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To many die-hard movie fans outside the US, AT&T TV NOW is the golden goose that lays the fastest eggs. It has become very popular by showing amazing, binge-worthy content. It includes access to some channels, including fans’ favorite HBO Max. That’s why it is sought after outside the US. Geo-restrictions are a big barrier to this streaming enjoyment. They won’t let intended users access AT&T TV NOW’s content.

There are many alternatives, you know. But if you are hell-bent on AT&T TV NOW, you must get a Virtual Private Network (VPN). It will spoof your IP, making it appear like you are in the US. Do you want to try this? Let’s walk you through the simple steps in this article and show you the most reliable VPNs for watching AT&T TV NOW outside the USA in 2024.

Quick Guide to Watching AT&T TV NOW Outside USA

  1. Subscribe to a VPN service; ExpressVPN is our top recommendation for the platform.
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your device.
  3. Log in to your profile.
  4. Search for a US server and connect to it.
  5. Visit the streaming platform AT&T.
  6. Start streaming your favorite content.

Best VPNs to Access AT&T TV NOW Outside USA – Quick List

  1. ExpressVPN: Highly recognized as one of the top VPNs in the market, ExpressVPN has unique features that rank above the bar. First is the speed rate, which is at the top of the class without buffering or delays. The large server network gives users plenty of options when selecting which to connect. Many users will praise the streaming quality, and more users will commend the security. ExpressVPN is invested in its security, and users have no reason to fear data leaks on the platform.
  2. Private Internet Access: PIA may not be as popular as ExpressVPN or others in the tech market, but its services cannot be underestimated. The network has dozens of servers, and the connection is reliable. To summarise, tests show that users can stay on the PIA app for hours, streaming their favorites without compromise. Other features would blow your mind and will be recognized in PIA’s general overview.
  3. NordVPN: NordVPN is your shield in the digital world, ensuring your online privacy and security. With cutting-edge encryption and a vast network of servers worldwide, enjoy unrestricted access to content while staying anonymous. Browse, stream, and download confidently on any device, knowing your data is safeguarded. Experience seamless protection against cyber threats and intrusive surveillance. Join millions trusting NordVPN for a safer internet experience today.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Unblock AT&T TV NOW

One key justification for needing a VPN to view AT&T TV outside the US is the message, which can be seen in the image above. According to the notification above, most countries cannot view AT&T TV because of technical issues with restrictions. Users determined to watch their favorite episodes are advised to use VPNs to gain access to the platform.

It is important to remember that the purpose of a VPN is to connect users to an American server, circumvent geo-restrictions, and conceal their true location. By changing IP addresses throughout the full mode of operation, streaming platforms are led to believe that the user is located in the United States.

Additionally, viewer safety is prioritized when you use a VPN to stream AT&T TV NOW or any other TV online. A more vivid explanation would involve imagining the construction of a channel between the user device and a server. There is a direct connection, and all online activity and history are completely encrypted.

Hackers will find it more difficult to obtain your data, and TV services will find it more difficult to interfere with your viewing hours. Finally, there may be times when internet service providers (ISPs) cause network latency when a typical user is streaming on AT&T TV NOW. These situations are avoided when a VPN is used, and users can enjoy smooth, high-quality streaming.

Best VPNs for Unblocking AT&T TV NOW Outside USA – Detailed List

Watch AT&T TV NOW Outside USA with a VPN

1. ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN is well-known for its proxying, authorization, tunneling, and security services. The service is arguably the best VPN available worldwide with features that benefit customers. Its years in the field have also significantly impacted the successes and accomplishments realized thus far. Major adjustments, modifications, and updates have also been made throughout time, enabling the service to broadcast material from outside of the US with ease.

As a brand, ExpressVPN typically has around 3000 servers spread across 105 nations. Since these nations are spread around the world’s top 5 continents, users can freely move between them anytime. The next feature in ExpressVPN’s feature hierarchy is unblocking. Whether or not a piece of content is censored, users can still watch, stream, and listen to it. Additionally, you can utilize the service on the fly, and your IP address won’t change. Anonymous surfing is possible, and unrestricted streaming is ensured for website users.

Regarding device compatibility, ExpressVPN works with any device, regardless of the operating system. As a result, ExpressVPN programs are readily available for Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, PS4/PS5, routers, and smart TVs. Excellent customer service is provided to all ExpressVPN subscribers. Emails and live chat are among the methods available for setup or troubleshooting requests, and responses to inquiries are provided around the clock.

Apart from all of these, ExpressVPN takes particular pleasure in its security. The service’s tagline centers on the idea that it is still the most reputable VPN provider. This affects how many security system upgrades have been made—from split tunneling to a lock kill switch. A private DNS, AES-256 encryption, a no-logs policy, an ad blocker, and its protocol, Lightway, are all included.


  • Quick speeds.
  • Superior protection.
  • Most effective at removing geo-restricted content.
  • There is a policy of no logs.


  • Overpriced than other VPN services
  • Extensive features demand technical skills.

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2. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access was a significant subsidiary product of Kape Technologies, which merged with it after its initial introduction into the technology world in late 2010. This decision in 2019 garnered much interest because the combined businesses recorded three VPN services together. Despite a difficult beginning, PIA expanded and gained recognition in the virtual private network industry. PIA has performed successfully thus far, even though industry experts cannot match the service’s performance against prior iterations like ExpressVPN.

To begin with, the VPN service does a good job of enabling users to connect to servers located throughout the globe from the comfort of their homes. The service received a four out of five-star rating to confirm its performance. This review makes sense even when you learn that Private Internet Access can unblock restrictions on platforms other than AT&T TV NOW.

Another intriguing element is the methods for upgrading PIA. Their state-of-the-art updates include the most recent encryption standards. The service’s VPN protocol technology, WireGuard, also demonstrates a strong security foundation. Depending on the device being utilized, OpenVPN is also available. These protocols are fully open source. Regarding security, the VPN service has a sophisticated kill switch that stops data transfer when the PIA is disabled.

The system is equipped with an antivirus program that detects, finds, and eliminates malware from every aspect of the system. The virus removes any remnants of data logs and privacy-impeding software from the PC. As a result, PIA is now in a very favorable position on the list of VPN recommendations for workplace settings. However, it is also useful software for AT&T TV NOW streaming.


  • Unblocks additional streaming services, including HBO Max, Netflix, BBC, Disney Plus, and others.
  • Vast servers spanning 91 nations.
  • A safe kill switch and a no-logging policy.
  • Backs open-source software.
  • Incredibly cheap.


  • The WireGuard performance is not as fast as usual, and PIA programs can be complicated for certain users.
  • The application is yet to have any notable updates.
  • To access certain functions, you might need technical support.
  • Response times for customer service vary.

3. NordVPN

Watch AT&T TV NOW Outside USA with NordVPN

NordVPN stands as a beacon of digital security, offering robust protection for your online activities. With its advanced encryption protocols and extensive server network, NordVPN ensures your privacy remains intact while you browse, stream, or work online. Whether accessing sensitive information or exploring the web, NordVPN shields your data from prying eyes and cyber threats.

This versatile VPN solution encrypts your internet traffic and grants you access to geo-restricted content from around the globe. Say goodbye to regional limitations and hello to a world of unrestricted browsing. NordVPN’s user-friendly interface makes connecting to servers in various locations easy, allowing you to enjoy your favorite content without limitations.

Moreover, NordVPN’s commitment to user privacy is unwavering. They operate under a strict no-logs policy, ensuring your browsing history remains confidential and inaccessible to anyone, including NordVPN. This dedication to transparency and security has earned NordVPN the trust of millions of users worldwide.

In today’s digital landscape, where cyber threats and privacy concerns abound, NordVPN is a reliable ally. It empowers users to reclaim their online freedom without compromising on security. Join the NordVPN community today and experience the internet as it should be: secure, private, and limitless.


  • Robust encryption ensures ironclad data security.
  • A vast server network offers seamless global access.
  • A strict no-logs policy preserves user privacy.
  • User-friendly interface simplifies secure browsing experience.
  • Reliable customer support for any troubleshooting needs.


  • Occasionally, slower connection speeds during peak usage.
  • Limited ability to bypass aggressive VPN blockers.
  • Pricing may be higher compared to some competitors.

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How to Choose the Right VPN for Streaming AT&T TV NOW Outside the US

Users should always look for the following criteria when choosing the right VPNs to stream AT&T TV NOW:

  • Vast Number of Servers: Customers are likelier to switch to a VPN with infinite servers spread across multiple regions. Most users prefer not to become dependent on a single server and find it difficult to switch to another.
  • Speed and Bandwidth: A decent VPN can do much more than bypass geo-blocks and access blocked websites. Users must likewise take advantage of these benefits at a quicker rate than or equal to those with direct access.
  • Data Security: VPNs with no security lapses are more highly regarded in the industry than those with. Even though these compromises may not be deliberate, they are evident in the encryption grades and protocols employed. It is imperative to have a no-log policy, and security is compromised in the absence of a kill switch.
  • Suitable User Experience: A good VPN application and website should be easy to use and have a pleasant interface so that users can navigate around it. They should include straightforward information that is easy to read and navigate and various payment options for instantaneous transactions.
  • Device Compatibility: Every VPN customer or prospective user is unlikely to have the same streaming hardware. Thus, it becomes a challenge for our VPN services to be sufficiently compatible with the various varieties. However, some VPN services function on Mac, iOS, Windows, etc.
  • Quality Customer Service: Even a top-notch VPN service can occasionally have problems, but you need superior customer assistance during such erratic times. They might reply by email, P2P direct internet calls, or live chat.

Can a Free VPN be Used to Unblock AT&T TV NOW Outside the USA

Yes, this is a clear response to this section. You can access your favorite AT&T TV Now TV shows using one of the many free VPNs available. But like with any free internet service, some restrictions outweigh the advantages. Therefore, it is best to avoid the alternative, regardless of its appeal.

Their small server count is undoubtedly one of their biggest shortcomings. It is a prevalent issue with free VPN providers, and given AT&T TV Now’s requirements, they might not be able to compete. The geo-restrictions on AT&T TV Now are only intended for those who do not have access to a US server—a feature that free VPNs do not offer.

A free VPN is also more vulnerable to security breaches than a paid VPN. It doesn’t double-check its security procedures, so consumers are vulnerable to logging and data leak concerns. Furthermore, pop-ups and pointless advertisements take up most of your screens, interfering with browsing and jeopardizing your privacy. Therefore, it is better to opt for a premium service that you won’t have to complain about to prevent all these drawbacks.

AT&T TV Now Pricing

With AT&T TV Now, users can enjoy 40+ channels for a meager fee of $65 monthly. This is on the Plus package of the platform, and there are others. The Max package gives access to 50+ channels for a fee of $80 per month. The entertainment package has a selection of 65+ channels offered at $93 per month. There are others like Choice, Extra, and Ultimate, featuring 85+, 105+, and 125 channels, respectively. Their prices also vary, ranging from $110 to $130 monthly.

For individuals who have yet to trust the brand, there is a five-day free trial to understand the product and enjoy its features. It is worth noting that a fee of $75 will be surcharged from the customer’s linked account after the trial period ends.

AT&T TV NOW and Device Compatibility

These devices have different ways of installation, and there are certain steps to follow. Here are some of the devices AT&T TV Now is available on, and the processes before streaming are accomplished. In this context, we will look at the four major devices that AT&T TV Now can be streamed on:

Watch AT&T TV NOW on iOS

iOS device users can download the AT&T TV Now TV app and their choice of VPN from the App Store. The only requirements to sign up for either of these applications are a predetermined subscription price and your personal information. You can then connect to a US server and view content at your leisure.

Stream AT&T TV Now on Android

A VPN subscription is required to view AT&T TV Now TV on an Android device outside the United States. You can accomplish this by going to their official website, selecting a plan, and completing the payment. Install the program, link to a US server, and verify the security settings. After that, you may sign up for an account on the AT&T TV Now TV website, begin streaming, and explore any content you want.

Watch AT&T TV Now on Windows

You can select any VPN suggested on this page as a starting procedure. You then proceed with the installation procedures. Using the app, locate a US server and click to establish an automated connection. After setting up your VPN, access your AT&T TV Now account and stream your preferred content.

Watch AT&T TV Now on Mac

Install a trustworthy VPN program on your Mac. Select a US server to connect to after opening the VPN. Afterward, you must use your current login credentials to access the AT&T TV Now TV platform or register for a new account to begin streaming.

Stream AT&T TV Now on SmartTV

Before proceeding, confirming the device’s compatibility with your smart TV is crucial. Then, launch the AT&T TV Now TV app using your preferred VPN. If you’re unfamiliar with the app, create a new account or log in as an existing user. After ensuring the VPN is secure and in working order, begin streaming.

Content to Watch on the AT&T TV Now Platform

A lot of content is being offered on the AT&T TV Now platform, which makes it stand out among others. For users of different interests, their content ranges from sports to movies, TV shows, and general entertainment. Here are some of the channels, favorite shows, and movies:


  • The Godfather Trilogy
  • The Shawshank Redemption
  • Crazy, Not Insane
  • Dune
  • The Matrix
  • Promising Young Woman
  • Jurassic Park
  • The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • Belushi


  • NFL Football
  • NHL Hockey
  • College Football
  • Soccer
  • NBA Basketball
  • Golf
  • MLB Baseball
  • Formula 1
  • Tennis

TV Shows

  • Worldwide Streamers
  • Cross-Continental TV
  • Global Flix
  • Around the World TV
  • International Channel Sur
  • Streaming Passport
  • Global-View
  • International Flicks
  • Cross-Border Boxset
  • Global Binge


  • HBO,
  • Cinemax,
  • Hallmark,
  • HGTV,
  • ESPN,
  • BET,
  • CNN,
  • The CW,
  • Food Network,
  • E!, and others.


Streaming on any platform for users outside the United States has challenges and may prove abortive. AT&T TV Now is one of those platforms that users struggle with accessing. However, due to the content these streaming sites offer, alternatives are sought, birthing VPNs.

VPN services solve half the problem, and the next dilemma is choice. Users have to choose between different types. This article lists some and makes it easier. Among the few mentioned, ExpressVPN has the highest rating, and if not preferred, our list of criteria would guide you better.


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