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Launched over 25 years ago, TechReport is one of the oldest hardware, news, and tech review sites. Our mission is to provide helpful guides, unbiased product reviews, and relevant tech news.

The editorial team was rebuilt from the ground up with the help of seasoned professionals. Our team’s expertise encompasses a variety of backgrounds critical to our mission, including cybersecurity, finance and fintech, online privacy, and hardware.

We’re genuinely obsessed with providing user value, and this is central to our editorial standards.

Information You Can Trust

Whether it’s tech news, product reviews, or informative how-tos, you can be sure that the information you find on Tech Report’s pages is honest and unbiased. We uphold journalistic standards of integrity both on-page and off-page.

For more info on our editorial process, you can read our editorial policy.

Experts with Industry Knowledge

As far as our possibilities allow, we work with experts in the fields and topics we tackle. We don’t treat expertise as a checkbox – a degree or minimum number of years worked in a field, although both can help.

For us, expertise means being able to create accurate and insightful content that genuinely helps readers. This often comes with time, and naturally shows itself as deep industry knowledge that can be effectively communicated.

The Tech Report editorial team

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Tech Report

The Tech Report team is committed to maintaining a diverse workplace where everyone’s views and opinions are respected. We encourage our team members to share their ideas and perspectives as we believe inclusion leads to better collaboration, content, and journalism.

As an equal opportunity employer, we have a unique work environment with contributors from all over the world. Anyone who wishes to join our team is given equal consideration, based on merit, regardless of their gender, place of origin, beliefs, race, disability, age, or veteran status.

Editorial Independence

Tech Report maintains complete editorial independence on all levels. While we may earn a commission from affiliate marketing deals with certain vendors, revenue does not dictate our content strategy.

Feedback & Corrections

We value the comments and feedback we receive from the community! All comments that are not spam, do not contain profanity, and are civil are appreciated. You’ll often see them live, and with a reply from a member of the Tech Report team.

Disagreeing with us does not mean comments don’t get published – on the contrary, we welcome a diversity of opinions as we ourselves are not a monolith. We see open debate as an opportunity to enhance our reliability in writing.

Trust Is Non-Negotiable

From 100% remote jobs to adjusting weekly quotas to allow for proper research, discretionary days, and more, we are accommodating in our editorial collaborations and understand we’re working with people who have lives outside of work.

That said, content quality and accuracy are non-negotiable. Trust is also non-negotiable, both on- and off-page, and every single one of our contributors will attest to this.

From hardware to AI, crypto legislation, and cybersecurity incidents, our entire editorial team is watching out for the latest industry developments and trends and we report on them to the best of our ability.

We appreciate you trusting us as a source of objective information, and value your trust above all else.

The Tech Report - Editorial ProcessOur Editorial Process

The Tech Report editorial policy is centered on providing helpful, accurate content that offers real value to our readers. We only work with experienced writers who have specific knowledge in the topics they cover, including latest developments in technology, online privacy, cryptocurrencies, software, and more. Our editorial policy ensures that each topic is researched and curated by our in-house editors. We maintain rigorous journalistic standards, and every article is 100% written by real authors.

Vlad Melnic Executive Editor

Vlad Melnic Executive Editor

Vlad is Tech Report's Executive Editor. With over a decade of experience in tech content, he's passionate about computer hardware, an advocate of online privacy, and strongly believes in the open-source, scarce-money nature of cryptocurrency.

When he’s not working, he’s traveling with his partner and their cat, learning Python, or reading good books. He never owned a PC he did not build.