FEATURES — Mobile computing

High-PPI support in Windows 8.1: still not so great 103
Google, I love you, but you're bringing me down 145
Papa's got a brand-new, undead-proof European carryall 33
Intel's Atom Z3000 'Bay Trail' SoC revealedA first look at its architecture and performance 95
A quick look at SolarFocus' Solar Mio Pro USB chargerSolar power for the zombie apocalypse 19
An intro to all things ARMHow ARM created an ecosystem that upended the market 58
Three weeks with the Samsung Galaxy S4An iPhone user's perspective 122
The next Atom: Intel's Silvermont architecture revealedAll-new architecture shoots for superior single-threaded performance 147
Asus' VivoTab Smart ME400C tablet reviewedWindows 8 meets Clover Trail 24
The PC is booming—just not the PC we know 83
Seagate's Laptop Thin SSHD 500GB hybrid drive reviewedIntroducing the drop-top Prius 49
Dispatches from the Nexus 39
The problem with Windows convertible tablets 109
Samsung's ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T convertible tablet reviewedUltrabook on the inside, convertible tablet on the outside 57
Smartphone forecast: Reflective, with a chance of water damage 41
On the marginalization of consumer laptops 155
Asus' VivoBook X202E notebook reviewedAn affordable not-an-ultrabook 40
A first look at AMD's Radeon HD 8790MGraphics Core Next goes mainstream on mobile 68
TR's 2012 Christmas gift guideWhat's on our lists... and what should be on yours 88
A review of Samsung's $249 ChromebookThe Switzerland of computing platforms 42
A tale of tablet flashing 61
Asus' VivoTab RT convertible tablet reviewedThe Transformer's first appointment with destiny 27
Windows 8: The convertible OSA split personality that makes sense 63
First impressions of Asus' VivoTab RT convertible tabletThe Transformer takes on Windows RT 33
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Ars Technica reviews Windows Phone 8.151
What's next after Google Glass? Try Google contact lenses10
Major smartphone makers to integrate kill switches into future mobile devices21
4K display, Radeon GPU team up in $1,500 Toshiba laptop52
U.S. residents can purchase Google Glass today20
Rumor mill suggests Apple's iPhone 6 will cost more58
You can get your own Google Glass specs on April 1523
Smartphones and tablets under 9'' get Windows for free73
Intel's Edison ditches SD form factor, adopts Atom SoC27
DisplayMate lauds Samsung Galaxy S5's OLED screen31
Report: Nine new, tablet-bound Bay Trail chips are coming24
Nvidia's Shield to get remote streaming, price cut to $19921
Imagination Technologies shows OpenGL ES 3.1 compute shader in action6
Intel talks mobile gaming, OpenGL ES 3.1 on Bay Trail23
Android Wear is an OS for wearables32
PowerVR Wizard brings ray tracing to real-time graphics43
Latest OpenGL ES spec adds GPU compute capabilities6
WSJ: Microsoft, Google pressure Asus into shelving dual-OS tablet35
Deal of the week: Discounted tablets, wireless keyboards, cheap SSDs, and more15
Report: Microsoft waives Windows Phone fees for Indian handset makers33
Surface Power Cover extends run times with second battery38
iOS 7.1 aims to atone for iOS 7's shortcomings67
Tablet sales grow 68% in 2013, Android outsells iOS41
Friday night topic: Couch computing90
Google's modular smartphone concept could be available next year40
AMD to bundle BlueStacks software with retail PCs18
Report: Google objects to Android/Windows hybrids30
Qualcomm's Snapdragon 615 SoC has eight 64-bit ARM cores58
ARM and TSMC tape out test chip on 16-nm FinFET process48
Report: Microsoft to cut Windows 8.1 pricing for sub-$250 devices28
Audience introduces low-power motion processor3
Prototype Google smartphone maps its surroundings in 3D16
64-bit Bay Trail tablets are coming soon43
AMD promo video pimps the DockPort standard85
Dell's 11'' Windows 8.1 tablet has a removable battery31
ARM updates mid-range offerings, intros Cortex-A17 CPU39
Stylus-toting Asus VivoTab Note 8 listed for $329.9918
DigiTimes: January notebook shipments 'better than expected'34
Haswell-powered Toshiba Chromebook costs $280, is up for pre-order16
Microsoft has chosen its new CEO: Satya Nadella96
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