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Chrome is the most popular browser worldwide with a massive global market share of 65.74%. Anyone familiar with VPNs will know that it also doubles as the browser that best supports VPN extensions. This means that there are so many free VPN Chrome extension options on the market that it can be quite overwhelming for anyone that is looking for the best option.

So we have done the research for you and have run through as many free VPN Chrome extensions as we could and put them through a series of tests to determine which ones were the best. This is particularly tricky for free options as they represent a much more dangerous proposition if you make the wrong decision when compared to paid subscription VPNs.  Best Free VPN Chrome Extensions

VPN Chrome extension free versions are much more likely to either come with invasive ads, not offer you enough protection, or worse of all sell your data. It is only the very best that offers you enough protection and generally, these are sister versions of a subscription VPN.

After our testing here were the three that stood out above the rest in almost every category:

  1. ProtonVPN–  Best free VPN Chrome extension for data allowance 
  2. TunnelBear– VPN chrome extension free option that unblocks the most countries 
  3. Hide.me– The best free VPN Chrome extension for beginners

We will go into more detail on why these ranked in our top 3 but first, let’s look at a little background information that can be useful for you in your search for the perfect free VPN Chrome extension. 

The Ultimate Guide: What to Consider When Choosing a Free VPN Chrome Extension

We have already touched on this but the main things you will be looking for are negatives rather than positives. Unfortunately, free VPN Chrome extension options are just not as good as the paid ones and we will get into that more later but if you wish to use a VPN for any period longer than the short term, or if speed and security are important to you then a paid option would be better.

However there is still a lot of need for VPN Chrome extension free products, otherwise, there wouldn’t be a market for them. Some people may not be able to afford a paid VPN due to their plans usually asking for all the payment upfront. Or maybe you are just on holiday in a location and wish to stream something from back home, in these situations a free VPN Chrome extension can be very useful.

Our main piece of advice is to look for a free VPN extension for Chrome that also has a paid version. In this case, it would be unwise for the VPN site to do anything that would jeopardize their main product so they will likely offer you good protection and give you enough of a taste of the product so you will be tempted to buy the subscription service.

With a free VPN, we advise you to ask yourself what are they getting from this? Before you make your decision. If you cannot think of anything it is likely that they will be up to something nefarious as nothing good in life comes for free unfortunately and if it feels too good to be true that’s because it likely is.

In terms of what positive factors should you look for? Well, every free VPN Chrome extension will be limited in some way but security is, of course, a key, make sure they use decent encryption and have a kill switch. After that look for an option with a decent combination of servers, data allowance, and speed.

So without further adieu let’s look at the 3 we found were the VPN Chrome extension free options that stood out above the rest.

1) ProtonVPN

Proton VPN - Best free vpn for netflixThere is one factor that will always get ProtonVPN to the top of any Free VPN list and that is its data allowance. Most free VPNs will have a pretty stringent monthly cap on how much data you can use but ProtonVPN gives its users unlimited data.

To nicely compliment this ProtonVPN is one of the most secure free VPN Chrome extensions on the market. It has a strict no-logs policy and also has a reliable kill switch. They also run all your data through a number of servers so there is no danger of anyone seeing your IP address.

protonvpn chrome
ProtonVPN for Chrome – User Interface

In terms of drawbacks (which all free VPNs have), ProtonVPN does not give you a lot of choice when it comes to unblocking countries, only Japan, The Netherlands, and The US are available. It is also not the best free VPN Chrome extension when it comes to streaming so you will likely experience buffering.


  • Unlimited data
  • IP address is protected
  • Reliable kill switch 


  • Only unblocks 3 countries 
  • Poor streaming quality

Unlimited data Secure Good choice of countries  Quality streaming

⚠️ We highly recommend a paid VPN Chrome Extensions. Check here the Top VPN Chrome Extensions.

2) TunnelBear

Tunnel Bear - Free VPN for NetflixJust like with ProtonVPN, TunnelBear has a USP that sees it get to the top of the free VPN Chrome extension list. That point is it unblocks 47 countries and has over 40 servers for its users. If you are looking for choice it is the VPN Chrome extension free option you should be looking at.

Other than that it is a pretty functioning VPN. It backs up the number of servers by being able to stream at a decent level with decent speeds, crucially it uses AES-256 with OpenVPN and has a strict no-logs policy which like ProtonVPN makes it a very secure VPN.

TunnelBear User Interface
Tunnel Bear VPN – User Interface

Unfortunately, TunnelBear has one glaring downside. It only offers its users 500MB of data per month which is frankly much too small to stream anything. This is where paid options are just better as it is very hard to get the whole package with any free VPN Chrome extension.


  • Unblocks 47 countries
  • Use across 5 devices at once
  • Over 40 servers


  • Tiny data allowance
  • Average speeds

Unlimited data Secure Good choice of countries Quality streaming 

⚠️ We highly recommend a paid VPN Chrome Extensions. Check here the Top VPN Chrome Extensions.

3) Hide.meVPN

Hide.me VPN - Free VPN NetflixHide.meVPN has been described as the best free VPN Chrome extension for beginners. That is mainly down to its usability but in general, it is just set up as a nice VPN to start you off with your browsing and ease you into the VPN world.

As a free VPN Chrome extension it does everything at a decent level, a 10GB data allowance is just enough to get the hang of everything as long as you don’t plan to stream or play games online. While an easy-to-use app across devices and a good customer service team will make sure your experience is stress-free.

The main downside to Hide.meVPN is that it does not have a kill switch with its free version. This isn’t the end of the world if you are using it at home, but if you are planning to use any public networks this can be very dangerous as if your connection drops your IP address will be visible to anyone that is looking for it.



  • Small Number of Servers
  • Limited Accessibility Across Devices

Unlimited data Fast speeds Unblocks most countries  Quality streaming 

⚠️ We highly recommend a paid VPN Chrome Extensions. Check here the Top VPN Chrome Extensions.

We have strongly hinted at the fact that subscription VPNs are just better than free VPN Chrome extensions so it would be pretty unfair if we didn’t give you the three best options in this category too. So here they are along with why they’re the best.

1) ExpressVPN

ExpressVPNExpressVPN Logo - Best paid VPN for Netflix is one of those services that comes out on top in almost every testing category, it narrowly beat out NordVPN as the best VPN Chrome extension. No matter what you need a VPN for ExpressVPN will be a good choice, a nice added bonus for Chrome users is that it’s very easy to install and runs smoothly without any issues.

As we mentioned, security is the most important part of any VPN. ExpressVPN has a strict no-logs policy and standard AES-256 data encryption, but it also has lots of other neat little features that will cover your IP address and a location spoofing feature that basically allows you to keep the same geotag no matter what country’s server you are using. It is also an excellent VPN for streaming as it unlocks over 90 countries and most streaming services.

In terms of a downside, there is very little to choose from. One thing you will always hear about ExpressVPN though is that it is one of the more expensive VPNs on the market. This can be an issue but if you have the money to afford the subscription it is the service we would recommend over any free VPN Chrome extension.


  • Great for Streaming
  • Excellent Security Features
  • Usable Across 5 Devices at Once


  • Costly plans
  • Limited Accessibility Across Devices

Cheapest Renewal Price Number of Servers Max Devices Supported  Money-Back Guarantee
€6.30 per month for 1 year + 3 months free 2000+ 5 30 days

2) NordVPN 

NordVPN - 2nd best free vpn for netflixMany veteran VPN users would have expected to see NordVPN at the top of this list but let us reassure you it was very close. NordVPN have been at the top of the business for years now and their excellent product development and marketing teams make sure they are always being innovative and keeping ahead of the competition.

NordVPN uses their years of experience to bring a quality and easy-to-use product. No matter what device you are using the NordVPN Chrome expansion on you will find it easy to install, use and navigate. It has an incredible 5000+ servers which basically gives you access to anything you could think of and of course, most importantly it has excellent security features including a no-logs policy and a kill switch.

While we did not experience any issues ourselves, if you look up the NordVPN app on the Chrome web store you will see that some of the reviews aren’t as complementary as say for ExpressVPN. Bugs were mentioned which worried us a little and that is the reason NordVPNVPn comes in second. That being said, it still far surpasses any free VPN Chrome extension option.


  • Years of Experience
  • Easy to Use
  • Top Security Features


  • Some complaints on Chrome store 

Cheapest Renewal Price Number of Servers Max Devices Supported  Money-Back Guarantee
€3.99 per month for 2 years  + 3 months free 5000+ 6 30 days

3) IvacyVPN

Ivacy VPN - 3rd best VPN for NetflixThere will no doubt be a surprise seeing IvacyVPN rank above more established products like Surfshark on this list. However, we really like the development this VPN is making and think if it keeps going in the direction it currently is, you could see it challenge the big two soon. It is currently ranked just below NordVPN on the web store so who knows?

IvacyVPN has been smart in the sense that it has targeted certain areas to excel. The main one of those is streaming. It has a whopping 6500+ servers and unblocks 100+ countries, it has also focused on the most popular streaming sites so no matter what you want to watch it should be no issue. They also let you use 10 devices at once so you can share the plan with your friends or family with no issue.  Not that it should be too much of an issue as IvacyVPN has very affordable plans.

Unfortunately what currently lets IvacyVPN down is its security procedure. Apple users will have to do without a kill switch which is not ideal especially if they wish to connect to any public networks as there will be a big danger their IP address will be exposed. Even more of a worry is IvacyVPN is based out of Singapore which is a member state of the Fourteen Eyes, this means they share surveillance info with fellow member states. This is worrying as it means your data may end up getting shared.


  • Huge amount of servers
  • Affordable plan
  • Great for streaming


  • Data may not be safe 

Cheapest Renewal Price Number of Servers Max Devices Supported  Money-Back Guarantee
€3.99 per month for 2 years  + 3 months free 6500+ 10 30 days

Don’t Settle for Less: How to Decide on the Best VPN Chrome Extension for You

We think we have given you more than enough information now so you can make an informed decision on what VPN is going to be best for you. It ultimately comes down to what you need the VPN for and then you can decide between a free VPN Chrome extension or a paid one.

If you are maybe going on a short holiday, only need the VPN for one activity, or money is an issue then we would say a VPN Chrome extension free option would be best for you. Just, as we said, make sure you prioritize security and if you do so one of our three picks will be the best option. After that, you can narrow it down more and choose which of our options suits you best.

However, if you need a VPN for any length of time longer than a week, are dealing with any sort of secure information on your laptop, or value performance and choice then a paid version is just going to be better than any VPN Chrome extension free options. 

All of the three we discussed are secure to a functional level so you just need to decide which pros and cons matter to you. As we said though, if you can afford a little extra we would advise you to opt for ExpressVPN.

Free VPN Chrome Extensions: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What free VPN Chrome extension should I choose?

Are VPN Chrome extension free products reliable? 

How do I install my free VPN Chrome extension or my subscription one? 

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