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It’s amazing to contemplate how a virtual private network (VPN) weaves a cocoon of protection around your internet activities. By channeling all your web traffic through an encrypted tunnel, VPNs like Ivacy blind your ISP and any potential online snoops from tracking what you’re doing.

Perhaps that’s why you’ve turned to this Ivacy VPN review, seeking to unravel more about its features and offerings. With one of its plans costing just a dollar per month, Ivacy VPN offers a secure, quick, and uncomplicated VPN service that seems to tick all the right boxes.

But our comprehensive Ivacy VPN review delves deeper, exploring not just the pros and cons but also its unique features, how it stacks up against its competitors, an overview from user feedback, and a guide on using Ivacy’s platform.

How Does Ivacy VPN Work?

Ivacy VPN operates similarly to how other VPNs work. It creates a secret tunnel for your data to traverse securely using robust 256-bit encryption, considered military-grade for its superior strength.

This encryption approach, akin to a digital fortress, renders any breach attempts virtually impossible, as it cloaks your internet traffic behind an impenetrable shield, effectively warding off ominous cyber threats.

The VPN masks your IP address using one from its network of 5,700+ servers worldwide, effectively anonymizing your location. Beyond all this, Ivacy maintains a flawless no-logging policy, promising not to track or store the activities you undertake during your secure internet sessions.

Why People Use Ivacy VPN

From bolstered security to unrestricted global access, the various applications of Ivacy VPN cater to a wide spectrum of needs. Here are some of the key uses of this VPN and why it’s so popular:

Streaming (Unblocking Content)

Ivacy dismantles geo-blocks, enabling users to bypass regional content restrictions for a global streaming experience. Whether it’s Netflix US, BBC iPlayer, or Hulu, Ivacy opens up a world of entertainment, triumphing over geographical barriers.

It’s worth noting, however, that the service only bypasses restrictions in 16 major Netflix regions (including Netflix US, UK, Japan, Germany, Australia, France, Canada, Italy, Spain, Finland, India, and New Zealand) — making it easily one of the best Netflix VPNs.

However, there are reports of some having restriction and speed problems with Netflix Japan. Besides Japan, you can stream the abovementioned regions and maintain up to 80% of your download speed, meaning you can load videos easily.

Safe and Anonymous Browsing

Ivacy VPN forms a protective shroud around your internet activities, ensuring both privacy and anonymity. This is enabled by masking your actual IP address with one from its extensive, secure servers.

With Ivacy, your online identity remains concealed behind an encrypted veil, making your browsing activities indecipherable to third parties and keeping you anonymous in the digital matrix.

Security While Using Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi networks are often the ideal launching pad for cyber threats. Hackers not only embed stealthy malware codes but also remotely manipulate or completely shut down your devices. With Ivacy VPN, an encrypted shield is erected around your data, rendering such threats ineffective.


Ivacy VPN offers a tempting entry point of just a dollar per month, establishing itself as a remarkably affordable VPN service. This pricing, however, forms part of a 5-year plan and is billed for the entire duration upfront. This might seem a rather long commitment compared to Nord VPN’s maximum two-year plan.

Despite such considerations, the one-year subscription from Ivacy – that’s just $3.99 per month – remains competitively priced and is still more economical than ExpressVPN’s $6.67 and NordVPN’s $5.79 per month annual plans.


Using Ivacy’s network connects you with a global roster of players and ensures protection against harmful gaming threats, such as DDoS attacks, which cause malicious spamming of your server with excessive traffic leading to a system crash.

Believe it or not, even the FBI is dealing with DDoS attacks. It places your online gaming persona under wraps, out of reach from hackers’ prying eyes. As an added bonus, Ivacy VPN lifts regional restrictions, giving you early access to games and exclusive betas.


Torrents involve file sharing in a peer-to-peer (P2P) network where each downloader or ‘peer’ becomes an uploader, facilitating file distribution. However, ISPs can restrict torrenting by limiting your bandwidth or blocking access to torrent sites.

Ivacy shines by supporting P2P activities and ensuring no ISP meddling diminishes your torrenting speed. This capability allows for brisk and trouble-free downloads, even when connected to the VPN.

Is Ivacy VPN Good? The Good and Not So Good

Before making a well-informed verdict regarding Ivacy’s VPN performance, it’s crucial to weigh its strengths and drawbacks. Although impressed by its enticing features, like a vast network of servers and affordable pricing, we’ve also noted certain elements that could use improvement:


  • Compatibility: It works on iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux. Its presence on smart TVs, PS4, and Xbox further enhances its accessibility.
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support: Some key live chat statistics show that this is a driving factor of customer satisfaction. Speedy assistance is just a chat away with Ivacy’s round-the-clock live chat support.
  • Anonymous Payment Options: For those who prioritize anonymity, Ivacy VPN allows anonymous payments (including cryptocurrency), further strengthening your privacy.
  • A Premium Password Manager: Subscription to Ivacy’s five-year plan comes with a bonus – a premium password manager to further enhance your online security.


  • Interface: The UI is functional and user-friendly. However, some may find it could benefit from a modern visual refresh to enhance the user experience.
  • Limited Multi-Hop Availability: While Ivacy does offer a multi-hop feature, it’s currently only accessible for users on Windows 11.
  • Trial: Ivacy VPN only offers a paid trial, no free version. However, there is a 30-day and 7-day money-back guarantee depending on the plan you choose.

For those seeking a versatile VPN solution compatible across multiple platforms, Ivacy VPN offers a compelling proposition, excellent for frequent travelers, digital nomads, gamers, and privacy-conscious individuals who require untethered connectivity and anonymity.

Given its premium features and secure encryption, it’s also likely to resonate with those on the lookout for robust digital protection without sacrificing user experience. However, the interface may leave users craving a more modern aesthetic, and the limited availability of multi-hop may be an issue for some.

Ivacy VPN Pricing

Exploring the pricing structure of Ivacy VPN reveals it to be primarily budget-friendly, particularly appealing if you’re seeking comprehensive VPN features without breaking the bank.

Ivacy’s pricing plans include an array of features such as malware protection, advanced IPsec & IKEv protocols, unlimited bandwidth, military-grade 256-bit encryption, an Internet kill switch, and high-speed downloading.

Ivacy’s plans

Ivacy offers three primary subscription plans: for a month, a year, and 5 years – also known as the Ivacy VPN lifetime subscription. Add-ons like Dedicated IP ($1.99/month) and Port Forwarding ($1/month) also come at a nominal extra charge, diversifying your VPN experience.

Money-Back Guarantee

It’s impossible to review Ivacy VPN without checking for any policy for refunds. As for the cancellation policy and potential refunds, it’s crucial to note that Ivacy backs new subscriptions with a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, all five conditions mentioned below apply for a full refund:

  1. The refund must be claimed within 30 days of the subscription
  2. It cannot apply to one-month accounts (which have a separate 7-day money-back guarantee)
  3. The account must not have been suspended by Ivacy for any ToS breaches
  4. The user must not have claimed a refund under this policy prior
  5. The payment method shouldn’t have been through certain channels like Bitcoin or Coin Payments.

Comparatively, Ivacy stands strong against its competition. While notable VPNs like PureVPN and Nord are renowned in their own right, Ivacy proves to be a more budget-friendly choice, with its 1-year plan being just 15 cents more per month than PureVPN’s standard plan.

From this comparative perspective, Ivacy emerges as one of the best budget VPNs, offering extensive features at an affordable rate. However, it’s worth noting that the prices provided herein are subject to change. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to check Ivacy’s website for the most current prices before settling on a plan.

Is Ivacy VPN Free?

If you’re after the best free VPN, Ivacy, unfortunately, isn’t among them. However, while Ivacy VPN isn’t free, it does offer potential users a 7-day trial priced at just $0.99, allowing you to test its premium features before making a longer commitment. Post-trial, you’ll automatically transition to the annual plan.

Although it’s a bit disappointing that there’s no free offering, this trial period gives you full access to Ivacy’s ample offerings, from seamless streaming of global content to robust online security, making it a comprehensive, pocket-friendly sneak peek into the VPN’s capabilities.

Exploring Ivacy VPN’s Features

Let’s delve into Ivacy VPN’s features, designed to cater to your varied cyber privacy and security needs. Here’s everything you need to know about what’s on offer — the good and what misses the mark.

Internet Kill Switch

Think of the Internet kill switch as your online activity’s failsafe, instantly cutting your internet access if your VPN connection drops. The primary purpose is to shield your private data from being exposed during that brief, vulnerable period it takes for your VPN to reconnect.

Ivacy’s Kill Switch

This feature erects a digital fortress around your privacy, securing your online presence continuously. However, if you’re a macOS user, Ivacy currently doesn’t support the kill switch feature on this platform.

Split Tunneling

Split tunneling is a process that directs intra-organizational data traffic through the encrypted SSL VPN tunnel, while all other data traffic uses the default gateway of the remote user.

Ivacy VPN review split tunneling

Simply put, it’s like being in two places at once — you could be streaming foreign content via the VPN while accessing local content through the web simultaneously. This innovative feature enables an optimized browsing or gaming experience.

This is because it allows you to avoid the potential latency or speed impacts of a VPN whilst being certain that you’re nevertheless protected. Currently, split tunneling is available on Android and Windows platforms within Ivacy’s repertoire.

Faster Streaming

Ivacy VPN ensures smooth, uninterrupted streaming by countering the threat of ISP throttling on people’s right to information. It’s where internet providers artificially slow down your connection.

With Ivacy, your true IP address is hidden altogether, which prevents your ISP from identifying and limiting your streaming activities.

Unblocking streaming platforms with Ivacy

This feature is particularly handy for a buffer-free experience on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. Furthermore, Ivacy lets you bypass geo-restrictions, enabling access to content regardless of your location.

To make accessing your favorite content even easier, Ivacy’s Purpose Selection feature aids you in swiftly pinpointing the optimal server for your needs, whether it’s secure downloading, buffering-free streaming, or unblocking content.

10 Multi Logins

Here’s a convenient feature – Ivacy enables you to protect up to 10 devices simultaneously with one single account. This multi-login feature exempts users from the hassle of logging in and out on different devices.

It’s a perfect match for multi-device households or a small office, bestowing the freedom of securing multiple devices with just a single Ivacy subscription.

Ivacy’s multi-login is more generous than ExpressVPN’s six and NordVPN’s eight devices, though not quite as expansive as the unlimited number of devices you can connect with SurfShark, as we discussed in our Surfshark review.

Dedicated IP

A dedicated IP implies that you’re the sole user of a particular IP address, providing you greater control over your online reputation and easier access to web services. Ivacy’s dedicated IP VPN helps circumvent issues often associated with shared IPs.

This includes accidental blacklisting due to others’ activities (a common issue when trying to access Netflix on a free VPN, for example) or constant verification prompts known as CAPTCHAs.

Dedicated IP with Ivacy

This dedicated IP can be critical if you’re looking for banking security – one of the benefits of having a dedicated IP – and avoiding fraudulent activity online. By restricting online access to your accounts to your dedicated IP, you can further tighten your security and prevent unauthorized access.

Here’s a list of the countries you can get an IP from with Ivacy VPN:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Hong Kong
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Singapore

All the abovementioned attributes together shape Ivacy VPN into an appealing option for anyone seeking reliable cybersecurity solutions – be it a professional handling sensitive information or an average Joe looking for an anonymous and secure browsing experience.

Is Ivacy VPN Safe?

It’s all about safety, and Ivacy VPN runs on powerful security protocols. Let’s break down the main ones you need to know:

  • Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) — This is used for sending data packets over the internet. It guarantees the delivery of packets in the order they were sent, which is instrumental in applications where data needs to be reliably transmitted.
  • User Datagram Protocol (UDP) — UDP sends information without first establishing a formal connection. This makes it faster but less reliable. It’s best for live streams, VoIP calls, and online multiplayer games, where low latency and high speeds matter more than accuracy.
  • Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) — A protocol like this creates a tunnel for data but doesn’t offer encryption. It’s combined with another protocol, such as IPsec, for a safe and encrypted VPN experience.
  • Internet Key Exchange version (IKEv) — This protocol suite provides encryption, authentication, and key management, offering a secure connection.
  • Ivacy WireGuard Protocol — As the latest addition to Ivacy VPN’s security arsenal, WireGuard deploys state-of-the-art cryptography and outperforms existing VPN protocols such as IKEv2 and IPsec — making it a cutting-edge veneer between your data and potential threats.

Ivacy also offers IPv6 Leak Protection, an essential feature that prevents leakage of your online presence, even if there might be issues with your connection. In addition to the aforementioned protocols, Ivacy further bolsters security with features like secure DNS and DDoS protection.

Secure DNS prevents leakage — one of a few DNS security vulnerabilities where your DNS request bypasses the VPN tunnel, making it visible to your ISP. This channel, when fortified by Ivacy, ensures your online activity remains strictly within the encrypted tunnel, concealing your actions from prying eyes.

Keeping No Tracks of Your Activity

Ivacy VPN upholds a stringent no-logs policy, meaning it doesn’t keep records of your online activities. Whatever you search, watch, or participate in online is for your eyes only. Even when authorities request such information, Ivacy’s response affirms the absence of usage data.

Furthermore, Ivacy implements advanced systems – including robust encryption algorithms and secure key exchange methods – making decryption impossible and ensuring maximum data protection. However, they do process and store some personal and billing information provided during account registration.

All of this information is secured with a data protection agreement. However, despite Ivacy’s commendable security measures and no-logs policy, it’s worth noting that some of its competitors have gone the extra mile by employing tamper-resistant RAM-only servers, often referred to as “diskless.”

This setup guarantees that no data is stored physically, greatly boosting security. Beyond this, Ivacy is yet to have its VPN no-logs claims independently verified. This is something we hope to see in the near future.

Ivacy VPN’s Device Compatibility

While Ivacy VPN presents broad compatibility across various operating systems and devices, understanding its functionality and performance over each platform is crucial. Each device or system may utilize the VPN differently, potentially altering your online experience.


With its compact Azure interface adorned with a user-friendly assortment of navigational icons, the Ivacy VPN app truly makes its mark on Windows. It offers a variety of protocols, including WireGuard, IKEV2, OpenVPN (TCP and UDP), and the older L2TP encryption protocol.

Ivacy on Windows

Ivacy’s unique Multiport feature, tailored specifically to Windows, probes for open ports to secure the most effective connection. The feature’s ability to bypass port blocking is beneficial in regions where port access may be limited or heavily regulated, allowing unrestricted network access. 

This is achieved by scanning and automatically choosing the least congested or the highest-performing port to transmit data. Users are also assured a reliable and stable connection because Ivacy maintains a robust network of servers designed to handle high volumes of data traffic.

This minimizes the risk of server failures or slowdowns, so no matter your online activity, the constant server availability and stability guarantee an uninterrupted experience.


The MacOS version of Ivacy’s app is slightly leaner when it comes to features. While it maintains a familiar interface, the lack of a kill switch or split tunneling marks a departure from the feature-packed Windows version.

Notwithstanding these omissions, Ivacy continues to offer a hassle-free VPN experience backed by an easy-to-navigate interface.

Ivacy on MacOS


Ivacy’s iOS app experiences a harmonious blend of simplicity and efficiency. The VPN connections are smartly categorized into ‘Purposes,’ ‘Smart Connect,’ and ‘Locations.’

The app also comes equipped with unique features like on-demand VPN, allowing auto connections when specific URLs are accessed, augmenting Ivacy’s persistence in catering to personalized user needs.

Ivacy on iOS

Compatibility across multiple iOS versions is a testament to the app’s ongoing adaptability and commitment to user satisfaction.


The Ivacy Android app echoes its iOS counterpart in aesthetics, inviting attention with the signature blue interface tailored with a world map background and striking white and gold highlights.

Ivacy on Android

The comparative upper hand of the Android version lies in its kill switch and split tunneling features. Android users can also leverage the multi-port feature that fine-tunes port connectivity considerations.


Asserting its versatility, Ivacy now extends support to various Linux distributions, including Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CentOS, Mint, and Arch Linux. With an easy-to-use command-line interface, setting up Ivacy VPN is as simple as subscribing and selecting the server location that meets your needs.

Ivacy on Linux

Although there are popular VPN clients for Linux like OpenVPN and OpenConnect, Ivacy’s native client offers a more straightforward, enriched experience with a more simplified interface. Linux support alone is rare in the VPN space, making Ivacy VPN one of the best Linux VPNs on the market.

Gaming Consoles

Gaming consoles aren’t left behind by Ivacy. Support for PlayStation and Xbox consoles widens the scope for gamers to experience improved latency and access geographically restricted games. Ivacy has three options to set up its VPN service on these platforms:

  1. Setting up the VPN on a router
  2. Using Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) on Windows
  3. For Mac users, sharing the VPN through their device

Instructions from Ivacy’s website ensure the process is uncomplicated and accessible, ultimately heightening your gaming experience. Across the board, Ivacy VPN promises a blend of robust features and user-friendly interfaces, offering a tailored protection solution for a range of devices and operating systems.

Whether you’re a gamer, a streamer, or merely an individual seeking enhanced online privacy, Ivacy attempts to match your specific needs with its diverse offerings. While you’ll encounter varying levels of features across different platforms, Ivacy’s commitment to ensuring online safety remains a constant.

Ivacy VPN Vs. Top VPN Competitors

To help simplify your VPN selection process and save you the trouble of endless Google searches like “IvacyVPN vs. other providers,” we’ve compiled a comparison table below:

Top VPN Apps Average Speeds Cheapest Plan Free Trial Simultaneous Connections Server Count Server Locations
Ivacy VPN 105 Mbps $3.99/month $0.99 — 7 days 10 5,700+ 100+
ExpressVPN 176 Mbps $6.67/month 30 days 8 3,000+ 94+
Pure VPN 66.6 Mbps $4.99/month 31 days 10 6,500+ 88+
Surfshark 263 Mbps $3.99/month 7 days Unlimited 3,200+ 144+
NordVPN 196 Mbps $5.79/month 30 days 6 5,800+ 60+

While each VPN listed has its unique strengths and potential vulnerabilities, Ivacy’s offer shines bright when considering price efficacy. Considering the vast server spread, multiple device compatibility, and extensive coverage locations available at an affordable rate, Ivacy VPN indeed stands as a robust contender.

In terms of speeds, Ivacy isn’t the fastest VPN we’ve reviewed, but its servers are incredibly stable, placing it in the mid-range for speed and reliability. But, of course, user needs and preferences ultimately dictate the ‘best’ choice.

Certainly, while Ivacy presents a compelling case, we understand that making a well-informed decision requires extensive understanding and indispensable insights. Therefore, aside from this Ivacy VPN review, we’ve curated a more in-depth comparison of the best VPN services on the market in 2024.

Ivacy VPN Servers

Venturing further into Ivacy’s offerings, let’s explore the geographical reach of its servers. Its impressive server count spread across the globe is instrumental in offering diversified content access and superior connectivity. Here’s a quick look at the Ivacy server list:



Middle East & North Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa



What Do Users Say About Ivacy VPN? A Summary

Aside from this Ivacy review, there are others that fostered the platform’s reputation for delivering reliable VPN services with a commendable balance of affordability and quality.

However, since our objective is to present an undiluted, unbiased perspective, our focus extends beyond just expert tech journalist insights. In the following segments, you’ll find a curated selection of genuine Ivacy VPN reviews from other people.

These capture the authentic voice of the average VPN user alongside professional assessments. This balanced examination of feedback provides a rounded outlook on Ivacy’s standing in the VPN realm.

A review on Ivacy’s speed, safety, user-friendliness, and servers

Above is an Ivacy VPN review done by Nathan Daniels, a tech journalist, who rated it with an overall 7/10 score. User-friendliness and servers are the performing metrics. Here are some more Ivacy VPN reviews from long-time users:

A Google review on Ivacy’s speed

You’ll come across many that applaud its convenience and easy-to-navigate interface, highlighting the seamless streaming experience and consistent speed even when the VPN is active for extended periods. 

One Trustpilot review of Ivacy

Beyond the UI, Ivacy VPN also ranks highly for its prompt customer support and VPN speeds. However, some users have reported sign-in problems and confusion regarding the “5-year lifetime” plan.

To clarify, the term “lifetime” is part of the service plan’s name offered by Ivacy and does not imply lifelong service; the plan’s duration is five years.

How to Use Ivacy VPN

Getting started with Ivacy VPN is a straightforward process, whether you’re setting it up via a router or directly on your device. Our focus in this explanation will be on getting Ivacy VPN on Windows and Android platforms.

Windows Setup Process

Installing Ivacy VPN on your Windows device is as easy as three simple steps:

  1. Open the Ivacy app and click on ‘Smart Connect.’
  2. Now, select the country or city you’d like your VPN to reflect.
  3. Click ‘Connect,’ and you’re all set to browse anonymously.

Android Setup

Here’s how to get Ivacy VPN on your Android device:

  1. Open your Google Play Store and install Ivacy VPN.
  2. Once the app is ready, open it and select your preferred VPN server from the available list.
  3. Hit connect, and voila, secured browsing commences.

For other platforms, the process is similar and user-friendly. Furthermore, for a deeper understanding or troubleshooting of any issues, Ivacy offers a detailed range of tutorials, rendering the setup a breeze no matter your technical prowess.

How We Tested Ivacy VPN for This Ivacy Review

We strive to provide unbiased, informative reviews on all things related to tech and cybersecurity. As such, our team of experts goes above and beyond to ensure we pinpoint everything our readers would need to know to make an informed decision.

To do this, we tested Ivacy with the trial, and although our time with it was short, we got a solid overview of everything we needed to ensure accuracy in our Ivacy VPN review — we could spend some time testing the interface, its unblocking power, and the speeds with tools like www.speedtest.net by Ookla.

This, paired with our extensive analysis of reviews from long-time Ivacy users on best VPN Reddit threads and TrustPilot, gave us a really solid foundation to provide all the information you’d need to decide whether this VPN is worth it in 2024.

Beyond this, our testing of many of the best VPN apps has given us a good understanding of each platform and their differences, allowing us to make informed comparisons so that you don’t have to spend time testing each one to know how it fares against others.

Verdict: Is Ivacy VPN Good in 2024?

In this extensively digital age, VPN services like Ivacy become increasingly vital in navigating the virtual world securely and anonymously. As we’ve discussed in this comprehensive Ivacy review, it’s evident that it caters to diverse user needs – from bolstering online security to enabling unrestricted global content access.

Notably, Ivacy’s unique Internet kill switch, split tunneling feature, and a range of potent security protocols fortify digital protection, while its Multi-Logins capability upholds convenience.

The Dedicated IP feature further enhances accessibility, and Ivacy’s robust servers ensure superior connectivity and speed, elevating your browsing, streaming, and gaming experience. However, like all services, Ivacy isn’t devoid of its downsides.

For instance, the macOS version currently lacks an Internet kill switch, and the no-logs policy, while promising, hasn’t been independently audited. Moreover, while it has a cheaper long-term subscription, it requires a sizable upfront payment, which might deter some potential users.

That said, its ability to strike a fine balance between advanced features, user-friendly interfaces, and affordability mandates a positive verdict for Ivacy VPN in 2024, making it an excellent choice for both first-time and experienced VPN users.

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