Cooler Master's MasterMouse MM531 reviewedHardware is half the story 2
Litter-Robot III Open Air reviewedYou can take the waste from me 50
Popping the hood on Nvidia's Turing architectureTaking the first steps into a ray-traced future 67
Cooler Master's CK552 mechanical gaming keyboard reviewedBright lights for a low price 8
Gigabyte's X399 Aorus Xtreme motherboard reviewedThreadripper Xtreme 26
Asus' ROG Rapture, Blue Cave, and Lyra Trio wireless routers reviewedThree routers walk into a bar... 39
Intel boosts ultrabooks and fanless PCs with more eighth-gen CPUsSay hello to Whiskey Lake and Amber Lake 54
Samsung's Portable SSD X5 reviewedThunderous portable performance 20
Another look at Steelseries' Rival 310 gaming mouseDifferent strokes for different folks 10
Why mirrorless cameras are taking over the worldCharting where the road might end for the SLR 73
SanDisk's Extreme Portable 1 TB SSD reviewedExternal storage as extreme as you are 13
Razer's Ornata Chroma gaming keyboard reviewedMaking membranes click 7
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Sony PlayStation Classic set to arrive with FF7 and Tekken 3 in tow3
National Cheeseburger Day Shortbread18
Logitech K600 TV Keyboard takes the pain out of smart-TV control8
Tuesday deals: a Crucial MX500 1-TB SSD for $151 and more3
Fractal Design tempered-glass panels let you fenestrate your case8
MyDigitalSSD M2X enclosure hooks up NVMe SSDs to USB 3.1 Gen 212
In the lab: Gigabyte's GeForce RTX 2080 Gaming OC 8G18
Nvidia delays RTX 2080 Ti general availability to September 2736
In the lab: Nvidia's GeForce RTX 2080 Ti and GeForce RTX 208060
Nvidia welcomes nine more games to the DLSS party32
Roald Dahl Day Shortbread20
Radeon Software gears up to raid some tombs with version 18.9.15
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  • jkampman_tr: Also, Square Enix: we need to have a word about your frame pacing
  • jkampman_tr: If you see two Turing graphs you should see this one:
  • jkampman_tr: If you see one Turing graph it should be this one. DLSS a) works and b) is amazing
  • jkampman_tr: For an extreme illustration of this, wide-angle lenses on 4x5" cameras are constrained not by how far away they can… https://t.co/RRuO7GVE9Z
  • jkampman_tr: Sorry, character limit and caffeine are probably obscuring my original point. Just because DSLRs must have longer r… https://t.co/20Yg4uk2D4
  • jkampman_tr: Ergo there's no reason to expect that bigger sensor and longer lens == thicker phone. It just means the optical for… https://t.co/ef7VeuronP
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