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A quick look at Diamond's Xtreme Sound XS71HDUA sound card to go 71
TR's April 2014 peripheral staff picksOur new companion to the TR System Guide 89
Asus' budget Xonar DGX and DSX sound cards reviewedAffordable PCIe options for discerning ears 131
A look at hardware video transcoding on the PCPerformance and image quality with black boxes and OpenCL 46
Sennheiser's HD 558 headphones are cans of whoop-ass 101
The misadventures of Blu-ray in HTPC land 72
Where's my 21st-century television? 73
Are sound cards still relevant? 157
The next computing revolution will be televised 39
Asus' Xonar U3 USB audio deviceOur favorite sound card thinks outside the box 20
Antec's Soundscience Rockus 3D|2.1 speakersThe sound science of bringing the ruckus 29
Corsair's Gaming Audio Series SP2500 2.1 speakersHope you've got room under your desk... 84
A quick listen to Psyko's Carbon surround-sound gaming headsetNew speakers, but better sound? 30
On bandwidth quotas and streaming video 51
WD's TV Live Hub media boxNetworking and internal storage come to the WD TV 38
Asus' Xonar DG and Xense sound cardsDo you really need discrete audio? 217
Yes, I still buy CDs 74
Corsair's HS1 gaming headsetA change of pace from memory and PSUs 21
The sweet sound of Koss' PortaPro headphones 38
3D movies and the value of entertainment 52
A quick look at Psyko's 5.1 PC Gaming HeadsetSurround-sound headphones perfected? 57
A couple of months with SanDisk's Sansa Clip+ MP3 playerThe best mini MP3 player gets a memory card slot 120
Swimming laps with Finis' SwiMP3 playerA cure for boring pool workouts 46
Headphone-oriented sound cards from Asus and AuzentechIntroducing the Xonar Essence STX and X-Fi Forte 7.1 105
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Chromecast support is coming to VLC media player32
Deal of the week: the 850 EVO 1TB for $400, half off Far Cry 4, and more49
So long, Flash; YouTube now uses HTML5 by default71
New Intel IGP drivers add H.265, VP9 hardware decode support51
Sub-$100 Diamond box captures video to SD cards, Ethernet shares10
With Forge TV, Razer aims to bring PC gaming to the living room32
Chromecast now lets guests take over your TV12
Native FLAC support coming to Windows 1060
Skype for Web runs in your web browser (maybe)7
The Leviathan is Razer's new sound bar20
Amazon goes after Chromecast with Fire TV Stick59
Biostar mini PC combines Bay Trail quad with USB audio15
FCC docs hint at Chromecast dongle with 5GHz Wi-Fi8
HBO to launch standalone streaming service in 201544
Google unleashes Android 5.0 Lollipop, new Nexus devices236
Deal of the week: Sennheiser HD 558s for $100, Dragon Age for free, and more84
With Chrome 38, Linux users get no-fuss Netflix support14
Mozilla unveils $25 Matchstick HDMI dongle16
Steam Music lets players make their own game soundtracks28
Steam beta code mentions music, movies, and TV series13
New Chrome beta enables HTML5 Netflix on Linux19
Chromecast gets Android screen mirroring support26
Panasonic SoCs to be fabbed on Intel's 14-nm process40
Android coming to TVs and standalone ''streaming boxes''20
Firefox may get its own Chromecast dongle3
Rumor: Apple to buy Beats by Dre for $3.2 billion81
Episode one of Mike Judge's Silicon Valley is free on YouTube13
Fresh Android TV details leak out13
Fresh rumors point to OLED-based iTV21
Amazon's Fire TV set-top box streams video, runs games45
Report: Apple and Comcast discussing dedicated bandwidth for video streaming29
Deal of the week: an SSD exclusive, ATX cases, and more19
Report: Steve Jobs wasn't keen on producing an Apple TV25
WSJ: Amazon Prime to gain music streaming6
Steam Music will play your tunes through the Steam overlay10
Apple Store update hints at increased TV focus27
Avegant VR headset funded on Kickstarter31
Intel sells OnCue TV service to Verizon32
Updated: Diamond shows external sound card with volume knob133
Audience's eS700 Series audio chip is always listening10
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