Intel's Broadwell processor revealedThe 14-nm Core M aims to upend the tablet market 86
AMD's A10-7800 processor reviewed..and the A6-7400K, too 115
Android on x86: A quick look at Asus' Memo Pad ME176C tabletA 7" Bay Trail quad for $149 50
Core i7-4790K 'Devil's Canyon' overclocking revisitedCan a retail chip and a fancy MSI MPower mobo go further? 51
Overclocking Intel's Pentium G3258 'Anniversary Edition' processorLudicrous speed on the cheap 207
Juno dev platform lays foundation for 64-bit Android on ARMBootstrapping a massive transition 34
Overclocking the Core i7-4790KCan Devil's Canyon deliver? 135
A first look at AMD's Kaveri APU for notebooksKaveri goes mobile 61
ARM lays the foundation for a data center invasionPartners line up to help make it happen 49
AMD reveals K12: New ARM and x86 cores are comingAlready deep into development 115
A first look at AMD's Mullins mobile APUAnd a primer on Beema 89
Intel to renew commitment to desktop PCs with a slew of new CPUsFour new enthusiast-friendly processors are on the way 126
A quick look at Mantle on AMD's Kaveri APUPushin' it to the limit 119
First look: AMD Mantle CPU performance in Battlefield 4A new frontier for PC gaming? 340
A subjective look at the A8-7600's gaming performance 95
AMD's A8-7600 'Kaveri' processor reviewedBetter graphics, bigger contrasts 448
Intel's Atom Z3000 'Bay Trail' SoC revealedA first look at its architecture and performance 95
Inside Intel's Atom C2000-series 'Avoton' processorsAn SoC for microservers, storage, and communications 83
Intel's Core i7-4960X processor reviewedIvy Bridge Extreme finally arrives 206
Intel aims to reinvent the data centerAn aggressive strategy marks the beginning of an new era 21
An intro to all things ARMHow ARM created an ecosystem that upended the market 58
AMD's A10-6800K and A10-6700 'Richland' APUs reviewedDesktop quad-core takes a modest step forward 132
Haswell overclocked: the Core i7-4770K at 4.7GHzMoar power requires moar cooling 130
Intel's Core i7-4770K and 4950HQ 'Haswell' processors reviewedA revamped CPU architecture, better graphics, and a few surprises 320
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Deal of the week: Devil's Canyon for $194.995
Leaked slides may expose next-gen NUCs5
Specs for upcoming FX-8300 chips leak out63
Rumor: AMD to shake up FX series on Labor Day93
Here's my appearance on Newegg TV's Alt+Tab show13
Errata prompts Intel to disable TSX in Haswell, early Broadwell CPUs111
Nvidia claims Haswell-class performance for Denver CPU core121
Report: Haswell-E is epoxied to its heat spreader59
ARM-based Opteron now available in $2,999 developer kit18
Report: Intel targeting larger, pricier Android tablets26
AMD's Mullins APU appears in $250 HP netbook114
AMD posts Q2 financials, is still in the red122
Haswell-E CPUs already available for pre-order99
Intel enjoys strong Q2: revenue, profits rise62
Report: AMD's next-gen Carrizo APU has on-package memory49
Deal of the week: Rosewill's Green Series 630W PSU for $4110
Panasonic SoCs to be fabbed on Intel's 14-nm process40
Report: Via's next-gen quad could challenge Bay Trail, Kabini40
Report: New FX chip is just an FX-9590 with liquid cooling58
HPC switch fabric shares package with next-gen Xeon Phi15
Experimental MIT chip brings cache coherency to many cores29
Intel asked AMD for Mantle API spec70
AMD teases new FX desktop chip187
The future is frugal? AMD APUs to become more efficient51
Report: More refreshed Haswell chips due in Q325
Xeon hybrid marries x86 cores with FPGA sidekick29
Asus enables Haswell overclocking on non-Z-series motherboards23
Friday night topic: your best tech purchases258
AMD shuffles corporate deck to target PCs, ''high-growth markets''25
Strong business PC growth makes Intel raise Q2 forecast16
HP rethinks computer architectures with ''The Machine''72
Desktop Kaveri family adds new models, Pro variants24
Deal of the week: Radeons, memory, and Devil's Canyon16
Tegra K1 powers Google's Project Tango dev kit27
Cavium announces 48-core ARMv8 server processor37
The Core M is a 14-nm Broadwell CPU aimed at 2-in-1s62
Intel intros 'Devil's Canyon,' Pentium Anniversary overclockable CPUs111
Intel and Rockchip partner on x86 SoC for budget tablets44
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