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Acorn TV and other streaming platforms have international rights and binding agreements. These rules stop people in other areas from using their services. They tighten these restrictions with strict firewalls that can fish out external IPs and block them. A very good VPN is the most dependable way to bypass these firewalls.

Acorn is famous for its high viewing numbers among British and American TV fans. Chilling with your favorites on Acorn TV wouldn’t be a bad idea with the holidays approaching.

So, if you love TV and movies and want to access Acorn outside the US, a good VPN should be your best friend. Yet, the market has plenty of VPN options for potential users; not all have what you need. This article will look into VPNs to watch Acorn TV from anywhere in 2024. We’ll show you some of our top picks of VPNs to watch Acorn TV and how you can use them to enjoy your streaming experience. Let’s start.

In This Guide

Quick Guide to Watching Acorn TV from Anywhere

  1. Find a reliable VPN service and subscribe to it. We recommend ExpressVPN for Acorn TV.
  2. Download and Install the VPN app on your preferred device.
  3. Log into the app with your user profile.
  4. Connect to a US server.
  5. Visit the official Acorn TV website.
  6. Enjoy your watch time from wherever you are.

Best VPNs to Watch Acorn TV Outside US – Quick List

  1. ExpressVPN: ExpressVPN offers top-notch security and blazing-fast speeds for your online privacy needs.
  2. Private Internet Access: Private Internet Access prioritizes anonymity with robust encryption and a vast server network.
  3. NordVPN: NordVPN combines advanced features with user-friendly design, ensuring seamless protection and accessibility.

What is Acorn TV?

Acorn TV is widely regarded as a British-American streaming service comprising exclusive TV content, from shows to movies and operas. The service, owned by RLJ Entertainment, Inc., has been in the television viewing business for over ten years. Since its relaunch in 2011 as a standalone streaming service, Acorn TV has premiered some of the best TV content in Britain. Its library has a combo of classics, dramas, mysteries, latest releases, and documentaries.

Some popular ones on the platform include Doc Martin, Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case, Partners in Crime, Agatha Raisin, and The Level. There are others, and the session about Acorn’s shows and movies in this article will properly address them. Acorn TV’s history is in the United States, which is its country of origin. However, other regions enjoy access to the platform’s exclusive content. The United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Spain, and Mexico are these countries.

Although some other Western European countries and the Indo-Pacific have recently gained acceptance, US content remains highly prioritized. The general language on the platform is English, but transcription could be available depending on the movie streamed.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Unblock Acorn TV from Anywhere

Due to restriction problems, most countries are not privileged to watch Acorn TV. As such, users who want to watch their favourite shows are directed to VPNs to access the platform. It is worth noting that the VPN’s role is to bypass geo-limitations, hide a user’s actual location, and connect them to an American server. The entire mode of operation involves switching IP addresses, so streaming platforms get the impression that the user is US-based.

In addition, viewers’ safety is guaranteed and more prioritized when you use a VPN service to stream Acorn or any TV online. A more vivid description would be to imagine the creation of a pathway between the user device and a server. The connection is direct, and whatever internet traffic or history exists is encrypted. It becomes difficult for hackers to steal your information and even harder for any TV service to disrupt your watch time.

Lastly, when streaming as a regular user on Acorn, it is possible to experience instances where the network is delayed by internet service providers (ISPs). These instances are not experienced with a VPN, and users enjoy optimal and high-quality streams. So, there you have it: exclusive access, security, and seamless connection.

Best VPNs to Unblock Acorn TV from Anywhere – Detailed List

Watch Acorn From Anywhere with a VPN

1. ExpressVPN


Proxying, authentication, tunnelling, and encryption are all acts for which ExpressVPN is known. Its years in the industry also greatly influence the achievements and success stories attained so far. Over time, major changes, updates, and upgrades have also propelled the service to stream content comfortably from outside the US.

On average, ExpressVPN, as a brand, houses over 3000 servers in 105 countries. These countries are distributed among the top 5 continents of the world, so there is always room for users to switch without limitations. The unblocking feature is next on the hierarchy of features on ExpressVPN. Users can watch, stream, and listen to any content they want, irrespective of whether censors are placed on them. Also, the service can be used on the go, and your IP address wouldn’t have to change on the move. This enables anonymous browsing, and unrestricted streaming is guaranteed for users on streaming sites.

Regarding device compatibility, ExpressVPN functions on all devices, not minding their operating systems. So, you can easily find ExpressVPN apps on Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, Linux, PS4/PS5, routers and smart TVs. Customer support is top-notch for all ExpressVPN users. Responses to queries are carried out 24/7 with setup or troubleshooting request options varying from emails to live chat.

In addition to all these, security is one area where ExpressVPN prides itself. The service has a slogan revolving around the fact that it remains the most trusted VPN brand. This influences the number of upgrades its security systems have undergone, ranging from split tunnelling to a lock kill switch. Also included are a private DNS, AES-256 encryption, no-logs policy, ads blocker, and its protocol, Lightway.

Top Features

  • No ISP throttling.
  • Allows up to 8 device installations and connections at once.
  • ExpressVPN has unlimited bandwidth.
  • It functions on routers and complex systems.
  • Subscription to any ExpressVPN plan is easy, and payment can be made via different payment modes.
  • The speed is top-notch, over 80 Mbps.
  • ExpressVPN uses the TrustedServer technology with a RAM-only mode.


ExpressVPN service offers three major plans, each with pricing based on a monthly or yearly user budget.

There is a plan with a 49% discount for all users. The special deal, as popularly known, is slated for 12 months, with an extra three months at $6.67. The plan is generally ExpressVPN’s biggest savings plan and comes with a 30-day money refund policy. Other plans include the one-month regular subscription plan of $12.95 and the 6-months payment plan of $9.99 per month. These two plans also come with a money refund policy and are effective till the last day.


  • Fast speeds.
  • High-level security.
  • Best for unblocking geo-restricted content.
  • No logs policy.


  • More expensive than other VPN services.
  • Technical expertise is required for extensive features.
  • Simultaneous connections protect only eight devices at once.

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2. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

For starters, the VPN service performs well in allowing users to connect to servers in different locations from the comfort of their homes. As an attestation to its performance, the service has a four-star out of five-star rating. This review is even understood when you discover that aside from Acorn TV, Private Internet Access can remove restrictions on other platforms.

The system has an inbuilt antivirus that scans, removes, and destroys malware from every part of itself. The virus also frees the system of remaining shards of data logs and obstructs user privacy. Consequently, this places PIA in a very comfortable position regarding VPN suggestions for the office environment. However, it also makes it effective software for streaming Acorn TV.

PIA has servers in about 91 countries around the world. This allows its users to change their locations from place to place easily. The user’s IP address is hidden during this process to protect against malware, fraudsters, and online snoops. Even better, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are barred from monitoring your movement online when PIA is used. Its ability to maintain the No Logs policy also adds to the trust it’s building and boosts consumer confidence every time they purchase the product.

PIA functions on all devices, including iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Mac, smart TVs, consoles, etc. Its connectivity on devices is unlimited, and users can stream Acorn TV on multiple devices simultaneously. PIA understands the importance of customer support, so it employs every means necessary to attend to its users promptly. All requests are handled 24/7, and there’s hardly room for complaint due to the smooth delivery of its services.

Top Features

  • PIA supports split tunnelling.
  • Unlimited devices can be connected.
  • Fast streaming speed at 10 Gbps.
  • Built with an effective WireGuard protocol.
  • It also supports P2P (making it an effective gaming and streaming VPN).
  • Compatible with routers.
  • Highly automated.
  • Operates a multi-hop system with layers of SSL encryption.
  • Supports software licenses for performance boost.


Private Internet Access (PIA) is on our most affordable recommendations list with its mouthwatering discount offer. With just $1.98 per month in the 3-year plan, you can enjoy premium browsing crowned with peace of mind. This is an enticing offer. The package even comes with an additional four months for free and is available for users who want to enjoy the PIA browsing experience in the long term.

There are other plans; the one-year plan is $3.33 per month, and the monthly subscription plan is $11.95. With this array of plans, PIA allows users to choose which plan suits their budget and earning style. Users do not feel cheated since all plans offer the same featured services. Plus, the 30-day money refund policy applies to all, too, with a free email breach monitor and premium add-ons.


  • Unblocks other streaming platforms such as Netflix, BBC, Disney Plus, HBO Max, etc.
  • Extensive servers in up to 91 countries.
  • There is no logs policy and a secure kill switch.
  • Supports open-source applications.
  • Very affordable.


  • The WireGuard speed is slower than average.
  • PIA applications are complex for some users.
  • Technical support is required for some features to be accessed.
  • Customer support time responses vary.

3. NordVPN


NordVPN stands out as one of the leading names in virtual private networks (VPNs), renowned for its robust security features, expansive server network, and user-friendly interface. With NordVPN, users can enjoy heightened online privacy and security, shielding their internet activity from prying eyes and potential threats.

One of NordVPN’s key strengths is its extensive server network, which spans numerous countries worldwide. This broad infrastructure ensures reliable and fast connections. It allows users to bypass geo-restrictions and access content from different regions, whether streaming services, websites, or online platforms.

Moreover, NordVPN prioritizes user security through advanced encryption protocols and features like Double VPN and Onion Over VPN, which add layers of protection to online activities. Its strict no-logs policy also reassures users that their browsing history remains private and inaccessible to third parties, fostering a trustful relationship between the provider and its customers.

Furthermore, NordVPN’s user-friendly interface makes it accessible to tech-savvy individuals and those new to VPN services. With intuitive apps for various devices and platforms, including desktop computers, smartphones, and routers, NordVPN ensures seamless integration into users’ daily digital routines, empowering them to effortlessly take control of their online privacy.

Top Features

  • Military-grade encryption for ultimate security.
  • Large server network for global access.
  • No-logs policy ensures privacy protection.
  • Fast and reliable connection speeds.
  • User-friendly apps for easy usage.
  • Specialized servers for specific needs.
  • 24/7 customer support for assistance.


NordVPN offers competitive pricing options tailored to different user preferences. Their most popular plan is the 2-year subscription, priced at $3.99 per month, providing significant savings over the monthly plan. For those seeking flexibility, there’s a 1-year plan at $5.49 per month.

Additionally, NordVPN occasionally runs promotions, allowing users to enjoy even greater discounts. All plans include the same comprehensive features, ensuring users get value for their investment. Furthermore, NordVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, giving users peace of mind when subscribing.


  • Versatile usage options cater to diverse needs.
  • Advanced features like Double VPN enhance security.
  • Consistent reliability ensures uninterrupted internet access.
  • Transparent pricing with affordable subscription plans is available.
  • Continuous innovation improves service quality over time.
  • Effective bypassing of geo-restrictions for content access.
  • Regularly updated security protocols for ongoing protection.


  • Occasional connection speed fluctuations.
  • Some servers may experience congestion.

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Criteria for Choosing the Best VPNs to Watch Acorn TV

Now that we’ve reviewed the top VPNs, picking the one that suits your needs should be easier. However, since these VPNs share similarities in their features. So, we will analyze them in this section to enable you to pick them as the best options to watch Acorn TV outside of the US:

Variety of Distributed Servers

A VPN with limitless servers in numerous locations increases the chances of users hopping on them. This is because most users do not want to get stuck on one server and perhaps get detected. Also, since the purpose of buying VPN services is to access Acorn TV outside of the US, the number of servers in America matters. So, if this criteria is checked, proceed to the next.

Data Protection and Security

VPNs that do not compromise their security measures have a higher standing in the market than those that do. These compromises may not be intentional, but they show in the protocols used and encryption grades. The no-logs policy is necessary, and security is less assured if there’s no kill switch. Every streaming platform has a detection mechanism, so either your VPN can help you bypass it or you change it.

Speed Rates and Bandwidth

The functions of a good VPN are not limited to bypassing geo-blocks and gaining access to restricted platforms alone. Users also need to enjoy these privileges faster or equivalent to people with direct access. The best part comes when you can overcome issues with ISPs and stream Acorn TV from multiple devices simultaneously. The keyword is quick and reliable; only the best VPNs provide that.

Immersive User Interface

It’s much easier to interact and enjoy the experience on familiar ground or somewhere that doesn’t stress you with navigation. A good VPN website and application should be seamless, with a friendly outlook so users can go around it. Their information should be direct for a quick breeze through with multiple payment systems for immediate transactions.

Device Compatibility

Every VPN user or potential user is unlikely to have the same streaming device. So, this gives our VPN options the task of being compatible enough with the different types. Based on the operating systems, there are iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows. Acorn TV can be accessed on all of these, so users need to settle for a VPN with multi-platform compatibility.

Round-the-clock Customer Support System

This list of criteria would be incomplete without buttressing 24/7 customer care support. A good VPN service may occasionally have issues, but better customer support is required on those irregular days. Their responses could come from a live chat, emails, or P2P direct internet calls. Each of these means of communication comes in handy depending on the problem, giving users the feeling of being valued.

Can a Free VPN be Used to Unblock and Watch Acorn TV

The direct answer to this section is yes. Free VPNs exist, and you can stream your favourites on Acorn TV. However, just like every free internet service, some limitations overshadow the benefits. So, no matter how attractive the option may seem, it should be entirely avoided. One major drawback, arguably the number one, is their limited number of servers. It is a common problem among free VPN services, and considering the demands of Acorn TV, they may not stand a chance. Acorn TV geo-restrictions are solely focused on users without access to a US server, a feature absent on free VPNs.

Also, security-wise, a free VPN is more at risk than a premium VPN. Their security measures are without double-checks, exposing users to data leaks and logging threats. In addition, pop-ups and unnecessary adverts occupy your screens most of the time, interrupting your browsing experience and compromising privacy. Hence, to avoid all these disadvantages, settling for a paid service you don’t have to complain about is preferable.

Not to mention the extensive delays on streaming platforms and how slow downloads work with free VPNs. Ultimately, your watch time experience is constantly messed with, and you may find yourself giving off bad reviews at the end. There is one truth about free VPNs, though. For users without a primary source of income, these free VPNs are okay for a start, but no doubt they would eventually need a paid upgrade.

What Devices are Compatible with Acorn TV

Acorn TV operates a multi-platform system that enables users of different devices to connect and stream their favourites outside the US. These devices have step-by-step procedures for connecting, and it’s proper to know each one to the latter:


To access Acorn TV outside the US on Android, a user has to first subscribe to a VPN service. This can be done by visiting their official website, picking a plan, and making your payment. Then, download and install the app, connect to a US server, and confirm the security levels. You can then register on the Acorn TV platform, start streaming, and browse whatever content you desire.


First, you choose between any of the VPNs recommended in this article. Then, you follow through with the installation steps. Find a US server on the app and connect automatically with a single click. Now that your VPN is set up, sign into your Acorn account and stream your favourites.


Download a reliable VPN software for your MacOS. Open the VPN and connect to a server in the United States. After that, you can log into the Acorn TV platform using your existing details or create a new account to stream.

Apple TV

Download, install, and set up a chosen VPN on your Apple TV. You can connect your computer to the TV and link the VPN. Open the Acorn TV app from the App Store and sign in to your streaming account. Meanwhile, connect to a stable US server and stream without hassle on the already open VPN app.

Smart TV

It is important to check the device’s compatibility before proceeding, depending on your type of smart TV. Then, with your preferred VPN, open the Acorn TV app. Log into the app as an existing user or create a new account if you are a newbie. Ensure the VPN settings are intact and secure, then start your streaming.


Connect your Roku device to a VPN service, and choose a US server before you move to the Acorn TV website. On the Acorn TV website, sign in as an existing user or a new member to enjoy access to all its content. 


iOS users can download the Acorn TV app from the App Store, together with their preferred VPN option. Signing into either of these apps would only require your complete profile information and a budgeted subscription fee. After that, you can connect to a US server and enjoy content to your fill. 


Users can start by connecting Kodi to the VPN service they have chosen. Then, on the add-on session of the Kodi screen, find the Acorn TV add-on. Proceed to install the add-on, and after that, sign in with your membership details. Choose a server you want to stream with, a US server in particular, and begin to stream on Kodi.


Connect your VPN provider to your Xbox before installing the Acorn TV app. Sign up as a new user or sign in as a regular on the Acorn platform. Then, choose a US server to connect to for the duration you want to stream. Lastly, pick your favourite shows, take a pack of chips, and enjoy your Xbox experience.


The first step is to ensure that your Firestick and TV are connected. Through the TV menu, access Settings and select ‘My Fire TV.’ Move over to the enable access section and authorize installation from third parties. Search for your preferred VPN service and install it on your device. Then, launch the app and select a US server from the list of many. Log into the Acorn TV website, choose an amazing genre, and start streaming. 


Streaming processes are always easier and quicker with a personal computer. All you need to do is ensure you are subscribed as a user to a reliable VPN service and install and connect to a US server. Then, you log into your Acorn TV app using your correct profile data, choose your favourite shows, and enjoy premium access.

PlayStation (PS3&4)

Install the VPN you wish to use on your PlayStation. Also, install the Acorn TV app and log in. Search for a stable US server on the VPN service, connect with a single click, and begin to enjoy the best moments of your leisure time.

How to Subscribe to Acorn TV from Anywhere Outside the US

The process is not free against all conceptions of the criteria for watching Acorn TV outside the US. Users must plan to subscribe to the service before using it, with or without a VPN. Here are the steps to complete a subscription and start watching Acorn TV outside the USA:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN service you prefer.
  2. Download the VPN and install it on your device.
  3. Sign in if you are an existing user, or sign up if you are a new user.
  4. Search for a stable US server and connect your device to it.
  5. Create an account on the Acorn TV website and look for a pocket-friendly package.
  6. Search online for an official US zip code for your sign-up/payment process.
  7. Choose a recommended payment channel and make your transaction.
  8. Confirm your subscription, and start streaming your favourites.

Acorn TV Pricing Plans

Outside the US, there are two basic modes of subscribing to Acorn: monthly and annual subscription plans. The Gift Subscription is another form of subscribing that isn’t exactly listed as one. Family members and loved ones can share their packages as gifts to one another. So, everyone can stream with one account but on different devices and locations.

Acorn’s TV monthly subscription is $5.99 and covers all the premium content users want to watch for an entire month. This package is open for users who have probably heard about Acorn and want to test its offers for the first time.

For the annual subscription plan, users are down for a long-term commitment. The plan is slated for $59.99 per year, which, when divided, amounts to $4.99 every month. Seeing this, users save a bit of their money in the long run with the annual plan. Even better, it works for users who operate a yearly budget and can fit the plan into it.

What Can You Watch on Acorn TV?

Acorn TV boasts a lot of exclusive classic movies, most of which are unavailable outside the US.


  • The Guernsey Literary (2018)
  • Crooked House (2017)
  • Love Sarah (2020)
  • The Scapegoat (2012)
  • A Street Cat Named Bob (2016)
  • Agatha Raisin (2014)
  • The Brokenwood Mysteries: The Black Widower (2016)
  • Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears (2020)
  • The Legend of Barney Thompson (2015)
  • My Life as a Courgette (2016)

TV Shows

  • Foyle’s War (2002)
  • Line of Duty (2012)
  • A Place to Call Home (2013)
  • Doc Martin (2004)
  • Agatha Raisin (2016)
  • Midsomer Murders (1997)
  • Vera (2011)
  • Murdoch Mysteries (2008)
  • The Brokenwood Mysteries (2014)
  • Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (2012)


Acorn is an exclusive British-American platform. It makes it a US-only streaming site and bars users worldwide. However, users have found a way to treat themselves to the amazing collection in Acorn’s TV library. This path is through the use of virtual private networks (VPNs).

These saviors have proven their consistency in granting access to premium users. So, there are no longer location restrictions. Users can own personalized US servers thanks to VPN services.

The only problem is choosing a reliable service. This brings us to the key factors to consider before deciding. A good VPN must have many servers. It needs strong connectivity and encryption. It also needs to work on many devices. Efficient customer support is a plus; high speed improves the streaming experience. Also, it is important to note that a free VPN would never offer the same value as a paid one. So, settle for a premium VPN and enjoy your leisure time on Acorn TV’s expansive library.


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