone. They can all give their bit for their subscription fee, but you, as the account owner, will be the one to pay for it.
  • 4K View: Not many platforms allow users to watch videos on 4K resolution, but Apple TV Plus does. It is a cinematic experience that leaves you wanting more. It means the movie will be clear, even if you put it on a bigger screen. However, not every film on the platform offers 4K.
  • Airplay Feature: The airplay feature allows users of the Apple TV Plus to cast what they are watching to screens near them. So, they can manage with projectors, laptops, TVs, and many more.
  • No Download Limits: You can download as much content as you want on Apple TV Plus without restrictions. The only thing that can limit your download is your device memory. So, if your device has over 128GB of free space, you can download movies worth the room.
  • 6 Streams at the Same Time: In Apple TV Plus, 6 people can stream movies simultaneously on different devices without interruption. You don’t need to pay extra for this. It comes with your initial subscription.

Apple TV+ vs. Netflix: Which One Reigns Supreme?

Which is Better

Netflix and Apple TV Plus are great, and one is not entirely better. However, they have an edge over themselves in specific areas. If you want to save money for a subscription, Apple TV Plus is better because it has a cheaper subscription fee.

Netflix is better if you need a wide variety of content, including TV shows, movies, specials, kid shows, and many more. But for consistent original content, Apple TV Plus is better. On the other hand, Netflix is better for the supported devices because it supports more devices than Apple TV Plus.

Apple TV+ and Netflix with VPN – Unblocking Boundless Entertainment Safely

Apple TV+ and Netflix with VPN

Apple TV+ is only accessible in Canada, the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, Australia, Costa Rica, Argentina, the US, Norway, Greece, France, Finland, and Denmark. If you want to watch Apple TV+ content outside these countries, you need a VPN. Also, if you wish to access the library of another country, you must connect to a server of that specific country. On the other hand, Netflix is almost available worldwide, but its library in each country has different tiles. To access content from another country, you must use a VPN to change your virtual location.

Regarding VPNs, choosing the best one must be your priority. Always look for a VPN service offering a vast server network, optimal encryption, fast speeds, simultaneous connections, and dedicated customer support. Per our research, Express VPN is the best service provider that keeps users safe and provides throttle-free, seamless streaming.

How Do Apple TV Plus and Netflix Compare with Other Similar Services?

Streaming TV Best For  Region Free Trial Price  Rating / 5
Hulu  Streaming more than 65 live TV channels  USA and Japan 7 Days Free Trial $7.99 per month 2.26 
Crackle  Free TV shows and movies USA Free service  Free service  2.49
Amazon Prime Video Original content  Global  30 Days Free Trial $8.99 per month 4
Youtube TV Many TV channels  Major Regions 30 Days Free Trial $72.99 per month 4
Paramount Plus  On-demand, over-the-top streaming service The US 7 Days Free Trial $5.99 per month 3.8
Disney Plus Heart-warming content  Major Regions 7 Days Free Trial  $10.99 per month 3.1
Sling TV Cheap Streaming  USA 3 Days Free Trial $6.4 per month 3.7 
Peacock Content Catalogue  USA, Ireland, Austria, UK, and Italy 7 Days Free Trial $6 per month 1.8
Showtime  Bundle for more content The US 30 Days Free Trial $11.99 per month 3.7
Starz For TV series  The US and Puerto Rico 3 Days Free Trial $9 per month 4.2

Other Streaming Services: Diverse Choices for Every Entertainment Palette

Explore a world of entertainment beyond boundaries with our diverse streaming guides. Below are some other streaming service reviews that you can consider to benefit from:

Verdict – Which Streaming Service Deserves Your Attention?

Netflix and Apple TV Plus are mega video entertainment platforms that many people use. They work on various devices like game consoles, smart TVs, etc. However, Netflix has more members than Apple TV Plus. Also, Apple TV Plus works on mostly iOS devices and other Apple products. But Netflix supports Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, etc. Given their uniqueness, you cannot say one is generally better than the other. Because of their different features, you can only say one is better for you than the other.


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