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Cooler Master's NovaTouch TKL keyboard reviewedTopre switches meet Cherry MX key caps 22
Corsair Gaming's K70 RGB keyboard reviewedA Cherry MX-flavored rainbow 24
TR's August 2014 peripheral staff picksMonitors, monitors, monitors! 53
Asus' ROG Swift PG278Q G-Sync monitor reviewedEverything is awesome when you're part of a team 152
Rosewill's RGB80 keyboard reviewedBetter than watching Tron on acid 23
Juno dev platform lays foundation for 64-bit Android on ARMBootstrapping a massive transition 34
Rosewill's Apollo RK-9100xBBR mechanical keyboard reviewedLEDs, macros, and soft-touch plastic 20
Corsair's Vengeance K70 keyboard reviewedBack with a vengeance 54
TR's June 2014 mobile staff picksComplements to our desktop PCs 48
TR subscribers get Macrium Reflect for 20-40% off 46
4K for $649: Asus' PB287Q monitor reviewedHuge value in a 28" display 119
Video review: Corsair Raptor M45, Vengeance M65 & M95Gaming mice from simple to complex 41
More light bulbs? Yep, more light bulbs 99
Video preview: CMStorm's QuickFire Rapid-i mechanical keyboardWe got you a computer to connect to your computer 32
Rosewill's Striker RK-6000 mechanical keyboard reviewedA real mechanical keyboard for 50 bucks? 34
My first foray into password management 102
A first look at AMD's Mullins mobile APUAnd a primer on Beema 89
For Valve, is the Steam controller both a blessing and a curse? 96
TR's April 2014 peripheral staff picksOur new companion to the TR System Guide 89
Cooler Master's QuickFire Stealth mechanical keyboard reviewedA different take on the tenkeyless formula 25
Cooler Master's QuickFire Ultimate mechanical keyboard reviewedBeefy, basic, and backlit 70
Logitech's K400 wireless keyboard and touchpad reviewedComfortable in the living room 37
You can snag a 39'' 4K display for $404 107
Oculus Rift's 'Crystal Cove' prototype tickles our rods and cones 77
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Forbes: Microsoft smartwatch to launch within 'next few weeks'12
Friday night topic: The nosehair trimmer dilemma86
Deal of the week: The Pentium Anniversary Edition Pentium for $55, and more38
This mini Bay Trail PC is the size of a thumb drive42
Will.i.am's Puls looks like a bracelet, is smarter than a watch43
Google unleashes Android 5.0 Lollipop, new Nexus devices233
Asus' smartphone/tablet hybrid coming to the U.S. for $200 off contract24
New SSL security exploit discovered18
Microsoft's Skype Qik app tries to simplify video messaging15
Over a million ''insiders'' are sampling Windows 1071
Samsung prepping 60GHz Wi-Fi with 4.6Gbps data rate22
11.6'' Transformer Book T200 convertible now available32
Microsoft's smartwatch keyboard looks shockingly usable33
Friday night: Your customer service pet peeves106
Deal of the week: Sennheiser HD 558s for $100, Dragon Age for free, and more84
With Chrome 38, Linux users get no-fuss Netflix support14
WSJ: 5.9'' Nexus phone, Android L launching together this month48
Despite rumors, Microsoft says Surface tablets are 'here to stay'52
Samsung starts mass-producing TLC V-NAND11
Updated: 12'' Retina MacBook Air reportedly hits production; iPad Air 2 pictured47
Waterproof Sharp tablet melds IGZO and MEMS technology13
In the lab: Cooler Master's Mizar mouse32
OnePlus One smartphone survives simulated sit, drop, and rainfall tests44
Report: AMD prepping ARM-based Amur tablet chip for late 201543
Here's my appearance on The WAN Show from last night36
Deal of the week: A hot-clocked GeForce GTX 770 for $235, and more5
Code that hijacks USB device firmware is out in the wild50
It's official: Windows 10 will ship with DirectX 1255
Release roundup: Dorsal fins and fancy microATX cases15
Semiconductor Wiki chronicles competing fab process densities from 130-10 nm65
Microsoft Office welcomes Sway, a new authoring tool for web content42
This might be why Windows 10 isn't called Windows 995
The Windows 10 Technical Preview is available now43
ARM announces OS, server tools for the Internet of things10
Borderlands 2 comes to SteamOS, and The Pre-Sequel will follow18
Mozilla unveils $25 Matchstick HDMI dongle16
Updated: Microsoft shows Windows 10, preps public preview build for tomorrow161
Windows 9 is actually called... Windows 10132
HP's new Intel-powered Win8.1 tablet costs $9914
Hynix slides tease vertically stacked memory with 256GB/s of bandwidth42
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