iPad sales stabilize in Apple's fiscal 2016 third quarter 38
Asus brightens up its Z170 Pro Gaming mobo with Aura RGB LEDs 8
Seagate Nytro family now includes a 2TB M.2 SSD12
Crucial fills out MX300 SSDs with 275GB, 525GB, and 1TB models24
Nvidia and AMD ease 360-degree video production with new APIs17
AMD FireRender is now the open-source Radeon ProRender9
AMD Radeon Pro graphics cards bring Polaris to content pros54
Radeon Pro Solid State Graphics keeps big data close to the GPU91
Pascal powers up pro graphics with Nvidia's new Quadros33
Phanteks breaks into custom liquid cooling with its Glacier G108016
Adata covers all of its bases with fast, durable external SSDs 2
MSI's Radeon RX 480 Gaming family will arrive in mid-August20
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  • jkampman_tr: @TVsBen @BradChacos It's dry stuff, but I always like to see how these businesses are doing. Sort of like a report card
  • jkampman_tr: People have weird ideas about product pricing. It's never just a matter of the bill of materials...
  • jkampman_tr: And it's not just nausea. I break out in feverish sweats and get pounding headaches from it. Can't ruin any more afternoons like this.
  • jkampman_tr: I keep trying to love it, but the Rift is a beautifully-designed, well-put-together, very expensive emetic for me.
  • jkampman_tr: Firing potatoes into Lake Michigan at the TR BBQ
  • jkampman_tr: If you're in the region, come hang and eat ribs with me, @scottwasson, and the TR community in Holland, MI tomorrow. https://t.co/0SwRw920PK
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